Long Term Food Storage: Bulk Buying Tips For Frugal Budgets!

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Home Food Storage Long Term Food Storage: Bulk Buying Tips For Frugal Budgets!
Published on June 30, 2016

Starry made a yearly trip out of the mountains and to the city. The purpose, buying food in bulk!
Keeping a well stocked pantry is essential for any homestead that wants to 1) SAVE MONEY 2) Be More self sustainable 3) Have FREEDOM from the store!!
A well organized and stocked pantry needs to be filled not just with garden spoils and home canned items, but also staples! Staples include such food items as your grains, oatmeal, wheat, millet, different varieties of rice, beans, sugar, oils, baking powder, corn starch, nuts, peanut butter, spices, pastas, instant potatoes…the list is long! BUT purchases can be made in increments, spreading out the cost thus also allowing you time to properly store and packaged your new bulk items.
ALWAYS remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Dont go hog wild and think you need to catch up if you dont have these items in 50 to 100lbs bags already in your pantry.
Be aware, make a list, purchase only what you NEED and will eat, be smart…and remind yourself the money up front will PAY you back tons in the end!!!
Watch and learn….Starry scratches the surface of some bulk items YOU need to be looking at today!!

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  1. I've been trying my hardest to find a store like WinCo here in Florida. I've looked online and in different stores and I can't find any place that has prices and bulk like WinCo (25lb bags of the staples you showed). Have you ever heard of any hidden gems in Florida, Mrs Starry? I know that's across the country for you, but I figured I'd ask 😊

  2. Starry, I am thinking about buying the WonderMillJuniorDeLuxe, its the hand-crank model, which can be also used with a drill,what mill do you use in hour homestead? I guess if I use it daily or 'on demand' I wont need the larger electric one.Thanks for another extremely helpful post.

  3. I have to say thank you so much. After 22 years of marraige, my wife, after watching some of your videos, finally has signed on board. She finally decided that a self sufficient lifestyle isn't so abnormal. It took a while to "nudge" her a little at a time, but we bought 28 acres and move in 2 weeks. We are thinking multi-generational on the propery and our son is on the deed. The only down side is that my "honey do" list just became very long. But it's filled with projects my wife and I are excited to learn by doing together.

    Thank you for all the help, past, present and future.

  4. Hi Starry! Please stop leaning toward the camera, i am sure it's bad for your back!!

  5. Good ole Southern girl here is just sick to death of this slave industry that we on-grid have to live in.  I am slowly gardening and buying products and even filling up water bottles and hiding them in dark places.  I even buy survival kits and hide them so nobody calls me crazy.  I did start my first garden 110 foot by 50 foot.  I lost  a lot of my production form ants and a freak cold snap that came here to South Carolina right at the beginning of Spring.  I am very interested in canning but my fiancée fights me about it.  I am trying to store some food a little at a time but that is not easy on a tight budget working as a slave for IRS, LOL.  I wish I could just get my kids and grandkids up and just leave it all behind.  thanks for the tips. I would love to spend some one on one time with you as I bet your and your husband are just a hoot.  I wish my fiancé was like your husband and not so slave driven even though my fiance was raised on a farm.  He said there is no use now because the government makes it almost impossible with all of the restrictions and the cost to run a farm.

  6. How much food should someone buy/store.
    Maybe enough for one year etc???

  7. What store r u at never seen one

  8. Starry shame on you! LARD & you said your vegetarian? White sugar is bad news-Winco has raw or organic sugar in bulk. Peanut butter low quality is hydrogenated which is very NONO. If you want to be healthy, avoid cheap GMO foods like corn starch. Give good advice please. Thanks for your videos on off grid lifestyle but healthy eating is most important to avoid the doctor bills and you're miles from any hospital.

  9. I was surprised to see you guys get the hydro oil peanut butter – but a lot of good ideas , all in moderation I guess , but I don't touch any hydro oils any more – great videos :)


  11. Don M

    everyone talks about self-sustainable. then hey let's go to the store!! no one is really self-sustainable, it is a myth.

