Kelty Noah’s Tarp Setup, With NEW ENO Hammock Technique

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Published on July 2, 2016

This awesome tarp can be found here:
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In this video I do a couple of things… First of all, I get rid of the heavy carabiners on my ENO DoubleNest hammock and show you how to hang the hammock without them. I then go through and spend the rest of the video giving you an overview of how I like to setup my Kelty Noah 12 tarp for camping. I absolutely love this tarp as it is lightweight, affordable, and takes up very little pack space.

Again, the tarp I use when camping / hiking / backpacking is the Kelty Noah’s Tarp 12. This is a 12 foot by 12 foot silnylon tarp. My preferred configuration is in a pseudo-square setup as it allows you to tie the ends together to enhance privacy in the woods (not that you need it all the time :). The only thing that would have made this tarp better (strictly in my opinion) would be if they offered it in a camo pattern.

For more info on the tarp, here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it:

“The Noah’s Tarp is instant shade. This ultralight, affordable shelter is handy to have aboard when you want weather protection in a hurry, whether you are traveling over land or water. Handy for boating, camping, backpacking, sporting events, and festivals.”

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  1. thanks for the video bud. I recently bought a Noah 12 and want to diy a stuff sack for it. to save room. would you mind giving us the dimensions of your stuff sack? thanks buddy!

  2. Thanks so much for this video!!!! Exactly the info I was needing and have watched several videos without learning a configuration I liked with the same materials, thanks David!

  3. great video David! going to pick up a Kelty Noah Tarp now! A quick suggestion on the slip knot pinch the area where the knot is going to end up, this way you keep the tightness off your ridge line. again great vide p!

  4. You look familiar. Where at in Michigan are you located?

  5. You look familiar. Where at in Michigan are you located?

  6. i like the kelty tarp. hammock camping is the best.. good video, happy trails to you…

  7. Great vid! If I can make a suggestion, you should try tying off the end of your Prusik knots. Then, run the tied off end through the tarp loops and secure them with wooden toggles which makes them quick release and much tidier. Another quick suggestion about your hammock is to lengthen your straps and position them on the tree so that they are above your tarp ridge line. Then run a second length of paracord from the straps where they attach to the head and foot of the hammock. This serves three purposes: 1. Your hammock will be less likely to sag over night as your weight will be distributed laterally along the paracord. 2. You can hang things off of it and have them inside your cover so that… 3. You can maintain an above-tarp ridge line that simultaneously prevents your tarp from bunching up over time, and makes the tarp easier to tighten and adjust on multi-day camps. As a side note, some tarps are only waterproofed from one side which is almost always the side with the tabs.

  8. Thanks, I was looking for a way to shave off some weight. Very simple to do.

  9. +David's Passage use a lighter or a match to melt the ends of your paracord for a cleaner look and to keep the inner strands from coming out.

  10. I took my ENO hammock system back to REI.  Now I wish I had kept it.

  11. Great video, I now have the Kelty Noah's Tarp on my Christmas list. The ENO tarp that I have is so small and I like the privacy that this 12 offers. You are my go to when I'm looking for how to's in camping. Thanks for making these videos.

  12. Hi Dave. Have a quick question. Do you use a underquilt? I'm just getting into camping. I'm on a budget and to try to get all the equipment can be expensive. I have my hammock, but the underquilts are so expensive. I'm thinking I can get away with just a sleeping bag in the summer months. What do you use/ any suggestions?

  13. Great video Dave. I watched a bunch of tarp setup videos today and this setup is perfect for what I was looking for. Thanks for the review of the Kelty and for sharing such great tips for set up.

  14. If the ground if lose and the ground stakes keep on pulling out, then either get some Bluescrew ground anchors, or dig a hole and tie your guy line to a piece of fire wood, then throw the fire wood in the hole that you made, then bury it and that should hold the guy line into the ground.

  15. Great video. Thanks for the knots. We are heading to the woods this weekend. I just bought a 12 and an 18 for the Patrol.

  16. To tie up a ridgeline try using a Siberian hitch 'with only one twist in the loop' to tie off to the
    first tree, then use a Farrimond friction hitch mixed with the Klemheist
    hitch to tie off closely to the second tree, then just pull that knot out away from the tree to tighten the ridgeline.

    Here's how it's tied. You tie off to the first tree with a Siberian hitch that only has one twist in the loop, not two twists.
    Then you bring your line counterclockwise around the second tree and pull the ridgeline fairly tight. Now in the working part of the line that is close to the tree form a counterclockwise loop, now make that loop bigger and wrap the loop clockwise two to three times around the ridgeline going towards the tree with your wraps. Now pass just a slippery hitch bite of the rope through the loop that is at the end of the wraps that you just made and pull the slippery hitches bite until the loop closes up around the slippery hitches bite. Then pull the whole knot away from the tree until the ridgline is tight.
    Then to untie it, you just pull the slippery hitch until the bite comes out of the
    little loop and the whole thing just comes untied instantly. Pretty cool !

    You can also use two of the Klemheist hitch knots on each side of your tarp to tighten out your tarp on the ridgeline, in place of
    tightening it up with two prusik knots, because the Klemheist hitch knot ties and unties so much quicker then the prusik knot and it's easier to tie taboot. So from my view the Klemheist hitch is just a better knot to use instead of using the prusik knot.

  17. Great vid David.I have not been too happy with my ENO dryfly rain fly.I think i will order the Kelty 12.

  18. good vid david..i have a kelty noah 12 also..but i use the diamond config and 2 treak poles to keep it open an airy..since i use a dd hammock..i have more privacy w the bugnet

  19. have you tried this in the rain? doing away with the carabiners means you have no drip loops and any water that hits those straps seeps down to your hammock. Also, running your ridge line under your tarp means you'll have water dripping on your forehead.

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