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Published on August 1, 2016

If you want to raise chickens the organic way one of the most important things is to not over crowd your chicken coop. My coop is 10’ x 40’ and I only have 9 chickens in there. Since they have plenty of room they don’t get stressed from fighting with each other and they never get sick.

The sleeping perch (also called a roost) is also very important. You want it to be very sturdy because the hens can get pretty chubby after a while. You don’t want the perch to be wobbly at all.

If your backyard chickens aren’t over crowded, and they have a nice sturdy perch to sleep every night they’ll be happy and lay lots of eggs for you.

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  1. excuse me i got a question i have 1 rooster and 2 chiken but their not togther cause they dont get along what can i do to make them get along

  2. My chickens have plenty of room. They have two perches and a few nesting boxes and yet they love to sit on top of one another at night. Its quite adorable when you see them.

  3. Plus f you keep them clean and off the ground but I would use a 6 x 4 shed and make a run or by a hutch and let them roam or if you are willing to part with a small fortune buy an eglu.

  4. If you keep chickens free range there is no problem ant could keep more than 9

  5. So how do you keep raccoons and predators out of your open coop?

  6. Your weight loss is outstanding! You are looking AWESOME great job GF!!!!!!

  7. have you had any problems with critters (possums ,raccoon hawks ect ) ?? i have a possum go into my coop and kill 7 hens and tear my ducks up :(

  8. I agree! More space less problems I had only 9 hens in a huge space probably more than your run, and they grew so fast! So I will never overcrowd again! Good work!

  9. I love the look of you coop now👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀

  10. HI Becky, I have lots of questions about your Coop/Paddock setup. How are you protecting your birds from night predators? Raccoons, Weasels, Owls, Raccoons are just a few predator species that can raid your hens at night. It doesn't appear, the way you've shown us, that you have a method of locking your birds in and sheltering them completely? What about heavy weather? Another question is about your paddock, not a single blade of grass… have you ever thought of two paddocks with a gate between them? You could sew grass in one and let it grow, while your birds are in the other.. then rotate them to the grown in paddock and repeat the process as the other space grows back in. I'm glad you have kept your numbers down, but the quality of life for your birds could be improved a little? Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Fabulous! What wire do I use to fence them in sense I have a TON of fox, coyote, possum and a lot more!

  12. Your advice makes a lot of sense.  I will have my own small chicken coop someday soon.

  13. So glad you think about space and things like that. I like the thought of giving animals plenty of room to be comfortable, and also I figured it would be healthy as well.

  14. do you eat your chickens?

  15. Hey becky, i was wondering what i should do about coyotes, foxes and raccoons in my area, i think everything is secure but I'm afraid that they will dig under my house and pen because there is no floor on the house and the pen is a transportable one so it has no secure bottom, have you had any experiences with animals digging under the fence? and if so, what should i do, put rocks around the fence? thanks :)

  16. i love your videos thanks Becky!! in what state you live in?

  17. love the videos.You are looking great and have lost a lot of weight!

  18. Silly me, I forgot to mention. Our seasons are opposite to yours. I live in the North Island of New Zealand. My chooks  have no  predators here, no foxes, raccoons, owls ( well, moreporks, but they are tiny) no bears, snakes – it's a very benign place to live. Which is probably why the kiwi flourished until man arrived… if a daft looking flightless bird can flourish in the wild, domestic chooks stand a pretty good chance.

  19. Becky, such good good information. I keep 9 hens ( well 8 plus a tiny bantam) in the corner of our garden. Their hen house is small but they only sleep there. They all snuggle together, crooning happily. Fiona the bantam goes to bed an hour before everyone else to get her "spot". They have lots of cover, plants, perches, bushes and pots to rummage in and I "redecorate" every 2-3 weeks when I clean the coop out. I move things around, bring in an old chair, or an old kennel to lay in. They love it and they too lay all year round. I grow spinach & silver beet /chard just for them. I adore my little chickie babes. The better you treat your chickens really the less work you have. They are the best bug killers in my garden too. They follow me round when I dig, greedy for worms & tid bits. I pop diatomatious earth in their dust bath spots and food as a mite and worm killer.  I only have to worry about domestic cats as predators, but our two killer toy poodles usually see any would be kings of the jungle off!

  20. Fref

    what do you use as a dewormer?

  21. i have my hens roost on wood wide enough so there feet dont have to wrap around…i put up then on 2×4's….that way in cold weather than can cover all their feet and everything is covered….does anyone have any opinions on if they prefer there feet to wrap around the roost when they sleep?

  22. I will thank you for the advice

  23. you never give your chickens medication?? If your worming them, isnt that a form of medication????

  24. if i grow tomatoes and i dont spray them or anything, and the neighbor down the road grows tomatoes and does spray his, and a bee lands on his tomatoes and pollinates them, then the bee lands on my tomatoes and pollinates them, my tomatoes cease to be organic. Because if you test my tomatoes you will find traces of chemicals. Also if you use your own chicken manure around your veggies and your chickens eat bugs and grubs from the wild (which could have come in contact from neighbors spraying and you dont buy certified organic chicken feed) , your veggies will show traces for chemicals. so you cannot truly grow anything organic! you can grow veggies without using sprays, People just like to use the word cause it sounds cool, with out knowing too much about it.

  25. good information Becky. Do you have problem with birds of prey? I lost 14 birds to owls.

  26. Becky how high from the ground do you put your perch. I know you cut there wings can they jump that high. P.S. i just love your videos. Sunday seem to take for ever to get here before we get a new video, but I know your busy and have lots to do. See you next Sunday:-)

  27. Great job Becky. I love the new coop!

  28. I live in the suburbs and my backyard is 10 ft by 8 ft

  29. That makes sense! I have to tell you the opening of your video looks and sounds like a real TV show. Did you edit that yourself?

  30. don't ever stop making videos.. it feels wonderful to see your living

  31. Thank You , God Bless You & Your Family In Jesus Name Amen.

  32. Hi Becky. Love your set up. Did you lay sand down in the area where your chickens are? Or did they eat the grass till it was totally gone ?

  33. Do you let them out of the coop?

  34. Well, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Miss Becky, I learned something very valuable from you. I have Chickens, the chickens have about a half acer to run and forage in. Six of my seven chickens are bald butted. I just introduced six three month old chickens to my little flock. I lock all the chickens in their coop every night. All the older chickens go in willingly. I have to catch the babies and put them in. All the babies huddle, sleep in one of the nest boxes and stay in the nest box until all the grown chickens are long gone in the morning. The coop is a very cute 4' X 8' X 5' structure with hung on nest boxes. My one non bald butted chicken is extremely gentle with me and loves to be held however she's very mean (just notices) to all the others. I learned from you that my coop may well be to small, not allowing the bald butted chickens and little ones enough space to get away from the bully. That will soon be rectified. Thanks again, Miss Becky

  35. Hey Becky… Have you ever slaughtered any of your hens or roosters ?

  36. You could fit about 20 chicken it that coop

  37. How do you deworm your chicans

  38. You're looking great Becky. And thanks for the weekly vlogs, really look forward to them.

  39. Does your chickens mold like mine they start losing feathers and not laying eggs but grow beautiful feathers after

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