In-The-Field Knife Cleaning Tip – “Tip Of The Week” E25

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Published on July 28, 2016

A quick in-the-field tip for clearing and cleaning built-up dirt and debris from your folding pocket knife. This simple method allows for quick and easy field cleaning of the “gunk” and grime that inevitably accumulates between the frame and the blade of your folders. After time this dirt build-up can not only cause your blade to be more difficult to deploy, but can ultimately lead to damage to the knife itself. After a few seconds with this little tip, your blade will be clear of debris and deploy much smoother as well.

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  1. … well done… GREAT TIP… SeeU in the next video,s… all the best Siemion

  2. Ei Pi

    i pack 1 of those tiny pill bottle size WD40 cans…many uses too

  3. "I have a tendency to cut myself"…hahaha. I feel ya, Man! I consider myself to be relatively safe and cautious with things, yet it seems that within 3 or 4 hours of being out I have poked a hole in at least one of my hands.

  4. There were no "floss" in this entire video. Also, I'm pretty sure I saw a Sonic Care knife brush the last time I was at the dentist's office…….? Just kidding; good tip.

  5. Man tried this out at my house and it works great my knife sure has a better action.

  6. After I floss my knife I like to follow up with a nice fluoride treatment… helps protect the finish!

  7. GeeDub

    Jon, another neat tip do a quick sharping of your knife is to lower your car window down half way and use the top edge of the window to restore your knife to a pretty sharp edge with about 6 to 10 strops on each side, alternating sides with each stroke. Works great!

  8. Ohhhh You lay your knife in the dirt? Shameful lol
    Great video as always.

  9. Great tip. I always knew that saving and not using all that dental floss that my dentist has given me all these years was going to pay off.

  10. That's a great tip !!! Have you ever tried Sewing with dental floss ??

  11. And it leaves your knife with that minty fresh clean feel.

  12. Great tip… who'd a thunk it, using dental floss? As always, I enjoy your videos regardless of subject. When are we going to see your lovely wife again?

  13. For some reason I was expecting fish bones.. But dental floss is a great idea too, plus of course it's probably more hygienic.. : o) Thanks for the great tip my friend and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.. : o)

  14. John I always feel like I'm watching a tv show when I see one of your vids. Awesome channel my friend….

  15. Great idea there. Nice tip for sure. Good to see you on the Tube. You need to get out for an over-nighter yourself huh.

  16. John,
    Hope you are not disappointed with me because I have not answered every video you put out. Watch as I can and have all saved that I have not watched and will catch up. Take care my friend and have a good one.

  17. Nice tip John and I elect for the teeth use after cleaning because I don't want to get saliva in my knife. ;-)) Jim

  18. Matt

    haha awesome! I like what you did with my intro
    nice tip as well, thanks brother!

  19. i guess all be adding dental floss to my backpack more often;) thanks friend and keep up the great work bro.

  20. how can you breathe with all the smoke!!!!!!

  21. Nice! Thanks John. No more crunchy grinding sound. River bed sand is always chewing up my folders. Great tip for in the field.

  22. depends on how dirty your teeth are : )

  23. jhippl

    the wax coated floss is great for sewing

  24. Great, convenient & inexpensive tip, John! I can definitely relate to this information, my fellow outdoorsman! We all love "simple," my friend! I'll definitely be checkin' out Matt's channel!

  25. M1L03

    Great tip as always. Too bad it doesn't work with my Victorinox. 🙁

  26. Smart thinkin' buddy! Thanks for the tip 🙂
    P.S. Is that before or after I clean my knife with it though?

  27. hey you can use that stuff to clean your teeth too! : ) Good stuff brother

  28. Dan

    Anytime! I honestly would vote for your channel in the 'Top 5 Outdoor Related' channels. You are always helpful and informative and have the neatest ideas. Not to mention, your introductions are always SO COOL! 😀

  29. Thanks Brother! Hope ya got a great weekend ahead of ya!

  30. Dan

    Also, if you put a little "Goof-Off" or WD40 on that dental floss it could also help clean and prevent corrosion!

  31. Dan


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