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Published on July 26, 2016

Just a quick heads up on a new product coming to market from the Swiss Barefoot Company that looks promising, I will be testing it out with some parkour/ barkour (!) in the near future! Also a quick tip on making water more palatable.

Swiss Barefoot Kickstarter Campaign

Swiss Barefoot Website


  1. the plug for the mio drink crap has earned you a thumbs down

  2. Those socks look amazing! I have to wear toe socks all the time because my little toes are all messed up and cause chronic corns if I wear normal socks, but I've been looking for something like that for long hiking and backpacking trips.

  3. The concentrated liquid form of flavor is expensive. I use the individual powder packs come in a box and they seem to last longer. Another is cool-aide but just a pinch, with or without sugar. I kept blend on my boat for post water treatment single bottle refills. If you don't like the taste you and yours won't drink enough to re-hydrate.

  4. Socks look cool.  I like the idea of the water enhancement and playing devils advocate, could you not use regular cordial, sugar or similar water flavorings?

  5. Esbee

    The Vibram five finger socks

  6. where does this squatter gets this socks, looks cool

  7. Nice looking socks. I can vouch for the water enhancers, I find them a bit pricey but for the compactness and the amount of water they can flavour it's a nobrainer.
    All the best 

  8. Wow!  Bullet proof sox.  Are they also knife stab proof, and snake bite proof?

  9. Interesting socks. Good tip for hydration as well.

  10. Great tip on the flavor enhancers. I've used Mio enhancers for a long time and it's a great way to give you a little boost on the trail. Thanks for sharing, interested to hear about the socks!

  11. speak for your self brother when it comes to witch sweeter is  not good for ya    as a diabetic   to me sugar is poison and aspertain is god

  12. Thanks for the video, great weekend to all preppers

  13. Where in Canada are you?  I'm in southern Cali but I lived on Vancouver Island for a 2 mouths last year & the whole time i was there i was thinking about the pros & cons of prepping out there!  In the end not having access to self defense weapons was the deal breaker for me  :P

  14. there's vitamin mixers too, ive heard a Dr. say the additives aren't as bad as not drinking enough water, just in daily life let alone for survival, loven the socks thanks Riddick :)

  15. The iodine water purification tablets will sometimes come with an ascorbic acid neutralizing agent, too, which helps with the flavor.  The Coleman tablets I have are 45 mg each.  A lot of those drink powders will contain Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), too.

  16. I am not a fan of walking around in socks, even if they are amazing like those kevlar ones! 🙂 But I'll wait for the official review!
    I'm also not a big fan of water enhancers unless they can give me something, like electrolytes. :)

  17. The liquid stuff isn't digestive friendly to me, but sugar free kool aid singles powder doesn't bother me, I don't know why.

  18. Wow, Saskatchewan sure got hilly all of a sudden.

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