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Published on June 30, 2016

Discussion about using canned goods to supplement your long term food storage. Looking at the expiration date on the canned goods and which foods are the best investment for budget preppers. Having a good SHTF food storage is essential and making your money stretch will allow you to prep more


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  1. What about all that toxic BPA lining the cans?

  2. he sounds like james woods from family guy

  3. One thing you can do to improve food safety on older canned stock is to bring the contents to a boil such as vegetables, soups, sauces, pastas, etc.

  4. The canned foods you store should also be things you eat regularly. In this way you keep your stock rotating. It should also help point out where there could be a problem. Some things such as those with a goodly amount of tomatoes,SEEM to attack the can from the inside. Those stored in glass appear to last for ever.

  5. Canned food rotation is a vital part of supplementing long term storage. for the food itself? yes, obviously, but even as important especially if you are limited storage space wise, the peas, green beans, corn and many others contain 1/2 to 1 cup of water in each one. Though water storage is optimum, you need to look at every angle.

  6. My brother and I have been doing this for 8 years now. We have been trying everything past the best buy date. Somethings I think we both did not like 1 year past the dates were Ravioli,Spagetios, and almost anything with some type of noodle. We just ate a can of Wolf Brand Chili that was 6 years past the date and it tasted the same as a new can. I do not toss anything. I use it, if it has lost it's flavor to a great degree, then I just flush it. I have tons.

  7. The lack of salt in the corn is good for you today but bad for storage! Salt helps preserve and if in survival mode high blood pressure is the least of your worries!

  8. employees have to do 500 items an hour……sometimes its 500 perfectly good Ghiradelli chocolate bars…..they hire out of springfield mass because only minorities are willing to do such terrible things as they need the work the most…….any can with a slight dent on the rim is thrown away where i used to work—Reclamation Dpt at
     C and S Wholesale in western mass….this company is among the tenth largest

  9. food in cans will stay good almost forever,expire dates,is a law,nothing else.caned food if kept in a constant temp. stay good.this guy is spot on!

  10. Actually, all those canned goods are good for a minimum of 25 years. Meats and low acid foods good to 100 years.

  11. watch the show the history of the can.. as long as the can stays in tact the food does.. the guy on the show opened a 50 yr old can of beans and ate them.. he said the reason they put best buy date on the cans , he said because it is required by law

  12. store food that you use everday that way you can rotate the products. If you don't like the taste don't store it!. Also High salt canned foods and MRE's will make you if you eat too much. I tried living off MRE's for a week and got sick from excess salt. prep with food that you actually like to eat.

  13. Foods that are acidic will eat the can from the inside out. Non acidic foods do much better,

  14. Man I remember the time i ate botchulist beans with sausages … I was fuckin sick for days … I turned vegetarian shortly afterwards ….  Hey I got 50 kilos of pre fukushima Thai Rice in airtight food grade buckets … We are ready for War 😀 Fuck NATO and the NWO

  15. I would be weary of the pacific caught canned salmon/tuna/seafood due to the the fuckaishima incident and radition.. even if going hungry for survival it could just make things worse consuming large amounts of it, variety is key

  16. If you  think something is getting old to eat, why would you donate it?

  17. hay there im planning to buy a portable storage shed an turn it into my man cave/"shtf command center". I'm planning to make it air tight an insulate it an drywall it you know make it look nice an all.I been buying a lot of canned tuna for shtf an going store it in the shed i live in geogia, it being very hot an humid down here i have concerns of the shed getting to warm inside on very hot days whats your take on it buddy? is it a good plan?

  18. canned salmon is great preparing it like you would canned tuna. canned potatoes makes a great potato salad.

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  20. C-rats made in 1942 for Vietnam are still good to eat today!

  21. IMO the small or regular size cans are almost useless for survival purposes. If I'm storing cans for survival I'd stockpile 95% double large or restaurant size cans. When your hungry or there are more than one person, a can is not nearly enough food. Secondly, you have to store a million of the regular size cans. Go for the big box store jumbo cans for the most part.

  22. Buyer BEWARE I just received my very large order today 8-5-13 from HONEYVILLE. The label on each box listed my name & address along with a hand written in BIG RED LETTERS every item that was in each box for the world to see. Talked with two different people and received NO satisfaction from this company.

  23. Amir

    Buchs craft.

  24. Be sure that you do not store your metal cans directly on metal shelving as this can cause the cans to deteriorate sooner than storing them on wood shelves or plastic-lined metal shelves.

  25. Say What???? Salmon Pattys are the SH**!!! with mac and cheese and fried taters ! EXCELENT DUDE ill take your salmon send it my way!!

  26. Cans have health risks. This is the easiest way: unicorn.myefoods.com

  27. The foods with longer shelf life go with growing/ harvesting. Look up the beginning of canning. Scientists have open up 100 yr cans that were tested and proven to still be edible. Its just a way for them to get you to rotate your stocks.

  28. Salmon Patties fried in oil with Ritz Crackers and some spices, Garlic, are the bomb. Look for some Salmon recipes.

  29. txdurk

    Sorry but you prattle on too much for me.


  31. alot of the can food i get i through out because it taste like metal. my cranberry did at thanksgiving dinner .what a bummer. i hate that .so are can foods good for u? u might learn to can in glass jars your own food u grow.if u going to spend all that time getting ready

  32. rikuk3

    Meat and fish tend to be more expensive and packed in better quality cans.

  33. I was effected by the storm and had to put my long term food and meals in a jar in public storage which is on the ground floor and will be kept in cold winter. Should I take the food out of storage and find a place for it in my new apartment?

  34. If things go south we won't care what the salt content is.

  35. Canned food like that is decent to keep around at the two month supply level. I keep roughly a thirty day supply of canned food, then I would be switching to the actual freeze dried stuff and MREs.

  36. You are already gambling on expiration dates with canned (wet) food which is not a good start when you are talking about half year to year supplies of food that ought to be a single investment without the need to constantly keep an eye on rotation. You obviously shop at walmart anyway which means you can get the Augason farms freeze dried food for your actual long term storage and know that once you got your supply, you can move on to other things since that supply has a ten year shelf life.

  37. I seen a episode on hows it's made. about canned foods, At the end it stated that a man in England consumed a 50 year old can of chicken and was fine.

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