Nesting Cook-Set Made With DIY Pot Rings

Home Preppers DIY Nesting Cook-Set Made With DIY Pot Rings
Published on July 2, 2016

How to utilize a free homemade ring to make various sized cook pots out of aluminum cans. From the good old Foster’s pot, to a standard size 12 ounce soda can… I share an idea for making your own customized nesting set of cook pots for ultralight to lightweight backpacking. This is an addendum video to a recent video I did on how to make and install a free DIY version of the aluminum ring that is being sold for the Foster’s beer can. If you are interested in making your own rings and cook set, I’ve included a link below…

“Easy DIY Upgrade To The Foster’s Cook Pot”


  1. We are just getting into trying to make some homemade pots and cups, and this info is great! Have you tried doing any of this with a coconut water can, the ones with the built in ridges? They are only 17.5 oz usually, so may not be big enough for a cook pot for people who need to boil 2 cups at a time, , but certainly could be cut down into a drinking cup. C2O is one brand I have seen with ridges.

  2. Which sort of cans did you use to make the rings for your smaller pots? I remember it was a tuna/jalapeño can for the Foster's can.

  3. i SO want to make these but they don't sell those big cans here in the Philippines. so sad.

  4. A rip it. Wow, I haven't seen those anywhere outside of the area I live.

  5. OMG!!!  Just tore 2 monster cans trying to do this and watching your video for the umpteenth time because you make it look so easy.  I've never had rings….and I WANT RINGS!  lol.  I did get my ridges done.  That was way easier than I thought it would be, or I would have done that years ago.  I should do the pot rings before adding the ridges though….that's if I ever get a ring in the darn pot.  I'll have to get my son and his friends to drink some more monsters, as I don't care for them, and I certainly can't handle drinking any more Fosters.

  6. Do you know of some aluminum alternatives to the tin on different sized pots?  I don't want to be looking to darn crazy at the store 🙂  I've gotten my husband and son onto your videos, and they love your vids as much as I do.  Good job on everything!

  7. Hey brother is there a way you could install a nice aluminum made handle to one of these cups ?

    I would love to have a coffee mug with a handle 🙂 thanks and keep making these awesome videos !

  8. The problem with the coconut water can is that it is tin/metal which can rust, the lid on some of them is aluminum. The beer/soda can is aluminum and safe to use.

  9. good idea using a beer huggie for a cozy on the cup!

  10. this is Great but i havent seen a video on how you make the metal lids do you have one?

  11. John, Something on an idea for this. Would a fosters can with a ring on top and bottom work as a wind guard around the axe can stove?

  12. Any way to make a handle on these pots to left them off an alcohol stove? Preferably something collapsable and cool to the touch, any ideas would be awesome!

  13. cant the tin is those cans poison you? if you boil water in them?

  14. Hey John,

    You are an amazing resource and I've learned a bunch from watching. While you have tremendous expertise, your humility and respect for the fact that everyone is at different places in their journey. I did not grow up spending time in the woods, but am now loving hiking and backpacking as an adult. My job really limits my time, so your videos help me better prepare so that I can maximize my time in the outdoors by going light without breaking the bank. Eric from Corvallis, OR

  15. ive found cat food cans that are alumium that have the ring if you want to go even lighter! i am looking for any diy projects for survival gear out of stuff like cans.I also have an idea for an all in one back pack and am trying to market it.

  16. Hey, another Nevadan backpacking. I'm not alone…

  17. Tin cans have a plastic or painted interior. If you put that over a fire it will melt into your water/food. Plus it is heavier than the Foster pot.

  18. Why don't you just used regular tin cans. That's what I use when I go camping.

  19. John

    really wish you could put together a detailed video of the cans you used to make your rings and your pots. i have tried several can and pots and can only get the small pop can to work.

  20. its like one of those nesting dollls drives me nuts never know when it will end…good vid

  21. a vidoe of the cans and ring cans would be great!!!

  22. otmike

    Hey, I really love your videos. I'm new to this, so don't take my question as any kind of criticism. I'm wondering if, after you add the tupperware to keep the kit from being crushed in your pack, it wouldn't be easier just to use a tin can that has the ring already built in?

  23. Wow! I am really surprised that you haven't had cocounut water! Well, it's really good, and it's sold at most market, though it tends to appear more often in greener/more organic markets. The cans really are covered in ridges as the blahdeblah161 said. I think they would make both an interesting pot as well as a cool stove design since there are many steps, so you could try different levels of jets! Awesome videos!

  24. Hey does anyone know what size tin can works for a arizona soda can? I can't find one that works?

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