  12. ML S

    Now is the time to act. It doesn't matter where or how much, just do it. Every time you shop or grow, make sure there is some for the pantry. We may all soon be in for a rude awakening. There is a very large tempest stirring around us socially. What we think is an excess or endless source may quickly be unavailable. I sound wacko even to myself but you sometimes have to go with that gut instinct. Thanks Starry and Mr Hilder.

  13. We finally got a WinCo foods here in Texas can't wait till it opens up!

  14. @Starry Hilder Love the videos! I am not sure you have done many videos on what you consider food grade containers. I think you have talked a little about them, but I am not for positive. Do you use 5 gallon buckets with mylar? Or #10 cans. I am thinking long term storage for your Wheat berries, salt, sugar, etc…. Also I did see the video you did on expiration dates, but do you list expiration dates or just when you sealed the package? With so many items in the pantry it could be hard to figure out the expiration date of each different item….

  15. There is a WinCo in Las Vegas but it's a seven eleven compared to this store!!!

  16. very informative video. thanks 👍👍

  17. Winco, my favorite store…I am a so called Prepper …good thing, as someone on SS, (dang I hate being so old) I can't get any insurance to help with the coverage of my Diabetic drugs.  So, over 800.00 per month on top of insurances, mortgage, and household expenses, I am grateful that I had been planning…..You never know what your SHTF is going to be…

  18. I'm soooo excited…we have a WinCo opening May 26 (tomorrow)!!!

  19. jcgirl3

    Just love to watch your tips and so. I wish we would have bulk stores over here in the Netherlands as well, but we don't…
    Thanks also for ending with a verse of Scripture. God bless you!

  20. ive had white flour for over 4yrs now storged in 5gal bucket with a few bay leaves at the bottom. still good and works and tastes good

  21. What store re you shopping at? The prices seem high!

  22. Watch the peanut butter. Theyre adding sugar, dextrose and other garbage. Losing market share to Nutella.

  23. Hey Starry, well we went to winco and have about 200lbs of rice and beans and wheat berries lol now I would like to try to grind the wheat which you did a video I wonder if you make your own tortillas and bread? if so could you do a video on that? Thanks for all tips.

  24. I do like Winco! It's to bad we don't have one around here. But today It's Costco time!

  25. Mr. H is right you have to compare the per ounce price, same thing happened with me…….was going to buy the big peanut butter but the small was the best deal.
    I can actually get a better deal on pintos at the dollar store than in bulk.
    I got 30 some pounds of wheat berries off eBay for about $3……..Poor lady, it cost her about $30 in shipping.

    A lot of things like bulk rice are just as cheap thru Walmart, order $50 dollars worth of stuff and shipping is free and the mailman will deliver it to your front door.

  26. salt,salt,salt—cannot forget salt—ins bible says more valuable than gold. I am an 67 old fashioned hillbilly from west virginia so I know frugal and sometimes I think I wrote the book on frugal and living off the wild land and harvesting wild food–love your channel Starry and Mr. Hilder too–ty!

  27. Buying pancake mix????
    Try this and compare the flavour with Mr Hilder's pre-fab pancakes.

    1 cup plain flour or coarse-ground buckwheat flour
    pinch of salt
    1 teaspoon bicarb soda Mix well together
    2 egg yolks
    2 egg whites, whipped til thick
    as much home-made plain yogurt as you need to make a thick pouring consistency

    Mix wet ingredients into flour, without knocking all the air out of the eggwhites.
    Cook in sizzling butter in a cast iron skillet for the best pancakes ever!

  28. Thank you! I always try to keep these things on hand(a lover of Winco here!), but never figured out how much of each to keep around in case of….anything. Thank you for providing a number!
    But…I have one stupid question. I heard you mention 25-100lbs. For each dry staple…would that(100 lbs.) be a good number for per person or two people or just a good general number regardless of how many people you have(?) We're a family of five…
    Btw, super jealous of your beautiful, well-stocked pantry! I would want to make it my bedroom, too, but I take it the hubs wouldn't be as excited about being surrounded by glass jars stuffed with food lol

  29. Don't you get a sore back because you are always bending over when you are talking to us? Your back will thank you for standing up straight, especially as you grow older.

