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Published on June 29, 2016

In this video we demonstrate what we think is the best home made fire starter. This tinder is made with two itemes you probably have in your house rite now. Cotton balls and Vaseline. All you do is smear the Vaseline around the cotton ball and you are ready to go. A small spark will is all you need to ignite this tinder. This fire starter is cheap and easy to make. It is also easy to store, you can make several and carry them in a zip lock bag or film canister.

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  1. it is so much easier to hold the knife still and pull the ferro-rod toward you so that it doesn't disturb your tinder pile.

  2. I personally like to dip my cotton into melted wax.  The burn time is closer to 16 minutes each.  I have not used this method yet, But I may have to give it a try!   I just found your channel, Very cool stuff!  Subbed as well!

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