I screwed up! Long term food storage mistake. Read description, learn from my bad.

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Home Food Storage I screwed up! Long term food storage mistake. Read description, learn from my bad.
Published on June 30, 2016

These were several year old cans of different items. The canned goods looked fine. Then I ate a few bites out of one of them. I threw up after 3 bites! Yes a shame to throw away. BUT during a SHTF do you want to take the chance of food poisining when you could be careful and not get it? MORAL OF STORY: ROTATE STOCK. We don’t plan on living out of cans much. We have bulk foods, but cans of stuff are nice for a quick meal. ETp
We had a couple locations for caned goods and this went un-noticed and now we have a problem. WASTE!
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  1. What was the product you ate that made you sick? Did you eat it right out of the can or heat it? Did you boil it?

  2. i bet the people of veneszuela would be greatfull for that food.

  3. Bullshit, you couldn't take that wasted food to a food bank. They can decide if it's safe to eat.

  4. You should have asked . I fix and run caning machines for a living in 2 company's I work for as long as they do not leak a can will last for Up to 7 years some much longer dam Mr call me the next time you what to thowe out can goods Please that looked like about $ 50 to $ 60 dollars worth. Soon you'll wish you did not. And the Ex date is for the store not for you guys. By law stores can show till the Ex date. But next time sir call me thanks !! And you can get in touch with most company's and get a list of shelf life. Dates. Just tell them your a trucker. And your out for weeks sometimes just keep can's in a very cool spot. And look and use can's that have a lining on the insides mostly in white. Take care!

  5. sheeple are so stupid .that shit will be good for a hundred year if the package doesn't rot away .expiration dates are so people that package the food stay employed .the dates have nothing to do with if the food is still good .let me know when you want to throw away your food again I will come and get it.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I recently moved and did get to donate, I'll do it again come winter.

  7. just buy long term food, shelf life 10 plus years, if you can afford it.

  8. I also agree; complete baloney, eh? Why you lie about throwing up? That date on a can or other food item is a US government decree; it only means that the nutritional information on the label is no longer valid; it does not mean the food is spoiled or not safe to eat! Store your food in a cool dark place; rotate your stock; put date purchased on each container, good advise. Some canned foods do spoil faster than others. The can will swell up if the food is spoiled. Any food canned in foreign countries (mexico) seems to spoil faster. Canned fruit, and tomato product spoil (the lids swell up, eh?) before other canned goods. Today is 03/05/2016 and I am having canned Peas I bought in 2009 for supper; if it kills me I'll up date this, eh? Of course never eat from a dented, swelled up can or jar lid or if it stinks, eh? Most canned food will last for several years but, I yearly go through my pantry and throw out stuff over 7 years old or eat as in Peas fer supper.

  9. I beg some of yous pardon. I had to go to a food bank at a church in my town a year ago cuz we ran completely out of food and had no money to buy food. The box of foods all had well went over the expiration date. I tried to hide it from my family and served it anyway. The results were not good at all. We all had the runs and it was mostly bile. The taste of the food was old, stale, cardboard tasting and just nasty! I will not serve or cook outadate food again. Non perishable food items my tail. They can keep that poison from now on!!!!!!

  10. Great video FANTASTIC! 🙂 You should click on my name and check out a few of my videos, and Subscribe to as I have Subscribed to you! peace out and stay safe!!

  11. In 1970 in the Marines I eat a can of food made in 1953. It look like dog food in a can. I was hungry and eat it, I could not see or smell nothing bad in it. The rest of the company eat theirs I did not see anyone pass away you either eat or starve.

  12. A few years ago I made the same mistake. I have felt your pain. I've stopped using canned food from the grocery and have learned how to home can my own stuff. I have learned how to make cream of mushroom soup from scratch and even can chopped green chillies in quarter pint jars.

  13. Yes, after watching several vids…I put the date in visible marker on the top of the lid and make sure to put in date order…oldest in front…and recheck and reorganize often to be sure to keep it all in order. Don't get me wrong…it gets jumbled up in the cabinet and I have to continue to reorganize, but worth the time. Take care and thanks for letting everyone know your mistakes so we can learn! Take care- Tasha

  14. paul c

    This is crazy. Just because you ate something that you did not like doesn't mean that the other ones are not good. Many things have been canned for 30Years+ and are still fine. If the can is leaking or puffy, it needs to be tossed. But cans without dents that appear intact are just fine. Some things might have a bitter taste, but unless it smells rotten, it is most probably still good. Rotating is a great idea, those old cans should be rotated as you cna, but you do not have to throw the whole bunch out, that is just stupid.

  15. ……I can not believe you threw away perfectly good canned food because of a best if used by date. That's what those are. Those dates on cans are for more for stocking rotation purposes. Canned food doesn't magically expire or go bad at the stroke of midnight on the cans date. What a waste. It's now 2016… Those cans from 2012 would still be good. Absolutely.

  16. Rotation is great, but this stuff lasts longer, much longer than the date on the cans. Use your mind, if the can's are not damaged in anyway, open it. Heat to 160 degrees and eat it, in the case of no food and over dated heated to 160. Heat it and eat it. It will and does last.

  17. No no no !!! Do some tease arch !!! It's a " best used by date" not an expectation date!!! If a can is sealed, no holes of cracks… The food inside is still good!!!! People have opened cans 100 yrs old that the food inside was ok!!!

  18. Absolute bull shit that you threw up after 3 bites. Your body will not react that fast. How about just plain old truths instead of trying for your 15 seconds of fame.

  19. MrWpace

    With canned food you need to worry about high acid foods like pineapple or tomato sauce. The acid can, over years, create a pinhole you can not detect, but when you open the can it is obviously bad by smell, appearance.

    Go with canned meats or potatoes or low acid veggies or beans. These will last a very long time.

  20. We bought our own freeze dryer for Harvest Right. Pretty new for home use but within the first year is paid for itself. And it is so much better than he FDd food you can buy and cheaper long term. You are welcome to learn more on the FB page. We are not selling anything. Just sharing what we are learning as we go. https://www.facebook.com/groups/992979040760262/

  21. Prep what you eat and ROTATE your preps, not just foods but check everything regularly.

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