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Published on June 30, 2016

How to use the Food Storage Made Easy long term food storage calculator found at http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/babysteps/step-4-long-term-food-storage-planning/


  1. I agree with VeggiePAK. A great service you guys have provided. For those of you not using this just for personal home use note it has great time and cost savings for small business. With that said we deal with customers, so long term storage for us would be based of certain product and all its ingredients. Not to mention items like napkins, cups, straws that are taken by customers. Is there an easy way I can edit this to arrange it for small business use for long term non spoiled items like I mentioned? Is there a way it will manage how many straws are taken per drink sold or the estimated amount a customer takes when they grab a handful of napkins? Do you ladies have something like that already developed? Did everyone mention you guys are awesome, because you rock!

  2. Julie W

    We updated the description to include a link directly to the page with the calculator on it. Thanks!

  3. Kanzee

    I tried to find this listing also…but we got a great web site…but no chart to work with. Any help appreciated. Cheers ;-))

  4. Where can i get this from. i looked on the site and cant find it

  5. As an Excel power user, I would like to say that you have certainly capitalized on it's use in order to benefit the "aware" public to the maximum extent possible. This is a great service that you have provided. Thanks! I hope more people begin to put up their stores before the SHTF, brought on by either by government or nature.

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