Long Term Food Storage: Buttermilk Pancake Mix, in Mason Jars

Home Food Storage Long Term Food Storage: Buttermilk Pancake Mix, in Mason Jars
Published on June 30, 2016

In this video, we dry pack 10 pounds of buttermilk pancake mix, It takes 8 each quart mason jars. We used 300 cc oxygen absorbers, one in each jar. As always, thanks for watching !


  1. Looks good but here is a little simple trick. The 10 lb pancake mix is already in a 10 lb "Mylar" bag that was bought from the store.. Put a little slit in the bag, put in a couple Oxygen Absorbers, then seal the slit with an iron. when you open the Mylar Stock Bag, then separate into Mason Jars for a little longer storage until used if needed or reseal the Mylar Bag again with a new Oxygen Absorber… I like simple… Thanks for the Videos..

  2. Can you vaccum seal anything in jars that is dry? Also after you have sealed them can you stack the boxes on top of one another? I sealed 2 doz jars of oats , 4 jars of pintos, and 13 jars of sugar today. I tried to seal cinnamon but the vaccum sucked it out of the jar , so I figure with that kind of stuff, I would just need to put in an oxygen absorber and close it. Is there anything you do not recommend storing this way?

  3. Steve , can you dry can grits and if so would you add o2 absorbers ? Shelf life ?

  4. C Carm

    hello, question:  can i store oats, the same way you stored the pancake mix ?

  5. You dont have to use a jar vacuum sealer attachment, BUT, I use mine anyway, along with the  O2 absorbers, just to help out the absorbers and not make them work any harder (use themselves up) than they have to.

  6. Others bake their jars with the contents but without the lids so that if there are any moisture it can evaporate during the bake. Why do you put the lids on yours before putting them in the oven? 

  7. In addition.. I watched your video to see your techniques, and what I dont think they had "absorbent" in ancient times. .
    And I jave watched many video of people who do not put the absorbent in their jars. YOU ARE THE FIRST..
    For that reason, may be you should research further before using it in your jars.

  8. Hi. I didnt hear you mention the temperature and exactly how long to bake. 30minutes to 1hr is double. So which is it? perhaps try to be more accurate with timing so that people trying your method will actually get the results for their products. 

  9. I use my TV tray table to iron my mylar bags shut, you can do it sitting or standing, alot more comfortable if the bag is heavy…

  10. i am storing for about 4 to 6 years and start testing after 3 years….hope this helps….LDS has flour stored for 10 years. Mixes with leavening agents dont last as long, look up a good mix recipe and store the individual items. Steve

  11. what is the long term time for pancake mix stored this way

  12. i am storing for about 4 to 6 years and start testing after 3 years….hope this helps….LDS has flour stored for 10 years…

  13. Derek L

    Question………. based on your experiences……how long will powdered products last (pancake mix, tortilla flour, bleached flour, etc) safely given proper storage environments (dark, cool, oxygen free)

  14. Hey Kevin, not sure, as i have not put up very many mixes, they usually do not keep long due to the fact that the ingredients when mixed do not keep well. If you keep the ingredients separate they will last almost forever, as soon as you mix them, the clock starts. Looks like a chemical reaction from what i have read. look for a recipe that makes a good "bisquik" type mix and keep the items separate and mix as you need. i will try and pack some to see what happens and i will ask around as well.

  15. Kevin K

    Hi there, I recently tried this a with bisquik and nearly all of my jars lids have popped. I used the same amount of o2 absorbers and vacuum sealed them. At the same time I did sugar and didn't use o2 absorbers and they are still fine. Now I have a ton of bisquik to eat b4 it goes bad. Any ideas on what I did wrong?

  16. hi, glad you started prepping, the oxygen absorbers can be bought several places, do a search and many places will pop up….you are on the right track, look at the LDS sites, they have a wealth of info on them…..

  17. Hello, where do you get the oxygen absorbers, and do you put them in everything that you can? I am just starting to prep, but I really don't know where to start, trying to get information here and there. Thank you.

  18. Hi, as with a lot of items, i will test and reseal the items i have stored. you will find some things keep longer than you think and some things go "flat". good luck with your preps….Steve

  19. Thats cool, I was just curious.

  20. i will add a year to the posted date and start testing every 6 months to ensure it is still good.. hope this helps…

  21. What do you think the shelf is?

  22. Actually I was wrong it is 4 years supply for three people 2 meals a day.. Krusteas is my favorite nothing better…:)

  23. I had a extra 7 grand and I bought 7 thousand dollars of freeze dried food. 4 year supply. Info only. God Bless.

  24. hi, i use the 300 cc oxygen absorbers from LDS, they are good and cheap and you can use them for all kinds of stuff….check out my other videos as i explain in detail. tha ks !

  25. hello I am new at this I would like to know more about the absorbers what kind to use for what thanks for the video

  26. Hi, it will stay good as long as the date on the bag, plus a year or two is my opinion. I have some that expires in a few months and will open and test. will post results.

  27. Hi, either way is good on the placement of the o2 absorbers…, and send me a private message on you tube, we can talk more from there.

  28. On the video you with the potato flacks you put the o2 packs flat why didn't you put them that way with the pancake mix.Thanks your videos are great I have learned so much.And is there anyway to contact you directly .Thanks

  29. hi you are welcome, keep looking on the site, try an internet cafe' let me know if you need more help 🙂

  30. hi bisquick is not a long term storage item, try it and test it every six months after 2 years. Vacuum sealing is cheap enough….

  31. Hi steve.i ve received the oxygen absorbers.but i can't see any other products.and the lds online store is not working for the moment.i could't read your message because i have to repair the computer.and in the mobile i can't read the messages.it doesn't have an inbox.thank you for your help and time.!!!!!

  32. Hello Vanesa, you tube will not allow a link on here. but try this, store.lds.org, go to home and family self-reliance on the page and you will see where you can order the oxygen absorbers and mylar bags. send another private message but allow a return message. hope thisd helps, please let me know if it does not. Steve

  33. Hi.can you send me link for the lds online store.because i found many and the one that i bought here in argentina only have or i could't find other things but the oxygen absorbers.

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