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Published on July 6, 2016

An excellent product.

Get yours here!


SAS Tactical Survival Bow

The Future of Backpacking: Monowalker

Worlds Largest Folding Saw: Katanaboy 650mm

Hi-Tech Solar Panels (flexible, foldable, rollable for bug out bag)

Ultimate Survival Cooking System

950 Kevlar Cord VS 500 Paracord

Canadian EDC

Suburban Ghost Towns and SHTF


  1. I ey like ey the concept ey

  2. I have seen these great idea will be a good addition to my outdoor gear.

  3. I use three sea shells. 😉

    I have these and use medicine bottles to store them in. Nice for bug out bags, overnight bag and travel time. Cheers!

  4. very helpful – sucks taht ya can not buy those here
    is funny to hear how shy and ashamed you are to talk about whiping your ass – LOL
    everybobody does it so just call it by its name bro ;-)

  5. Thanks to you, I have these (like you, I cleaned out a dollar store). For long term though, I think a pair of hand towels and a bidet bottle (squirt bottle) would also be an excellent solution. Need to keep washing and drying your towels of course.

  6. Thank you Sir for the information.

  7. not gonna lie if someone handed me one of them and didn't tell me its tp i might mistake it for ibuprofen and eat it XD

  8. I so enjoy your vids, thank you

  9. Little known fact: if you don't have hand sanitizer for after, you can just lick your hands clean

  10. His awkwardness in discussing the topic is adorable =D

  11. If you are in a pinch you could always use saliva. Works for other things.

  12. THANKS.I seen a Gel to wash hair with out water..peace

  13. Umm, I don't know. I think I might stick with MRE paper.

  14. how about putting the tablet in your mouth?

  15. Greetings from New Mexico!

    Dear Mr. C.P., thanks for an excellent review.
    I found it easy to understand. Thanks for not speaking too fast. Good microphone volume and quality,
    I never knew about these. I just ordered the "Wizzy Wipes."

  16. Damn I thought they were pills you swallow that wipe your ass when you poop!

  17. MaD1ck

    I wonder what chemicals they contain that we'd be wiping our asses with

  18. damn mate! i have got to get me some of these. sorry, but it won't be through you though. i looked up on amazon and found 100 towels for the same price as your 50 towel pack.

  19. Sorry I had to stop the video when you said you were going to demonstrate.

  20. never mind the price – think of the space you save without the bulk of a toilet paper roll! Ever have a breeze suddenly kick up while "getting down to the paper work" using those stupid little camping/ hiking tissues? Little pieces of white confetti all over the place! No – these things ROCK! Gonna look for them. Thanks a bunch and a really nice, tasteful video!

  21. HP H

    I see this video is old. But where can you buy these in the US?

  22. Awesome product and great review!

  23. That's Great, Thanks for Sharing! I need these for the car, the tent, …my purse, lol everywhere xP

  24. Did the world come to a end yet?

  25. Just use a bit of string wrapped around the bottom tablet in your Coleman tube.

  26. Going away from civilization for 7 days is camping

  27. Always very informative and you discuss things that are essential but easily overlooked.  It's a pleasure to watch your videos! Good job!

  28. Thanks. I have never seen these before. Also , for your match container. Place the middle a piece of string with the ends hanging out of the top.When you need just pull it up.

  29. I'm afraid to use something like that without having my regular toilet paper and baby wipes as a backup just in case the expandable tablets don't work. I might try these, but i still would pack toilet paper and baby wipes in my bag anyways. i have gotten sick up on a mountain before for a decent amount of time and lots of toilet paper and baby wipes literally saved my ass. If I can find these I'll test them out though.

  30. Brian

    Works better than I imagined.
    Put string through a button and place the button on the bottom of the match container with the string coming out the top. That way you can just pull the string and all or any comes out easily. Not necessary but improvements never hurt.
    Thanks for the demonstration, it was helpful to me.

  31. Also baybe wipes work well for camping there not that heavy 

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