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Published on January 31, 2017

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Key-Bar organizer. This is a perfect way to organize your keys for your EDC.

Key-Bar Website:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  1. Why does everyone make a problem with foreign made items. If the US cant put out good made products then why the hell not buy from another country. Just wandering

  2. Never once in my forty years of life have I ever had any sort of problem putting keys on a keychain and the slipping them in my pocket. This thing just adds extra weight and extra girth in your pocket.

  3. Anyone complaining about price lets just remember these two key points. You always get what you pay for. And instead of supporting a Chinese company, you are supporting an America to put his kids through school. Just my two cents.

  4. Why are they so expensive? The really cool ones on their website are like $75. FFS

  5. I use one but that much on there is gonna snap your ignition bud

  6. They now have key assist things that go on the keys to help you flip them out with just one finger.

  7. I've been considering one of these. Love your channels man. Didn't you you had this one as well.

  8. Rey Rey

    AW fuck me. I just bought a key ninja.

  9. $45? If it wasn't $45 I'd buy that shit in a second.

  10. $45 lmao thanks for wasitng my 10 min

  11. strpl2

    Bought one & love it ! Great system

  12. seems like alot of money for a key holder

  13. One of those ideas which create a problem while trying to cure one! Too bulky and awkward looking.

  14. eurohit

    Well. Extra weight and bulkness for your pocket and much money spent. With no any advantages.
    I have several of my keys, a 4 Sevens mini torch, tritium marker, Leatherman Style on Exorac FreeKey system.
    I could put it in a small pouch if I'd like them to be better organized.

  15. Way too expensive for what it is, a little metal and some screws and washers. I would have gotten one a long time ago but not if they have competition like the fan key or key smart which is half their price for essentially the same thing.

  16. I think I would snap off my house key really easy using this while im drunk.

  17. Ill just make something similar at work on our wire edm. Bam el cheapo for me lol

  18. who carries any keys other than car key?

  19. I think I may get one of these. Is it worth the extra money to get the titanium one over the aluminum model? Thoughts?

  20. Great invention. Way over priced

  21. $45 for that! I can make that for less! no way no how for that small of that item

  22. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I know there are alot of youtube videos out there that show a diy version of this, but most of them involve modifying they key in some way and I cant modify most of the keys I use. So this is a great solution because I dont all ways like hearing keys jingle together.

  23. My key EDC is the ASP Key Defender kubaton  connected by a couple of key rings to the keys.  The Defender goes between the belt and waistband and any extra fits in the pocket.  This keeps the keys out of the pocket and the Defender makes a nice handle for the keys and a nice flail.  Great review and the Key-Bar will make a nice monkey ball.

    Eyes UP and lights down,  tjl  Sent by Win7Pro64 w/ADSL

  24. Thank's Sootch, Where did you get the the lighter for the key chain .


    Most helpful Channel in YOUTUBE!! 

  26. WV591

     45-105 to suppress key noise or organize.

  27. DenTube

    Why are you such an America-fanboy? I heard you talking about the all so great US several times. 

  28. mjl7

    Not a bad idea, but you can buy a small sheet of 1.7mm thick carbon fiber and the hardware for about $15. Problem with setup is, it only maintains keys not the rest of the stuff people may carry.

  29. this is really cool not 45 dollars cool but neat none the less. am thinking this will be a good project to build on my own. this is very simple construction not that many parts and the parts are very cheap. great video

  30. Way too much $$$ for such a simple design that anyone can make easily. Great video though as always.

  31. Great idea!! I was about to check out their web site until I heard the “starting at $45” part. 💰💰💰

  32. I have to many keys to fit in one. I would need at least 2 key bars. 

  33. greetings from the other side of this planet.
    there are difference reasons why i do this…. 
    prepare…. it is all closer then you can imagine….

  34. Great product. TOO expensive. The Aluminum one should go for $20 and they'd sell them as fast as they could make them.

  35. Kewwwlll, I like it too. Like anything of quality these days, it's going to be pricey, so (GASP!!) save up. I saved up for my Maxpedition pouches and the ILBE for my BOB: great investments, same as this new tool :-)

  36. Ok, great product, but $45 seems a little overpriced! I'll just stay noisy. lol

  37. Do you have a video on that lighter?

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