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Published on June 30, 2016

Just sharing a sale at our local Store and a few tips on dehydrating yourself that some of you might not have thought of. Hope you find something in this video helpful.


  1. Linda you are one of the main channels I watch faithfully. Will you tell me what kind of seal bags do you use ? where to get them ? I have looked on Amazon found several but read a lot of bad reviews. Money is tight here and can not afford to buy bags that are not good need help here please.

  2. Linda. Have u ever dehydrated beets? And rehydrated them..I need to know..we have a row in garden…and I am wanting to dehydrate them…if they rehydrate well ty

  3. how long does dehydrated food last when vacuum packed?

  4. Linda. Can I dehydrate Brussel sprouts? Please

  5. Linda, I'm a very new newbie. Pls excuse my ignorance. As I live near the Red Gold Factory, I was wondering if it is possible to dehydrate canned petite diced tomatoes from the can. At the warehouse, the large cans are SO cheap. Lots less expensive than buying the tomatoes. (I have a brown thumb, growing tomatoes is not an option 🙂 And are their any tricks to drying them.
    Thank you for your help

  6. I learned from that and was most interested to see you with a dehydrator. I am thinking but what type? Yours is bigger than the little round one, not the big rectangular (trying not to say…) but why did you choose this?
    I was looking at you tube about it and I saw you and thought oh now, I"laugh out loud get the truth. I will see what she do says and does. So I know you will be pleased I really do pay attention to the SHTF types and living very rurally need those storing tips alright.

  7. Does the food loose any nutrients when dehydrating? Love your videos!

  8. i am happy i saw this video I have been watching your videos of freeze dry meals. I just got me another dehydrator my first got damage, and I have been a little scare of use it. but your video make me confident about start using it.

  9. I couldn't comment on Jojo Jo's comment but those bags can be bought at Emergency Essentials, as well as other Prepper web sites.

  10. your channel is so great and super informative. I just subscribe because I always find myself coming back to your videos for tips and advice on how to do all these things especially canning.

  11. Lorna A

    Linda  what is the brand of your dehydrator, how many trays is max it will hold?

  12. Jojo Jo

    Hi!! Does anyone know where those resealable bags are sold? The bags she put the dried tomatoes in at the end? Thanks a lot if u can reply! :). BTW, I really like the channel, Linda!! 🙂 ♡ Thanks! 

  13. ok i would to ask sth…i want to dehydrate carrots from my garden for times i dont have since store bought have i want to use carrots in soups or make a carrot cake or just eat them raw..should i blanch them and what pieces are best to be cut?thanks

  14. How long do these last for once dehydrated?

  15. I have tried to watch all the vidios I have found of your show and I love them !! I have not seen any with broccoli, summer squash, zucchini, or cauliflower. can I can them or dehydrate them ??

  16. I decided to buy a Nesco Dehydrator but when I began shopping, there are several models. Can you suggest one for me?

  17. Thank you for your demonstrations.  I enjoy the thorough information and the fact that your kitchen is clean as well as your cooking.  You have been inspirational to my new hobby in dehydrating and canning, just in case the zombies attack.  Ha! No really.

  18. Your videos are awesome, thanks so much for sharing.

  19. Hi i think I have watched all your dehydrating videos, I am thinking of investing in a dehydrator. Could your please tell me what brand of food processor you use. It seems to handle grating a lot better than mine does.thanks Stella

  20. Forage.!! There's tons of wild and feral food growing in the woods and fields.. It's organic, super high in nutrition and pesticide free.. And renewable without you ever having to plant it..

  21. Is that a Plastic knife?!?! lol im facinated by the knife where can i find those?

  22. Hi Linda. When I dehydrated non-blanched carrots, they turned pale over time. Do your shredded carrots keep their color?

  23. you don't blanch tomatos??  did I miss something??

  24. Does this work on all things including cd cases?

  25. Nice job there Linda. Keep it up!

  26. I just got a dehydrator for my birthday today and I can't wait to get started!

  27. I took the end of my knuckle off using one of those bloody choppers hahaha I just use a nice sharp knife now.

  28. hicap06

    Wow Linda! Amazing.. I'm busting out my Excalibur 9 tray right now…

  29. do you have any your recipes you do anywhere?

  30. so what do you use to make garlic powder other than garlic

  31. Wish we could find tomatoes for .37cents a lb here. Even when they are in season they run $1.99/lb. Love your videos. Just getting started with dehydrating and jar meals. Thanks for your great info.

  32. If you can find a V slicer they slice tomatoes wonderfully… Even if they are over ripe.

  33. I was given a Food dehydrator by a friend And when I saw yours I thought.. OK. Goody.. not like those other ones I have seen.. But, yours is still a bit different.. As mine does not have a temp guide on it.. I just let the stuff sit in there for 12 hours.. and I check it.. and if it needs to stay in longer I leave it in a bit longer.. Love that you are showing more that what I have been watching..

  34. How do you decide to can verus dehydrating your food?

  35. Nita877

    Linda, we have a Facebook dehydrating group that is a closed group. I am inviting you to join us, if you are not already a member. I have added your video's and meals in jars to our files. I have given credit where it was due. They will not allow me to give the direct link. The name of the group is:Dehydrating Tips and Recipes. Request to join and I will add you.

  36. please don't use the craft canvas, I was told they are not food safe.

  37. I was wondering after i have my dehydrated item and put it in a canning jar should I put a oxygen absorber in it?

  38. Hi Linda, do you have a good food dehydration book you would recommend? Thanks so much!

  39. Another source is the plastic needlepoint canvas from a craft store!

  40. Maybe this is a silly question, but how do you determine how much dried you need to take out for a recipe? If it calls for 1 cup of shredded carrots, what is the dried equivalent? Great video, by the way!

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