Long Term Food Storage Basics: Off Grid Pantry

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Home Food Storage Long Term Food Storage Basics: Off Grid Pantry
Published on June 30, 2016

Starting a long term food storage pantry can be confusing. Preppers focus on long term storage, homesteaders focus on caning and storing their spoils.
What should you do for your own pantry needs? Here on our homestead we have a dual purpose off grid pantry. Long term storage is good, but we also focus on daily needs. I want to save money, I dont want to go to the store every couple days, and I want healthy food items.
Building my pantry to serve my needs took many years. But I have both long term and short term. Want to save money and have a usable pantry. See what I have to say about that today!


  1. What a GREAT way to live. I wish I had that type of existence. I DO have a back to Eden mini garden in my front and back yard but not the privacy I wish I had that you do. Thanx and stay safe and off grid. Peess

  2. Great advice.

    Google Judi Grace StoryCorps.❤️💯💐😊

  3. hello! I love you videos. but you mention that it is possible to buy certain things in bulk in bigger quantities like 5 pounds and higher. I live in Virginia and it is very hard to find those things. do you have specific places where you do your shopping?

  4. You are just precious! Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it. Blessings to you and your family!

  5. I've always wondered how Prepper's (especially the SHTF) people are going survive a national/world
    calamity without water? You can have all the gear in the world but, without a viable water source
    and a way to defend that water source, you will die. "The Rule of 3's" states: 3 minutes w/o O2, 3 hours in
    extreme elements, 3 days w/o water, 3 weeks w/o food. The average human needs about 2.5 gallons of
    water a day for physical and hygiene needs. That's a lot of water to store, (even for one person),
    if you don't have a water source or means of getting to one. Water, would be in my guess, the biggest
    commodity of all. Just a side note: It has been estimated for one person to live off the land, he/she
    would need, at the very least, 20 acres; this assumes that wild life feeds or roams in the area and enough
    water, forestation, fauna, flora, for survival needs. But, because we have paved paradise and put up
    a parking lot, at least here in America, their would be a lot of nomads in this country, until enough
    forestation could grow to accommodate 100 million + people,( assuming 200 million have died already).
    The land area of the U.S. is 1.9 billion acres, if my math is correct we would need 2 billion acres of
    agriculturally viable land, plus water. So, imho, pray up, eat up, live life to the fullest, have no regrets,
    protect your families and your home in the present, don't waste your money on long term bets, for short term gains,
    because no one man knows the future and we are all gonna die someday. I for one don't want to worry about
    hunting for my food everyday at age 55,65, or even 75, assuming I make it that far. Some people love the idea but,
    don't truly think through this SHTF evolution.

  6. Thank you so much for this video. What a blessing it is to be able to have you give us a virtual tour of your pantry with all your experiences and invaluable knowledge gained over the years. Thank you, thank you!

  7. I'm still watching starry.god bless you and mr.hilder

  8. Steph J

    I love seeing your pantry! Seriously it makes me giddy to see all those home canned goodies. I have been canning and preserving for about 3 or 4 years now and I love it. I'm so addicted to it. The best part for me though, is when I find a good deal from the farmers market and come home with several hundred (yes hundred!) pounds of fresh produce and my whole family gets involved in cleaning, chopping, stuffing jars, putting on lids, etc… It's so fun to see how proud my guys all are of the work we did. And the "ping" is probably my favorite sound in the world. I love it! lol. I'm sure you understand this, but other people think I'm a little nutty.

  9. Just a question. What happens to the pantry if nothing happens and life goes on along just fine and no shtf and you turn 60.

  10. St8kout

    I never liked the idea of stocking MREs because they are not only expensive but don't taste all the great. Their main advantage is portability, eating on the run. So I'm slowly building up a food supply from both canned goods (that I rotate so as to keep everything fresh), and Mountain House camping food where you just add hot water and wait a few minutes. You can eat it right out of the pouch so there's no cleanup, and everyone says they tastes great. I'm in desert country (Vegas) so I also have to store water as our tap water is absolutely nasty. I do have a pool so I need to build a solar still which should work great in our climate. If nothing else I have an electric distiller that will run off the solar panel backup I'm putting together. Since I drink bottled water anyway, it has about a year shelf life so I'm always rotating through my 6 month supply. One large case will last one person one week. So I just make sure I have 24 cases on hand. After that then I can fall back on pool water run through the distiller.

