How to Visit a Goat Farm & Pick Out a Baby Goat for Goat Milk & Goat Cheese

Home Homesteading How to Visit a Goat Farm & Pick Out a Baby Goat for Goat Milk & Goat Cheese
Published on August 22, 2016


In this homesteading video Becky visits a goat farm to pick out her dairy goats. Becky also reads a letter from a viewer and shows you how to raise baby chicks using the box method.



  1. goat cheese are contaminated with living maggots!

  2. I'm raising goats and I watched all the videos! Thanks a million! You have one new subscriber!

  3. There so cute when there young 🙂 it's a shame they have to grow up so fast

  4. how can i convince my parents to get goats.

  5. That spotted horse is gorgeous Becky. 🙂 Is it yours ?

  6. Very fun and informative! just subscribed to you because of this video

  7. 7 out of 10 humans have latent tuberculosis obviously it's not a issue in the modern age.

  8. I gave you a thumbs up because I think you are a sexy

  9. Awe… babies. 🙂
    I helped out at a Dairy Goat farm for a while, while WOOFing. They had twenty-two pregnant does and helped with midwifing. I look forward to starting a cob house homestead of our own in New Zealand. <3

    I do know that New Zealand's goat population is free of TB and Brucellosis. Though, Caprine arthritis encephalitis is in the country. :/ shrugs :)

  10. If you live of pop tarts and hungry man dinners and have worries about home farming, you are already lost lol!!

  11. I love pets please but my parent does not agreed with me

  12. RJGula

    Becky, I like to work in your farm. I'm retired from the State of CA doing back up clerical work.

  13. slug

    which is the best kind for cuddling

  14. Hello Becky.. I simply love what you did and are doing.. You are thinking outside the box. I admire that. I myself do not follow the rat race as well. Your videos are a breath of fresh air.. Keep up the hard work..

  15. got a half acre yard , want a male – big brush and running bamboo – what goat what be good to keep that cleared out ?

  16. my goats arnt for milk but if they had that stuff will they die or will they be good pet goats

  17. ThANKYoU for this it was fun to watch & informative…..someday I'd like a milk-goat….I have 4 chickens…I'm new to all this.

  18. Is it necessary to have regular testing done for your goats? If so, how often?

  19. 'Airplane ears'? They look more like Gremlin ears.

  20. Would you do a video showing your goat set-up and more about how you care for your own goats? I love your chicken videos and would love to see those kinds about goats!

  21. At what age do you cut the goats horns? We have a female thàt was raised with the human yard apes and she has horns. Not that she hurt them just sort of look out for any signs of aggression.

  22. i love how you are so safe about animals even though their animals

  23. Dear Becky, I'm so glad that you have posted this. I'm retired and raised goats and made cheeses when it was NOT the thing to do. It's so surprising how many people don't know that much of the 100% real cheeses they buy are from goat and sheep. They have been so used to believing that milk is from cows, And don't know that goat milk has healing properties as well as the goats being so much fun. Highly intelligent, lovable, and sweet. Now people are starting to get the idea that there are many things they can do to make their lives healthier, and more economical. I rarely had to mow a field that my goats used, as they ate it. Saving me time, money for the mower and gas, Providing nutrients back into the ground, having fresh milk every day is a big savings, and also the cheeses for a solid food. I did discover one thing from an old encyclopedia that says Not to give Molasses Products to goats as it is like small doses of arsenic poison to a human. Won't kill right away but does, shortened the life span. My girls always came at a whistle in the evening knowing they'd get the 1/2 C of grain, each, and it had sunflower seeds that help the milk drop. Potassium was added to grain mix to keep the girls from depleting their natural supply, from the daily milking.

    I could tell a hundred funny stories of the antics that the goats pulled, including scaring a woman who thought they were attacking her. She was in her car and the girls were looking in the drivers side window and the 1/2 grown kid was on the hood looking in the windshield. The girls were so friendly and they wanted to see who this was. Had to be there to appreciate it.

  24. We hope to get our first milk goats real soon. Thanks for the advice – we'll look for a breeder instead of going to the auction. Maybe you have more milk goat tips by now? Or another goat video?

    Also, I liked the look on your dog's face in the final "get the tail" photo 🙂

    Thanks again!

  25. OMG nooooo!!! Dang it, too late, now I want to make a triangle PVC chicken coop and I don't even have a chicken! I made one out of 2x4s in 1991, wrapped 2/3rds of it with goat wire then chicken wire. The remaining 1/3rd had a raised wood floor and plywood sides. Then I cut a hole on one wood side and made a door flap using a sliced inner tube as a hinge. My tiny turkey chick and baby bunnies LOVED their "runaround cage", especially on Moving Days (when the grass was gone and dirt was dirty, I'd just move it over 3 feet).

  26. Hi becky I love your vidios I was windering if you could put ducks anc chickens in the same pen with out them fighting.How long dose it take to breed and hatch babie chickens?

  27. there is a vaccine now but its only 75% effective and only if given to the goats when young

  28. Doesn't pasteurization kill any disease pathogens in the milk?

    I just can't believe that people have been consuming goat milk products for thousands of years before knowledge of diseases were ever known.

  29. What vacinations do they need? Can you show proper hoof care and trimming? Thanks!

  30. Be sure when you're brooding chickens that you don't use a teflon coated bulb. It will kill the chickens.

  31. My dream is to raise a dwarf goat for milk….but then I realized I would;t know what to do with the kids….I can't bear to kill them and giving them away seems kinda sad so in the end, I'd be stuck with a whole flock of goats in my backyard until the neighbors call the police.

  32. When you get a hobby farm, how do you know what animals you want?  Why ducks? do you eat them or just love to have them? 

  33. Hoping to get kids in the next couple weeks. Yay!

  34. Kinder goats make me laugh.. And I laugh even harder when people say Kinder goat children because they're saying "children goat children".

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