How to Ride A Horse And Not Fall Off

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Published on December 6, 2016

Becky shows you how to ride a horse, first she starts by explaining what the a saddle and bridle does. Then Becky gives you advice on how to not fall off, she talks about common mistakes people make when they’re learning how to ride a horse. Then she shows you how to steer the horse, how to make it go, and how to make it stop.


  1. I have not even been watching this for one minute and I'm already about to punch the screen. If it's your first ride, a good place will not let you choose whatever horse you want, they will put you on a good, well trained horse, Not just let you walk over to whatever horse you want and be like "I want to ride this one!"

  2. 1) Thats a mule, not a horse.
    2) That bit does NOT fit him correctly.
    3) She is using WAY to much rein to turn, and she is constantly giving pressure.
    This lady is not someone to take advise from people.

  3. I love watching her videos but I'm pretty sure the mule is a little irritated by the bit

  4. Hi Becky, do you ride often? Just wondering if you can do more videos on horse care and riding. Thanks :)

  5. . . . . . RULE Number 1 :   Don't Load a Heffer onto the back of a TINY HORSE.

  6. Do you really need spurs? I thought it was just to give signals in dressage …. I don't see any dressage here.

  7. Why am I watching this video I know how to ride?
    Also what even is your helmet/head
    I love it

  8. ahahahah thats funny i think she is a beginner herself

  9. THAT BIT DOES NOT FIT!!!!! Tighten the bridle, the bit was half was out of his mouth when you first got on.

  10. it irritates me how she kept saying the word "Horse" and that's a Mule!

  11. correction….that's not a horse. that's straight up a hybrid donkey.

  12. "Horse won't slam on the breaks"

    . . .yeah, but. . .reining. . .

    Also, if you're a beginner going for a trail ride or your first lesson, don't go around watching these type of videos. For trails you literally need to know next to nothing and for your first lesson there will be a trainer there.

    Also, to everyone in the comment section, I know the video is inaccurate and cringe worthy but. . .jeez, get educated before you say anything.

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