NEW! Ka-bar Becker BK7 and BK11 Neck Knife – Interview with Designer Ethan Becker

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Home Gear NEW! Ka-bar Becker BK7 and BK11 Neck Knife – Interview with Designer Ethan Becker
Published on July 2, 2016

Discover BK7 & BK11 Insider Secrets straight from Ethan Becker as David and Ethan (Designer of the Ka-Bar Becker Line of Knives and Tools) Discuss the Ka-Bar Becker BK7 & BK11…

Check out the Becker BK7 and the Cool Becker Necker in Part 1 of this Interview from Blade Show.

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Here’s a LINK to PART 2 of my Interview with Ethan Becker:

Here’s a LINK to PART 3 of my Interview with Ethan Becker (BK3 Tac Tool):


As Promised… Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Survival Knife:

Ka-Bar Becker – Becker Necker – BK11 Neck Knife:

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 – Tac Tool:

Ka-Bar Becker BK10 Pilot Survival Knife:


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  1. Thats next on my list. I just got the bk10

  2. I should be getting a BK11 in the mail tomorrow and can't wait. I am a knife guy and this knife has the bushcraft design yet is tactical as well. I am exited. 

  3. Shardz

    Love kabar. Personally love the bk7, but what he said about paying 5x more for a annular knife elsewhere isn't exactly true. There's an mtech knive I have that's the same size, has survived everything I threw at it, and on somebody else's video he even shot it with a 9mm I think it was and it still survived. Mtech knives and kabar are best. 

  4. Never wear a „Neck-knife“ around your Neck. 

  5. Very cool to hear about Becker's from the man, himself…

  6. Very cool to hear about Becker's from the man, himself…

  7. got the tdi clip with my bk11 and carry it on the small of my back and it's perfectly comfortable and way accessible 

  8. Appreciate the interview man…was just hoping for a bit of bk7 action since thats the title and the pic is of a bk7. It is not even mentioned once. Maybe a typo for bk17? Cheers. 

  9. Good interview. Ethan Becker is great and so are his knives.

  10. Got all the bk neck and bk2 bk 3 bk 10 bk 7 uncle Ethan is the man but I seen new bk7 in tittle got excited lol 

  11. hey david i think he said bk17 not bk7

  12. neck knife would be better if the handle of the knife was pointing down and the sheath connected to the lanyard around your neck. you you wont bend over or take of the lanyard with knife every time tou want to use it

  13. BK7 wasn't mentioned at all.. You should alter your title and description.

    I love Ethan Becker, it's just too bad Ka-bar's sheaths dull their knives.  =(

  14. I have been debating if I should get this blade for a long time

  15. You have become one of my go-to guys for knife reviews; and you actually talked me into buying a piece of gear I never would have considered…the Bear Grylls Hatchet. Keep the vids coming

  16. I have the bk11 and it's my main bushcraft knife

  17. Hey I just subscribed. I like your honest reviews. You give gear a fair review price considered. When you did your review of the Bear Grylls stuff you didn't" just write it off cause of the names on it ( Gerber and Bear Grylls) like some did. For the price not a bad knife. Thanks.

  18. the bottle opener definitely seals the deal for me. what a sweet blade

  19. you are always making videos about knife reviews and other stuff, im not saying its wrong, but if you really want to teach us how to survive you should dump yourself in the middle of the jungle with a camera and a coupe of knives and get out alive if you want to make this a real survival channel. Just a recommendation;)

  20. That just a heads up for another quality knife. Thanks for your videos and bye! :Marcus

  21. I just got the Kabar Becker bk17 and I'm so far really happy with it for a camping, hunting, utility and bush craft knife. It as usual came razor sharp, it is almost like a down sized bk2. Also I am really pleased with its sheath unlike the bk2's sheath, I have loaded it up with hear and I'm looking forward to do some more field tests on but I am really happy with also for $100 Aussie dollars. So I guess I'm saying I think this is a great improvement in their line of knives but other than…

  22. Please do our ears a favor, take a small piece of pantyhose as in the toe section and stretch it over the frame that goes around the mics, it is a great pop filter and will do wonders for eliminating that breath pop you have in this audio. Also it would be nice if you turned up the volume of your audio as it seems to be a lot lower than it should be. I always have to turn the volume up on your vids.

    Now I have to check out the BK17, just what I need another blade in my collection, LOL.

  23. Where is the talk on the BK7? Do you mean BK17?

  24. sardz

    everything is just awesome about ultimate survival tips i like Davit a lot and he is realy good at survival, but i have one question David are you a prepper

    p.s. great interview

  25. sardz

    awesome review david awesome

  26. I don't have a lot of money so I make sure anything I get is the best I can get for my money. I looked at knives for a long time and seen the Becker-2. After a year of looking at other knives I seen that the BK-2 was the best I was going to get that I could afford. I love it, it's the best knife I have ever owned.

  27. Hey David can you make a review of the bear grylls parang thanks

  28. Hey David! Great video. I'm glad to be able to get back into watching your videos more now that I'm not as busy.

  29. I have the BK-2, 4, 5, ( two 14's (one in each color), and the BK-15. I always wondered why the BK-7, and the 9, were thin instead of a 1/4" like the BK-2. but I waited long enough and got the BK-7, and 9, and the BK-10, now I can pair off my Becker's, with a nice Simitar style Ka-Bar that is a 1/4" thick (in CroVan), now I have many options to pair my set's with, and believe me they are great knives and combo's, Thanx Mr. Becker.

  30. I'm trying to say you make it all look so easy! Keep up the good work

  31. I have a lot of respect David. I tried making my first review on the kershaw scallion today. It's hard!

  32. Love Kbar! I've owned several of mine for years and they are still going strong. But you shld do more contests/giveaways.

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