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Published on June 30, 2016

A way of categorizing different styles of preparedness, please share your thoughts. -CP

A great VR from Hibernian Son


  1. i have a acreage open to me infact i have the front door key on my key chain 1 year of food i put down their my self sevreal guns and hygiene products also sevreal pounds of organic seeds and aton of small items i bought however he has 10- 15 guns tons of ammo working on gas afire and he has chickens both of us have others coming out he has. over 1000 gallons of water 2 wells and he has a few fruit trees with rabits cats and a ton of odds and ends and probably 2-3 years of food what do you call us

  2. gbawpg

    Great overview, thank you for your thoughts and approach. My family and I are meso preppers in a Canadian inner city. It has taken a lot of research and creativity to get to this point but we accept in a SHTF/WROL situation we would be vulnerable fairly quickly. Bugging out successfully would be a challenge and really only a viable option if services were available outside of our community. As my father's tomb stone reads: " I did the best I could with w hat I had." Keep it up I love your channel.

  3. Due to my age and the plus of living in a small rural town I'm working the Homestead style of prepping. My neighbors are like minded and we all have skills to help each others family if the worse  happens… My fear is that I'm not totally ready and I see a major system failure by the Fall of 2016. Also my Wife is Not of the same mind as me, she even does not like eating the chicken I just butch… Process 🙂 got to be PC these days!  Love your videos!

  4. Firstly, I am really enjoying your vids, so thank you.
    I started out as you said, a micro prepper.
    I have since purchased an acre of land, cultivated the land and am continually learning to grow my own.
    I moved 45 minutes drive the cbd.
    Therefore I actually have prepared for all 3 of your circumstances.
    Cheers again buddy

  5. this was a great video i will share my new found knowlage. with what you've said I think I'm between a micro and macro prepper.

  6. I would argue that the micro is still very expensive- those little tools and such start to add up quick.

  7. @canadianprepper You have helped me dislodged a mental blockage I was struggling with for quite some time. Often preppers are often stereotyped as 'bug out baggers' or 'homesteaders'. I identify with neither, I felt like a prepper vagabond. Thank you for this video it has opened up a new thought channel in my thinking, giving me a better sense of place within the prepper community.

  8. Most preppers just have an altoid tin with an iphone inside of it.

  9. I'm the Nono-prepper……only because of my social and financial status, not for lack of want.
    All of your videos are excellent, your presentation is very rational and professional (and maybe a little theatrical with the imagery, but still in good taste), your insights are very enlightening, it applies to all circumstances and environments here and now, and those that may or may not occur. Thank you.

  10. I am diffenetively is a Meso Prepper….focusing on Knowledge and skills with a tendency of Macro prepping on specific 5 main most common 95% useful topic….energy creation, tools and workshoping, first-aid, water storage and short therm food storage. Thanks for the debriefing bro!

  11. Very good but these categories overlap for sure.  We live in a rural area and store as much food & water as we can.  We live on a lake, burn wood for heat and I garden.  We are a combination of several of these.

  12. I think using micro,meso,macro is an apt description of preppers themselves but not necessarily of homesteaders. Dave Canterbury does not consider himself a prepper he fits all three categories though because he practices homesteading or in his words"long term sustainability", sees the need to stockpile readily available items in the short term for an initial dramatic occurrence and is arguably one of the best bushcrafters in North America. Preppers prepare for an emergency that might happen. Homesteaders live a life that takes it into account but it is not their focus.Their love of the old ways and values is what drives them in most cases. It is a labor of love not an expectation of a possible future calamity that pushes them.

  13. I guess I'm a micro prepped that aspires to be a meso or macro prepper. Only thing holding be back is money. Maybe over time I'll get there. Hopefully there's no major collapse before then.

  14. One has to understand that Prepping is not actually required in this day and age. The complete economic downfall, zombie apocalypse, muslim/asian invasion and the Santa's Workshop being burnt down by faulty wiring, infuriating little kids WILL NEVER come to pass. ALL you fruit cake nuts are doing is exasperating your anxiety disorders and putting money into the coffers of smug rich people who are playing on your aquired brain injuries.

    Wake up, go get a job and stop seeing shadows in every corner. You are all wasting your time

  15. I would be a micro prepping trained ectoderm.

  16. Another interesting video!  I think I pull a bit from all aspects with a touch of self-reliance.  I am sure there are many who don't land on a title but tiptoe on each.

  17. I consider your system precise and clear cut, although it can be said that not just one type of prepper dose only one thing, it can come down to type of disaster not just size, and maybe skills that can't be brought into action due to money etc. However it is clear that the benefits of learning all the skill sets would greatly increase a preppers chance of survival. Even in the worse case scenario a prepper could either work up to a macro, or work down to a micro depending on circumstance. We can say that Micro is the most mobile of the three, but the other two will be more comfortable for a said amount of time. Also depending on the skills and voracity of a lone wolf or a meso, there is more likelihood of conflict with a macro. I would put myself between a micro and meso, who is trying to work up to be a macro. But I know how easy things can go pear shaped in a unhealthy environment, therefore I will still keep up my survival skills if I need to bug out. Thanks for the insight and keep up the good work….

  18. Spot on Canadian Prepper, I like your organization charts.    As a big city prepper, I believe prepping is an evolution , at least for me.  I started at micro city dweller, and moved to meso , and now heading to macro.   I started  18 months  ago as a micro prepper, prepping for personal  1to 4 day shtf only, buying all the small gadgets and actually use them in camping and stealth camping often .  So to be well versed in my micro world.   got the bob down to a science .  Second I moved to meso, where I increased my 3 week rations to a 6 month for the entire family of 7. Started prepping for a regional disaster focusing on floods and economic meltdown or grid down for 1 week to 6 months.  Got a small library of A to Z on prepping .  Got my bug in and out plan down.   When done I thought only logical step left was to long term prep plan , For me that is 6 months to 5 years .  I never got a chance to hoard anything due to my budjet .  THANK GOD.   .   Only recently I started moving on from meso to macro. Not quite there yet  , investing  in solar system with 1500 amp hours ect…  Buying a bugout home in the mountians for a bug out option and converted my cargo van into a stealth /rv camper fully enclosed living unit for 3 weeks if needed.  Built a bug in location at home for buggin in option, which I find a logical option depending on the situation at the time.  now working on Building a small community for the shtf.    So not quite there at macro yet , probally a good 24 months form that or  based on current pace. So far  I find that to be most challenging of all tasks is to build a shtf community . Finding likeminded trustworthy preppers  are  worth their weight in gold these days.  That being said , YOur video was intellectually fun .  Thanks ,  Keep up the good work .

  19. I'm a Micro all the way, learning in so many different ways how to open my mind to all facets of prepping that I am unaware. My father ha been prepping for over forts years and fall between Micro and Meso in that he can outfit more than ten people fully for a six month to a year period, I think more. His preparation is why I recently started. To pass on to my family something it took me years to understand from him. Be Prepared.

  20. Interesting and detailed video, thank you!

  21. It's a useful short hand if everyone is on board with the terms, yes. I'm Meso for the most part.I'm more concerned with doing right than surviving.

  22. Based on the breakdown you presented I'd say I'm definitely in the meso category.But what surprised me is as I watched this I realized I have never wanted to be in either of the other two categories. I think internally I've resisted those choices because the micro choice seems like its goal is to become macro. Example of what I mean is, event happens and micro prepper bugs out…to a location where he can immediately hit a mental reset button and begin homesteading, farming etc like a macro-prepper, Do you think any of what I'm saying makes sense? I'm not sure. Again, great video.

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