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Published on June 30, 2016

In this video I take you along with me on my morel mushroom hunt. Along the way I share several tips, tricks, and observations about hunting these amazing mushrooms. Be sure to watch to the end for some final observations that may help you find them in your area.

NEVER consume any wild edible plant that I talk about on this channel without consulting a local expert in your area first. ESPECIALLY when it comes to mushrooms. The wrong ones can KILL you!

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  1. Why are you whispering your in the middle of the woods ;)

  2. These mushrooms grow wild all over Appalachia, most often I find them in April and sometimes again in the fall… usually after a rain and warm weather. The mountain folk always called them 'Muggins'. They would clean them, coat them with a bit of egg
    and corn meal and then fry them crispy in oil. Delicious :)

  3. And make sure you whisper so you don't scare off the mushrooms!

  4. yellow and Gray's is what we say not yellow and black lol

  5. Thanks for the information. I just moved to Priest River, Idaho from Hawaii and have been a chef for 29 years. I'm very interested in foraging. Went out today befor watching your video and didn't find anything. Tomorrow is another day. Thanks again.

  6. omg i just threw them away cuz i thought the were poisonous

  7. Cut them in half length wise and then dice up some red peppers and black olives and add them to cream cheese then fill the sliced morels and grill them, it super delicious.

  8. Awesome David..thanks for sharing my friend. I totally enjoyed this post. cheers! – Joel

  9. Sur Viv

    Why are you whispering?

  10. Why are you whispering? Might scare the mushrooms?

  11. I shared your link with Indiana DNR District 10 on Facebook, I hope you don't mind…

  12. This made me so hungry. I want some mushrooms but it's still to dry where I am. :(

  13. What state are you in? I noticed this was in May and usually we look late April in Pennsylvania but a lot of other people here say they go into may.

  14. great tips David, I love finding these!

  15. The best way to freeze your shrooms is cut in half and roll in flower then put on a cookie sheet and freeze. Then take them off the cookies sheet and put in zip lock bag and put in freezer. When you want to fry them just take out of freezer and drop in hot butter or veggy oil do not thaw out or will get mushy. Try it you will love it just like you just picked them.

  16. mushroom hunting is my 3rd most favorite thing to do

  17. Nice video, best way I can describe it, they taste like baked steak, with a hint of earthy, mossy, nutty flavor. Love eating Molly Moochers as we call em!

  18. Thanks for posting this… was always curious about them. Are there any look alikes that could be dangerous to eat? Would love to forage for wild mushrooms, but the fact that there are poisonous ones terrifies me… Thanks again.

  19. you should never use a nap type sack such as this Gentleman is using.. Please use a Mesh Bag so that the Mushroom Spores can escape and fall to the Forest floor and More Morels will grow in the right areas..Also Please ask for Permission before entering Private land,, Trespassing on Private land carries a Hefty Fine . Always a Good Idea.. Happy Hunting

  20. David, this video was great help! I am new to morel hunting and had no clue of where to find them, but this video was a great help for that. And thanks for the tip about "don't tell anyone where you found them" I didn't even think of that! I know of a spot in my location where I think they would be, and if I don't have luck there, there's another spot where morels grow like wildfire, so I might try there. Thanks for the helpful video!

  21. David, I was watching your video about storing these morel mushrooms. I wanted to share with you a process I have found for keeping them good for over a year. First I soak them in water and salt for a day rinsing them off several times to get rid of any bugs or dirt in or on them. Next I coat them with flour after letting them drain to remove excess water. I then place them on a dry uncoated cookie sheet in a single layer. After filling the entire cookie sheet I then put them in my lay down freezer. Next after they freeze solid I remove them from the cookie sheet by lightly banging the sheet on the counter to loosen them from the cookie sheet. Next I store them in good quality zip lock buggies. Then I store them in a freezer in the bags. when treated this way you can pan fry them up to a year or more and they taste like they do the day you pick them. My family have had fried mushroom sandwiches on Christmas morning. I live in Indiana and our season starts in late April or early May although I've found them as early as the first week in April. I hope this helps you store your finds. Good luck brother God bless and stay safe. Excellent video too. Bill

  22. I guess one of the tips is to whisper so they don't run away?

  23. Thanks for posting, In Nepal this mushroom are also found out. I want to ask the price of this mushroom. Thank you agaiin

  24. Me Here

    Here are a couple of ways to help me in your search:
    "ALF" (A Lucky Find)
    "SOI" (Stumbled Onto It)
    "TAF" (Tripped And Fell)
    "JAGU" (Just About Gave Up)
    "ESOA" (Empty Sack Of Air)
    "EJFM" (Enough Just For Me)
    "SWAT" (Scientific Wild Ass Theories)
    "SAG" (Smart Assed Guess) aka "DAG" (Dumb Assed Guess)

  25. Great video David, one question.  You talked about freezing them.  You said you dry them first.  Do you actually air dry, or used a dehydrator?  Also, do you wash them previous to freezing, or when you take them out and rehydrate them? Thanks.


    Great video, thanks for sharing !!
    What the hell is a mesh bag ?

  27. Morels are one of my all time favorite mushrooms. We have yellow and black around us as well. 2 years ago we found close to 10 lbs. Last year wasn't a great year only 3 lbs. I've been out twice a week for the last month and have only found one true morel and couple false. They are tasty. I throughly enjoy your videos. 

  28. Thanks for sharing David! Great video. Much appreciated!

  29. Great video Dave. Bon Appetit!

  30. Right on Dave. Gage and i are going out time right now. How far from Dowagiac are you?

  31. I know you need to be real careful identifying mushrooms and only take them if you are 100% sure  which one they are. Are there any look a like mushrooms that are dangerous to eat?

  32. Wado for sharing David !
    Great video as always.
    Would love to try them someday.


  33. And if you use a mesh stack with holes it will spread the spors from the mushrooms

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