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Published on July 27, 2016

Sensible Prepper Presents: “The Lever Action Survival Rifle”. If you’re on a Budget, State Law Magazine capacity restrictions or you just want a different option than a Military Style Semi-Auto Rifle, the Lever Action Rifle can be used as an effective home defense, SHTF choice.

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Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  1. what is the model and name of this gun?

  2. Hay scootch do you think a .357 lever gun would be a good all arounder for shtf, thinkin larger than squirrel i.e coon possum and roughlly a hog sized target. Not talkin a 500 pond beast but a good 200- hog.

  3. My lever gun is a Marlin 45 70 Guide gun. It is short and handy, very quick, but not really light. It is probably the least tactical looking rifle around. The kick, with high energy hunting rounds, such as Hornady's Leverevolution at 3,000 ft-pounds of energy is pretty ferocious but the cowboy loads are pleasant to shoot. In a pinch it would do the job, it certainly is a man stopper. And a buffalo stopper. I would think one of the Lever guns chambered in a handgun caliber would be better, though.. they hold a lot of rounds and you could carry a pistol that shoots the same cartridge. The 30-30 has the advantage that the cartridge is ubiquitous and it's game taking capabilities are legendary. Walmart, Bimart, sporting goods stores all carry it… availability is something to consider.

  4. What would the effective range on these rifles be?

  5. Good vid, thank you!!! I've just gotten a Winchester M94 of 1974 vintage, new in box. Fired it for the first time in its life today, and I liked everything but the loading gate; incredibly stiff, and at first it refused to take more than a couple of rounds. One source suggests disassembly of the action, then chamfering the sharp edge of the gate itself; does that sound about right? Surely there's a spring in there somewhere for that little sucker; can (should?) it be lightened? Any suggestions?

  6. I have a 357 Alsakan take down I love. it shoots 357 or 38 so ammo is available and cheap. With the proper rounds 357 can be used to take down mist American game and all two legged game. i can carry a matching pistol either my one of my full sized or my snub and shoot the same ammo. Because it is a take down I can store it anyplace and in a SHTF situation I can conceal it in my pack. it's also just fun to shoot.

  7. hi, i know this is a old video but im looking to get my first lever action and i really like that one you have. which brand is that one

  8. NK DA

    What the fucking hell is a SHTF?

  9. 45-70. Shot a few of them, love them…

  10. salut ses quoi le model et la compagnie de l'arme svp ?

  11. I bought some of your shirts,, And today when I went into a dollar store was ask to leave because of the rifle on the shirt…

  12. I have this in 336 in .35 rem,i love mine with the sniper scope on it..

  13. that stock aftermarket? if so you gotta link? looking to church up my mod. 94 winchester

  14. You are better off getting a caliber that would work with a revolver so one set of ammo for both guns and no magazines to have on you since the bullet storage is built into the guns.

  15. I LOVE LEVER ACTION RIFLES!!!! Other than my Romanian ROMAK 1 AK-47, I would DEFINITELY want to used my Winchester 94 30-30 rifle for a survival/SHTF situation.

  16. A Zed

    well ill be darnt

    a lever action for survivalizing

  17. Where did you get the after market stock / furniture for your lever action rifle?

  18. they are nice I have a marlin 30/30 that I will never trade or get rid off but not to cheap to shoot tho

  19. What is the name of the rifle you are carrying in this video? Also, what is an SHTF situtation?

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