Long Term Food Storage: Powdered Milk

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Published on July 2, 2016

Learn everything you need to know about which kind of powdered milk you should have in your food storage. For more tips and tricks for using food storage every day in your own recipes, visit http://everydayfoodstorage.net/about-food-storage/powder-milk


  1. Wouldn't it be great if there were a powdered almond milk… or a powdered coconut milk? I suppose you could store powdered coconut cream and make it into milk, but I don't know what you would do to get a powdered almond milk. I'm lactose intolerant so this would be something that would interest me.

  2. nice explanation between the two, but your title was long term storage not the explanation.

  3. When using powdered milk to drink, try using a bit of nutmeg in the milk. It seems to make it a bit more creamy.

  4. do you have links to purchase the non instant form of milk. I'm not LDS but would like to buy the Non- instant powdered milk. Thank you.

  5. You would make an excellent teacher! Thank you for the information. May Christ bless you always.

  6. I did not know that there was 3 types of powdered milk. I am at awe about this. The only kind we ever got was mix with cold water and drink. Have a great day!

  7. Can you make cheese with the popcorn milk?

  8. Ah, but how to get rid of that weird aftertaste, if one drinks it? That's my concern.

  9. What about the milk pus? What about the sugars? If you had only one thing you could eat. I would want it to be taking different fruits and veggies and mixing them together and you could even add in seeds and nuts and you could get by with that if you could dehydrate it. But not milk. Milk has the hormones and milk pus. 

  10. You don't need dairy. It's just not needed when you are an adult. I mean when things call for milk you should not be eating it. 

  11. A lot of interesting and useful information here. For the record, however, milk is not added to bread for browning—the maillard reaction occurs naturally without milk or cane sugar—milk is added to create a finer, more tender crumb. Also, instant powdered milk tastes better if it is mixed and allowed to sit for 8 hours or overnight—not quite so nasty.

  12. You make me wanna go Mormon.
    Thanks for taking on the topic of food storage.

  13. I love this explanation of powdered milk.  It helped me so much! 

  14. As has been pointed out the normal, store bought  (Read: Carnations etc) instant dry Milk tastes  well … rather unappealing to be polite.    Plus…its  off the shelf  storage life is not very long.   
      I don't have an LDS cannery near me.. perhaps their stuff is better, but what I did discover was a brand called   Providence Pantry / My Choice  from the Emergency Essentials catalog.  /    BePrepared.com     
    Because it comes in two sizes   #10 cans and aslo a smaller # 2.5  size… and it has a great shelf life   … I thought OK.. I'll give it a try.       Wow.. it is nothing like the stuff you buy at the grocery store.   It's just like real, fresh milk… and I am Picky about Milk.     I was beyond delighted  and use it for my everyday food supply if I run out of fresh milk.  It has saved me MANY trips to the store.   

       Why the reg. store stuff tastes so bad is beyond me.. but this Providence Pantry long storage stuff is like a totally different product.    You can also get a "fortified" version… a bit more pricy but if I had young children I would get that.  
    Note:  The  #10 cans yield 4.5 Gal.  @ $17.95 a can.   Cheaper if bought in larger quantities.    Find a friend and order the larger amounts + maybe save on shipping. 
    The smaller,  #2.5 cans ….   (14 oz)  cost  $5.95.   I use this size for when I run out of fresh milk.  
    My hubby drinks his coffee black.. but for me.. no milk in my brew is a total disaster  : O    And those powdered coffee creamers are imho.. nasty. 

  15. The problem with your video….You assume everyone watching it is LDS. Now the LDS canneries are nice if you're LDS…..I've been in a LDS cannery and the prices were sweet but since I wasn't LDS…guess what?…no sale…. and I know that the LDS sells non LDS members very select items for much more than it sells its members the same items. You may want to make your vids LDS specific since you are advertising LDS prices (for LDS members)….just saying!

  16. I live in Australia and I have never come across the non instant kind 🙁 but there are many different brands of instant kinds I used a brand called Dipolmat or even my local super markets '' no frills'' brand …as they are come in bags or boxes and are cheaper than the can vers

  17. I've always preferred non-instant to instant. It's often available in whole/natural food stores. It makes great yogurt!

  18. I am enjoying these videos. I bought a survival pack and it mentioned making yogurt and cheese so I searched for a video and found this website. You make it easy to understand the process. Thank you.

  19. I am not trying to sell, you can go to the Shelf Reliance/Thrive Website and buy the milk direct. You don't have to talk to me, but talk to someone. It is the best dry milk product, I promise, you will love it. I would never have thought dry milk could taste good! I found this product while looking for Food Storage, and I could not be happier! Best Wishes…

  20. Thrive milk from Shelf Reliance, unopened, stores for 25 years, after it is opened, it is good for 2 years. a five gallon bucket of instant has 437 eight oz servings – a five gallon bucket of powdered milk has 292 eight oz servings. Both are MILK, the powdered one is better for cooking. Both run 85 dollars in The Q. Purchased this way, the cost is comparable to a gallon of milk in the grocery store, but you never have to throw it out, you make it as you need it and you always have it on hand.

  21. Try Thrive milk by Shelf Reliance, it is great and you will not need to add vanilla or sugar. They make an instant milk and a powdered milk… This milk tastes as good as fresh milk and you can drink the instant as soon as you mix it. My kids love it!

  22. Can powdered milk be stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers ? Isn't this the best way to store it longterm ?

  23. You have done a fantastic job, I leaned a great deal from you Thank you, will subscribe

  24. can you store dry milk in mylar bags long term?

  25. My heart tells my she is awesome person. I wish I could have more people in my life like EDFS.

  26. Also any idea how long you think instant would last if it were vacuum sealed?

  27. Is there any chain stores that you know of that sells non instant? Our walmart, foodlion, freshpride, etc. only stocks instant and the closest cannery is about a 4 hour drive from where I live

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