  11. Denuhm

    I love your pantry! :)

  12. I love Black Beans! where did you find 50lb bags or bigger?

  13. Great video that helped a lot. Thanks and God Bless

  14. Quick question if I may. I have a very small pantry which I am planning on expanding this year, getting the garden going finally etc etc. I noticed that you use a metal container. Is there a particular reason for metal over plastic? Even storing them inside or in a garage won't they fail before a plastic barrel would? I'm asking specifically for the long term storage of beans, rice and things that we could keep together in those kinds of containers. Thanks! Really like this video.

  15. Always looking for more pantry ideas ! Any trouble with mice ? I just learned a costly lesson !

  16. Question: If you store the beans as a dry good, why do you then can them before you eat them? Couldn't you just soak them as you need them?

  17. Is that wire across the jars on the shelf?

  18. Just found u and lovin' ur channel, info, enthusiasm & love for our Lord…subscribed & will keep on learning from u. Thank you, my new friend.

  19. This is so interesting. I don't think food storage is part of our cultural habits or lifestyles where I live (Quebec Canada) since I've never heard of anyone doing it around me. But its tempting me lol

  20. What do you make with all the beans? I like to eat beans but they can get pretty boring.

  21. It's good to have all the storage, I just wonder in the event of a SHTF, just an event not the zombie apocalypse lol what would you do if you couldn't get say beans for a couple or 5 years? I am just starting this journey and it's just a bit scary. Thanks for sharing. Janice

  22. Back to writing those books, I've been told people will buy them.

  23. You and your Husband are cool. Loved the videos you make. I have salmon that I canned myself 6 yrs ago and its still good. God Bless You

  24. Great advice. Thanks, Starry! We are basically just beginning, but the first thing we did a year ago was buy a 2 week supply (for our family of four) of Waterbricks. We also got a one month supply of food in #10 cans from the LDS cannery in our area. From there I just started stocking up on things we use and eat regularly. Canned goods on sale, and grains and beans from Azure Standard that I repackaged in 1/2 gallon jars. I hope this is right!

  25. Steve W

    Great video, but many of us are allergic to beans and legumes and soy. Any thoughts on those problems?

  26. Such a great video! Thank you! I hardly EVER cook with beans! (Chili in the winter…sweet potato casserole…those are the only 2 ways I can think of that we use beans. : ) Could you maybe just suggest a few ways that you use your plethora of beans? Thank you : ) (We too got pulled into the Thrive/prepper stash. Plan on making sure it doesn't go to waste.) Love using my canned goods.

  27. Can you can homemade peanut butter?

  28. Hi there Starry, Consider placing a coloured dated label/dot on all preserved goods. Each year a different colour. You will be able to tell at a glance which goods are this year and which need to be used up first.

  29. So enjoy your videos. What are your views on a long term "seed safe or seed bank" for piece of mind or in the event that you lose the seeds you have harvested? I do have seeds put away and know that I can use them at anytime or share with others if needed. I would rather have some seeds than none at all. Love your working pantry, its awesome!

  30. in your opinion would a butlers pantry (right off the kitchen) or a root celler/basement panty (away from the kitchen) be more beneficial?

  31. Just found you! Great info and entertainment. Keep it going :-)

  32. I love watching your pantry videos! it's giving me great ideas for what kind of pantry we want to build.

  33. Just keep on the narrow path to God. There's no guarantee you won't lose everything. I am all for prepping as you know, but I am changing direction a little. The thing I have noticed with the world and particularly preppers is that they put their trust in treasures here on earth and that in and of itself can be a form of idolatry as that lifestyle can become the second master. We're not to serve two masters. I guess what I am saying is, double down on working on your faith (If you haven't already) and keep the possibility in mind you could lose all you have worked so hard for in the blink of an eye. What then? Do you still follow God after the fact or lose your faith? I really enjoy your videos and hope nothing bad ever happens like that, just sharing what's in my heart with you. :)

  34. Won't those beans in that 55 gallon drum harden to the point they won't soften? I had a jar of dried beans that was about 4 year old and they would not soften. For the beans I do store now, I used the mylar bags and oxygen absorbers hoping to curb that problem.

  35. A pantry grows and evolves little by little over time. My pantry contains nothing I don't use on a regular basis, some people load up on long term storage items they normally don't use with the plan of these supplies being there if SHTF. A high stress situation is not the time to be changing eating habits and food preparation procedures.

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