Lashing a Paracord Tripod – DIY Outdoor Skill

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Published on June 30, 2016

In this video I take some time to demonstrate how to lash a tripod together using paracord. This is an extremely useful skill to have in the outdoors as tripods can be used for endless situations. They are extremely strong when lashed properly, and can be put together fairly quickly.

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Music you heard in this video was from the finger-style guitarist, David Youngman. I highly recommend you check him out.
I have obtained written permission from the original artist to use his music in my videos.


  1. thankyou for your help tommorrow is my scout and guide exam

  2. thanks David. I wonder if theres any way you could use two of these tripods to support a hammock; maybe a top bridging pole to prevent the two pods from closing together as you settle in for a summer snooze. must try when summer returns.

  3. Look up – Mors Kochanski 550 Para Cord and the Jam Knot Four Dog Stove Company
    Look up – Jam Knots 3 that do it all
    Look up – How To Tie A Canadian Jam & How To Tie A Light Duty Tripod

  4. RJM RJM

    Perfect. Thanks!

  5. In a pinch if you don't have much line to work with use a canadian jam knot or arbor knot to lash with.
    Here's a few video examples of what I mean.
    Look up – How To Tie A Canadian Jam & How To Tie A Light Duty Tripod
    Look up – Mors Kochanski 550 Para Cord and the Jam Knot Four Dog Stove Company

  6. Thanks for sharing, David. Great video. Easy to understand. I will be using this in my gardening adventures. Very useful.

  7. I foresee a problem if you use this to hang something over a fire .

  8. You make good videos. Tripods have endless uses.
    I am making two tripods with pvc pipes and a hanging pipe
    for hammocks following the famous turtle dog hammock
    hanging design.

  9. Hi David,
      I'm designing my garden and will use your lashing for my bamboo tripods.  I'm going to run a horizontal top bar too and will try and lash it also.  Thank you, April.

  10. That hitch is one of my favorites. I've always heard it referred to as a constrictor hitch. Kind of an adaption of the clove hitch.

  11. Don't knot it!! Just burn the ends to melt the fibers together

  12. The things that the Indians used for sleeping. Is it called a tp

  13. FAB CAL

    Very cool!  I will use this tonight at our Cub Scout meeting.  We want the boys to create their own "kitchen" next camp.  So a couple tripods that we can hang cooking gear from the center of.  Then a pole across the top to hold a tarp and cover the cooking area.  Ta-da!

  14. nice job! i use mine as a tripod/shooting rest for my hunting rifles. easy to carry through the woods and set up in a flash. they hold my rifle nice and steady to make a great shot

  15. Well, I learnt something new today 😀 Thank you so much for this – best explanation I have seen 😀 

  16. kana75s

    Thank you for a very useful video

  17. betsy50

    Thanks so very much for this careful, clear video. I bought a small tripod stool years ago that used a metal piece to attach the three pieces of wood. When that broke, I tried forever to find a replacement. I kept the leather seat and the three pieces of wood, trusting that SOMEDAY I would find a way to fix it. I think you have my answer. Can't wait to try it. Your video is a perfect example of internet use at its best. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Another great use for tripods! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. I didn't know how to lash them like this, I just wrapped all three stick a bunch of times and tied a knot and it worked. I made a video called field expedient shooting supports. And that's what I've used this tripod for: Shooting rifles with supports.

  20. I like to tie mine with a single overhand knot usually, but I think both do the trick. One advantage to melting though is that the end it easier to pass through smaller openings (i.e. makeshift shoelaces, pack cordage etc.)

  21. Thanks for taking the time to make this video, Making a tripod from what you have available in the outdoors is a very valuable skill.

  22. Thanks for the encouragement. Hope you find it useful.

  23. Great skill i just learn from you Thank You ! ☆☆☆☆☆ – Alex –

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