  30. wish we had a store like that around here.  Closest thing we have are the big Box stores

  31. That is a great store. Wish we had something like that here. We do have a small LDS store and Costco though!

  32. Dear mr and mrs Hilder.
    I have been watching your youtube channel and i’m impressed with the smart choices you both have made to be as self sustainable as you can be.
    As i have seen , the Pickup tank is another nifty solution , empty they weigh about 100 lbs. So it is maneuverable but they are bulky. I’m very curious how they will pan out. Best of luck.
    P.s. i also came upon your remark no sun no power. especially during the wintertime , this IS a problem and i agree fully with you. However time goes on and pls take a look at this

    , in the future this could be a viable alternative as for now they are $/Watt a bit pricy. Greets Gerard

  33. I enjoyed this video. I so agree with you on the importance of having staples on hand. You can't be a great cook/baker if you don't have a well stocked pantry. We don't have a food mill yet but I do hope to buy one at some point. One of my basic staples is corn meal, we use it often and I almost never let myself run low on corn meal LOL. Nice video, thanks for sharing. Edited to add, local to me is a GFS store and I believe they are nationwide – its similar to Costco or Sams but without any membership fees, just thought I'd mention that for anyone looking for a place to buy in bulk.

  34. Oh,bleached flour……..I couldn't see all the ingredients on that pancake mix label,but hopefully it doesn't have the bleaching agent "azodicarbonamide".Next he'll be a "Cocoa Pebbles" junkie..!!
    Cheers,and God bless….!!!

  35. We live is rural SC and have no stores like this. The closest is a Sams Club and there are no bulk bins at all : ( There is a locally owned store about 40 miles away, but the prices are out of the roof! Any suggestion as to where to purchase bulk items, via internet? All suggestions appreciated. Have a wonderful day and my God continue to touch and bless you all.

  36. yes i use baking soda to clean my teeth, because i wont use toothpaste with all those poisons in it.
    yes i bulk buy peanut butter, but i'm careful to buy it with out PALM OIL, because of the deforestation it causes, and threatens wildlife badly, so no palm oil for me, unless it stipulates its from a sustainable source and is not threat to any wildlife.
    i also use coconut oil, but in the UK its very expensive @ £7 sterling for 250ml, so i buy one for storing every week

  37. don't buy shortening. it's not for consumption.. buy proper lard

  38. T Doyle

    Wow what a great store! We don't have one of those here in CT. It must be a west coast thing. Sam's club is the closest I have to that. I have a question about the wheat berries and flour. First off… You mention the short (6 mo) shelf life of regular all purpose flour. If I were to vacuum seal the flour in canning jars (I have a foodsaver jar sealer) would that help to extend the shelf life on the flour? If so any idea how much longer it might last? Second question.. I often hear folks talk about buying wheat berries but I have no idea how to use them. From the sound of things you grind them yourself to make flour. Do certain berries yield different types of flour? The next time you are doing this would you consider doing a video of it? I'd love to learn more about it. Many blessings to you and Mr. Hilder and thank you for all that you share with us!
    PS… I just bought a 21 1/2 qt All American Canner!! I'm so excited! It should arrive by the 25th. After seeing all your canning videos I decided to skip over the ones with gaskets and go straight to the All American and just spend the money once. I'm looking forward to learning how to use it. I've learned a lot from your canning videos.

  39. I wish there was a store like that with the bulk around here. We have a Sam's Club near, but they don't have the big bins where you scoop out the product. I saw there was several in Oregon. I've always had a pull toward there. Maybe I will have to move there to start my homestead. Love your video's!

  40. How ironic, I was just looking at places to buy bulk pectin and wheat berries the other day.
    It's cool to see how you both go about stocking up!

  41. I really liked the last Scripture at the end of this video.

  42. Man those are some good prices. I wish we had a winco

  43. I wish I could learn from you guys in person! I'd love to be taken under your wing 😊

  44. "Get some white sugar. At least 100 pounds!" Hahah. That made me laugh

  45. Wow, those prices are really great compared to us in Canada.  I do need to get myself a wheat grinder…just not sure which one is best and easiest to use LOL. Thanks for the great video. God bless.

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