Low Carb Chorizo & Goat Cheese Quiche Recipe

Home Homesteading Low Carb Chorizo & Goat Cheese Quiche Recipe
Published on December 5, 2016

Becky uses the eggs from her backyard chickens to make this yummy recipe. The flavors of goat cheese and chorizo go so good together you’ll really love this quiche recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can get the recipe here: http://beckyshomestead.com/?p=1381&preview=true


  1. Loved this video nice recipe and also i loved your cowboy western pan. Thanks Becky. Greetings from México

  2. Do you make your own goat cheese?

  3. Becky will you do a video like umm… Something new 🙂
    I love it it tastes so good thanks for the recipe 🙂 😊😄

  4. Wine for breakfast ahem brunch. Brunch! Its ok, I said, "brunch.." lol I love your videos Becky. You're always cheerfully informative. Thank you for this recipe. I might buy a couple goats if I like the cheese!

  5. This looks like a super yummy recipe and I appreciate that it's so simple! I adore your enthusiasm and genuine expression, your videos always make me smile and I learn some new things too 🙂 .

  6. did your recipe but used WAY more onions, i'm an onion addict, the garden is full of them XD

  7. chorizo is cooked before mixing all indregient together becky .? you live in florida?

  8. Terri

    Can you show us how you make your goats cheese?

  9. Yummm! This recipe made me hungry, haha.

  10. Hi there! The cheese in this recipe made me wonder, whatever happened to ur goats?

  11. Love your little kitchen. So cute. And I love the recipe. Definitely trying it.

  12. it looks amazing I love your videos Becky (you should have your own show I'm sure people would enjoy it)

  13. Is the goat cheese from your farm as well? Awesome recipe.

  14. Becky I have two question?
    1. Do you make your on goat cheese? If so how do you make it
    2. What is Chorizo?
    Thank you for another great video you were my first homestead channel I ever watch and you are still my favorite! Gods Blessing.

  15. I love how Becky doesn't wear makeup because it inspires me that you don't need to wear makeup to be beautiful.

  16. I love to cook for my family. I'm definitely trying this.

  17. Becky, if you add a pinch of baking soda for every 2 eggs you are whipping you will get a fluffier texture when the eggs are baked. Something the great grandmother showed me when I was a child and it works. She didnt know why but I have tried it and yep she was right lol.

  18. To b honest I don't know what Chorizo is,.mayb cause I don't eat meat,.but my your eggs looks so healthy,..They don't sell good eggs anymore so I stopped getting them too,.Ur fortunate to have ur homestead, and everything, all ur pets r so healthy,.I wish I had that,..even meat was never healthy to buy anymore, mayb from the meat market,.Forget the stores, cheeses like parmesan,..its has woodpulp in them,.not much left out there thats safe,.why lots of folks r going vegan,.

  19. make more chicken vídeos i rally need tour help

  20. Cass J

    I wanted to jump through my iPad screen, sit down at the table and never leave! Never leave! Like the "thing" that wouldn't go home! LOL. Continue living the dream girl. For all of us!

  21. Loved this video..will surely try this one..wish you could post MORE cooking videos..was so nice to see you cooking and teaching how to cook! thanks for sharing! :-)

  22. You look really exhausted in this video. You do so much and work so hard, if I could, I would totally send you away on a relaxing holiday with staff to do everything for you so you can put your feet up and relax as you definitely deserve it.

  23. It's yummy👍How do you make goat cheese…

  24. I really admire you. One day I hope to move out to rural Texas and start homesteading.

  25. Thanks for this wonderful recipe!I raise chickens and just recently started milking our Nubian dairy goat! I've made many cheese's, can't wait to try this out!

  26. that looks great baby but i'll just have a couple of bologna sandwiches.

  27. That is not healthy (eggs and cheese and curizo ew)

  28. Looking forward to making this recipe!! Have you done a video on making goat cheese? If not, please do one. (OK…I'll do a search LOL!)

  29. Did you ever get milk goats yet? I love that milking video you did!

  30. I dream to live a life like this. Started my first garden, and hoping for a little space for some Pygmy goats in the next year. 🙂
    You're awesome, Becky!

  31. Wow Becky that looks yummy & easy thats what i love about it fast & easy mahalo for sharing!🐓🌻

  32. Thanks Becky for your videos! I love your cooking ones the best. You remind me of a longtime friend named Patty!

  33. helo becky,, im from philippines,, your my inspiration for my homesteading even im busy with my full time career as social worker…

  34. Hi Becky! The quiche looks great. I have a question. How long can you leave fresh eggs out on the counter before you have to refrigerate them?

  35. What IS a homestead? What do you have to have to live on a homestead? My family owns two little plots of land and not exactly in the country but we are getting chickens. Would that be considered a homestead?

  36. Oh! I got really hungry now! How about a video about making goat cheese? Please? :-)

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