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Published on June 30, 2016

Best Glide Pocket Survival Kit / Altoides Style Tin – REVIEW from – Is it the Best Ready Made Grab and Go Pocket Survival Kit / Tin for the masses? Let’s see…

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HERE Are LINKS to ALL the Gear Mentioned in this Video:
Best Glide – Pocket Survival Kit:

GearPods Backcountry Survival Kit:

GearPods Wilderness Survival Kit:

Survival Metrics Escape and Evade Survival Kit:

Survival Metrics Recon Military Survival Kit:

Best Glide / Henry Adventurer Survival Kit:

Wazoo Adventure Survival Bracelet:


BASIC SURVIVAL KIT Component Suggestions:


– Personal ID
– Debit / Credit Cards
– Cash – $25 – $50
– Safety Pin
– Survival Tool – Credit Card Sized:

– Cell Phone
– Energy Bar/s –
– 3 Pieces of Hard Candy (For Instant Energy Boost)
– Sun Glasses (Sun Glasses Hide Fear & Deter Criminals)
– A Good Steel Pen –
– Pocket First Aid Kit –
– Belt Clip Survival Tool (Knife, Fire Steel, LED Light Whistle) –
– 8 ounce Water Bottle

– Water Purification Tablets –
– Compass –
– Emergency Radio –
– Sewing Kit –
– Pepper Spray –
– 550 Paracord –
– Survival / Combat Knife –
– Survival Blanket / Bag –
– Best Multi Tool –
– Leather Gloves –
– Large 3 mil Contractor Trash Bag (Makes a great: Shelter, Poncho, Ground Tarp, Dry Bag, Floatation Device, Water Carrier, Solar Still) –
– Duct Tape –
– Wire –
– Best Survival Book –

– NICE Small Waterproof Pelican Case –
– 3 Waterproof Pouches (to keep things dry) –
– Nice Survival Kit Pouch (for a smaller kit) –
– Tactical Bag (for a larger kit) –


SOL Origin Survival Tool Kit :
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Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit – 31-000700:
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  1. I bought excellent handbook from Inplix website. Just google inplix and start your journey to better life

  2. I would replace the thread with dental floss and blade with knife compressed tinder I would add Vaseline. apart from that would keep same I would waterproof survival tips and cover the seems with a ranger band as an addition

  3. It really needs a good , not big knife

  4. Guys, i'm too lazy to make a proper survival kit, where can I buy a decent one at a decent size that i could survive for a long time with for under £200?($285)?

  5. just gave the one thousandth thumbs up. haha

  6. you should replace the fire cord with survivor cord for more use

  7. i would've also put in a credit card axe with some extra zip ties to secure the blade onto the stick which you would be using to make an axe.

  8. i purchased this kit and promptly replaced a few of the items
    the cable saw is junk and isn't useful for anything bigger than you could break between a V tree (gimmicky). added a non-lubricated condom for water storage and added some iodine tablets. the firesteel is okay but i replaced with a mini lighter and using Living Survivals (hype) hemp wick idea, replaced the candles. replaced cordage with some spectra line about the same outer diameter and 400lb test. replaced some of the extra first aid stuff with a vacuum sealed space blanket. i also included my CRKT neck knife. I have a strong opinion about the need for regular band aids in a real survival injury situation. i prefer steri strips or super glue. but this kit is a very nice start to a build your own style survival tin. learn to make fire from friction and with a good fixed blade knife you can survive in most scenarios. i carry a tarp and a wool blanket in all my cars as well.

  9. I think I will do your upgrades plus add some tin foil and a button light.

  10. These kits seem nice but I ALWAYS would suggest if you have the time build your own, its always gonna be better quality and sometimes cheaper. Also you should train to your gear THEN make it part of your kit. I don't like these pre-packaged ones because your kit should be constantly evolving and building your own gives it a sense of purpose. Just my thoughts, totally subjective. I do think a Gerber Dime would go well, and a nano light instead of the candles.

  11. Even if you add sheet of paper in ziplock, is there any significance of carying pencil and paper in terms of survival?

  12. well I guess you can add a wound cleaning fluid and a little roll bandage so you also Basic Medical

  13. good idea for the hack saw section i would replace the wax candles by glowing sticks i'm sure there is enough space in your pockets to carry a swiss army type knife too like the model that has a phillips screwdriver instead of the cork screw it is small enough to be held against one side of the box with a few rubber bands those a real foldable toolboxes :)

  14. I would ditch the pencil, razor, button compass and add a better knife and better compass. I would keep the little spool and add several feet of 100 lb test tarred string, as much as I could. If there was still room, I'd also put in a little butane lighter. A fire steel is good, but fussy. With a lighter I can set anything on fire.

  15. Cylume microlightsticks and a Streamlight Nano on a paracord strand

  16. I would add a few one use packets of first aid cream, a few buttons, and a few alchol prep pads for first aid and fire starting. I also would include my folding credit card knife if there was enough room.

  17. I would replace the knife with a gerber mini

  18. You're not doing reviews .. you only promote kits so you'll get more freebies.

  19. Just wondering if your planning on breaking down the Para Cord why not just break open a dental floss container and remove the spoll of floss. 100 yards of strong cordage and comes wrapped up giving you more space?

  20. Why did they put a razor folding knife they could of just put a pocket knife in it

  21. I love Best Glide (ASE), it's awesome to live close by to them. I've been to and bought a lot of their products from their store since and have had many discussions about survival with Mr. Patrick in there. In store you can by everything separatly and build your own kit. I've bought 3 of these tins for my kids and let them fill them and customize their own survival can. BTW, their survival fishing kit tins are worth the money, also.

  22. EMC123

    if I were you I'd ditch the razor and striker and replace them with the opinel no.6 and would wrap the cord around the outside of the tin

  23. Good video but the product doesn't impress me at all.

  24. Dan B

    I'd add a coffee filter.

  25. That whistle sneak attack. :old-man-fist-shake:

  26. I would add a condom, well, you never know.

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