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Published on July 2, 2016

A video on how to make your serious investment that the authorities say won’t work and make it work! By pumping slow and steady and using a combination of simple float switches and controls you can pump every bit of water that will will produce using a solar pump!


  1. I have the same problem with my well. 1/2 gpm but after pumping it out and letting it recover the water starts to get cloudy with sediment. if I let it set over night the sediment will settle but becomes cloudy again. Do you think a flow restricter would help? I have a 2700 gallon cistern in the ground and have water delivered but its too expensive. HELP

  2. Rob K

    What type of solar pump did you use?

  3. I am getting ready to do something similar to my well, thanks for this vid.

  4. Its me.  I just can't wait for a new video to get posted, I sign in with 5 different user accounts and give them thumbs down.  Just kidding.  I find your videos more then useful.

  5. John D

    How far does that pump have push water to get to the tank?

  6. I had a well dug down to 330 feet and it was bone dry. Bummer, but we tried. I like this video Scott. I think it will help a lot of people.

  7. Wish I saw this before I was told my well 'dried' up ……. ended up drilling another one, deeper with 5,000 bucks after it was said and done….still, with No guarantees…Oh, can you recommend anyone in Oklahoma for the next time I get pumped?

  8. I am thinking about buying land up in the NE part of the state (AZ!! YIKES).  How can you know if there is h2o below?  Does the driller charge to find out?  is there another way of discerning if water is there and how deep?  Or is like drilling for oil hit a miss thing?

  9. What were the additional costs to 'save' this well?

    I imagine where would have been a pump and solar panel anyways right?

  10. Check out this video on YouTube:
    Well water 

  11. Do you ever get to Florida? You are a smart guy, love watching your videos!

  12. Any info on the hand pump your using and what requirements it has to work?

  13. Im curious how you tied the timer into the system. It makes sense, I just didnt know you could do that. Nice job saving that well! 

  14. Wish I could find out  who dislikes everyone of my videos as soon as they post.  I will get YT working on that one.  :)

  15. cpoul

    How deep is the pump and what gauge wire are you using? Is this in addition to the original pump?

  16. Do you utilize the pump piping for the hand pump too ? If so lets see that video, if not , let's see that video too.
    Heck….just keep the videos coming what ever they be.

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