Mumps Outbreak In Arkansas – FSS Vital News Update

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Published on October 28, 2016

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  1. wow- thanks for this heads up– this sure wasnt in the main stream news– blessings

  2. Suspicious timing, looks like a government compulsory vaccination push.

  3. A possible clue to the origin of this outbreak is the part of Arkansas that this is happening in, think chicken factories and who they hire.

  4. Brad, I wonder if this outbreak of mumps (which I had as a kid…I think) serves to set up an 'us' vs 'them' among the non-vaccinated children.

  5. Really? 3 down? Now what was deserving of your thumbs down? FSS reporting the news of the outbreak or the government NOT reporting the outbreak? Thanks Brad. Working overtime my friend.

  6. How many times are people going to fall for these same old tactics by the government? Problem, reaction, solution. Same crap every time! Next thing you know, small pox is back, only it's mutated and resistant to medicines…please send more money for research for a vaccine! Good grief!

  7. Good grief, that MMR vaccine is wrong on so many levels.

  8. Thank you sir… btw the bucket growing is actually having great success… when im ready to harvest I will put up a vid…

  9. Thank You Brad, I think the government is going to push hard for immunizations. There is something in that drug they want to test. And the Clinton's donated Arkansas for the test subjects.

  10. I went to CDC website and printed the ingredients to all of their vaccines. I would recommend doing this to anyone who cares while you still can.

  11. Good to know, we are less than 50 miles north pf Arkansas. Thanks Brad

  12. MrKVH47

    It seems the spread of Mumps, and Measles is always within the vaccinated population. I guess this is their never herd of immunity. Who would knowingly inject their child with such pleasantries?

  13. Thank-you Brad , shared
    Peace Y

  14. Luckily the mortality rate is very low. You really only need to worry if you have children.

  15. wow…good looking out brad thankyou.

  16. Dodgy stuff Brad..stay safe bro

  17. Are you based out or Arkansas? Is that why you are reporting this?

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