How To: Practical, Affordable Food Storage

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Home Food Storage How To: Practical, Affordable Food Storage
Published on June 30, 2016

Food safe 5 gallon buckets and Gamma seal lids are a perfect combination for airtight food storage. At $10 per container, they are significantly cheaper than Vittles Vault pet food storage containers sold in pet stores. In addition to being more economical, these containers are also much more practical. Vittles Vault are sizes very oddly (1.3 gallon, 4.7 gallon, 8.7 gallon, 13 gallon) and is not ideally sized for 25 or 50 pound bags of feed. This leads in either wasted, unused space in the container or feed left in the bag due to insufficient space. 5 gallon containers hold exactly 25 pounds of feed so there is no waste.

Gamma seal lids are airtight but still easy on and easy off. They are also much more rigid that standard bucket lids and therefore is capable of handling much more weight and allows for stacking of more buckets. With 8 foot ceiling, you can stack 6 buckets and store 150 pounds of feed in one square foot of space.


  1. You can put the lids on without a mallet if you remove the inner lid first and use a bit of muscle. They are cheaper at Home Depot, but I like to choose colors to help mark which bucket is which.

  2. My local Home Depot routinely stocks the gamma lids. The food grade buckets can be ordered online from Home Depot with free shipping.

  3. Nice vid!! Where did you get the buckets and lids for $10 each?

  4. Agreed I use them for people and pet food I even color code since gamma lids come in different colors

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