NEW! BEST Survival / Hunting / Bug Out Bow EVER? Go Primal – Folding Long Bow – Archery / Bug Out

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Home Weapons NEW! BEST Survival / Hunting / Bug Out Bow EVER? Go Primal – Folding Long Bow – Archery / Bug Out
Published on July 2, 2016

Check Out this Cool – Folding Survival / Hunting / Bug Out Bag Bow. Is the Go Primal Survival Bow THE BEST Folding Longbow on the Planet? Join David as he takes this capable hunting and survival archery weapon out on the range and continues our survival weapons series on

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HERE Are LINKS to ALL the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

– Go Primal Compact Folding Survival Bow (CFSB):

– Spectre Take Down Bow:

– Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow:

Diamond – Infinite Edge Black Ops – Compound Bow:

– PSE Snake Recurve Bow (For Beginners):

Archery Glove:

Practice Arrows:


22″ Block Archery Target:

Rinehart Woodland 3D Buck Deer Target:

LINKS to the OTHER STUFF Shown in the Video:

David’s Neck Knife:

David’s BEST Outdoor / Survival Pants:

David’s Favorite Paracord Belt:


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  1. Thank You David, I enjoyed this video and I may just invest in the compact survival bow. At 68 , I feel it's out there just waiting to happen. Keep your head down and your powder dry my friend and take care. I'm & ex-military limey, see you on the other side.

  2. imagine a folding compound bow

  3. David you should do a review of a triangle bow ,i think it is a great compromise between a crossbow and a bow and just would be a great survival weapon. I really enjoy your vids ,keep up the work.

  4. hi mr. david im from phillipines i would like to ask how can i buy or where i can buy that foldable bow because here in phillipines i cant find that stuff .

  5. which one would you choose a normal recurve bow or the go primal folding long bow?

  6. Love the way you use Metric units David. Thanks from the rest of the world !

  7. you are so cool i am 10 your the best survalist

  8. Have you ever tried the SAS survival bow? Same concept, no Riser, I believe it is better built.

  9. Sohni

    Yup. People get into tough situations having bows, knives, axes and other stuff in their bacpack. Come on!

  10. well with the prices of compound bow I rather buy one of those and a samick sage then spend a butt load of money on a compound bow

  11. Great review . I have been looking at that bow .Even on a day hike it is important to have some sort of protection. Easy carry the price is right

  12. I am a big fan and I needed the push to get the bow and you gave me it

  13. can u buy to replace the circles were you rest the arrow. arrow resting place?

  14. why use 125 grain tips on a 50# draw when 100 grain tips work great in a 70# draw. it would pick the fps up some for a longer shot

  15. You should do a series like the sling-bow one you did.

  16. Always get wood guys just saying I mean I've only been a archer for 3 years but then my ancestors say other wise to metals

  17. WOW. Great information, thanks

  18. I want this bow! Great video guys. I have a question. I'm fairly new to archery, I noticed you were using a #50 bow, is that good for hunting?

  19. Cool concept. But why use it over a slingbow in the same category of fitting it into a pack?

  20. Once again a very nice Video! I bought this awesome bow in my honeymoon USA trip.
    I think I`m the only one in Germany who had this one. Thanks for all the nice videos.

  21. Hmm…neat. What do you think of a takedown bow and a stringer as an alternative?

  22. I got it . it is not made for giants like me… I draw it so far back the string jumps of the limbs…

  23. Mint vid, do you reckon you could do a how to or review on your quiver ?

  24. Dang I want a cool bow!!! New sub :)

  25. Do a review on the sas tactical survival bow 

  26. Can someone please tell me what is string of this bow made of? Or what is the best material for me to use as a string on a wooden bow? Thank you..

  27. Can u do a review on the cabelas catch all camo gear bag

  28. It's a nice bow. I have one and a Samick Sage. Wish I could use vanes, but Oh Well.

    I always hear bow hunters say something like this couldn't take game. Makes me wonder how the Native Americans ever got by without compounds.

  29. I ve never seen him overnight ALL he does is Sell you something
    Sorry I'm done

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