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Published on July 2, 2016

DUAL SURVIVAL and Dude, You’re Screwed Host – Matt Graham Unveils His Primitive Bush Knife VERSION 2. Check Out the REAL Story Behind Matt Graham’s 6 MONTH JOURNEY into the Wilderness in Part 2 of this Exclusive SHOT Show Interview:


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Matt Graham’s – Primitive Bush Knife V@ – Check Link Often:

Matt Graham’s Book:


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Part 1 of 2: Matt Graham Interview – Primitive Bush Knife:

Part 2 of 2: Matt Graham Interview – 6 Months in the Bush:


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  1. Yes, Matt is mellow and likable,just like yourself David,love your video's,I am a true fan of gear reviewer's that make sense and have an affordability to them ,like condor product's! mostly because, "quality and affordability"! something I can actually buy!!!…

  2. SREagle

    Amazing Knife and at $55 how can you go wrong
    Matt is a wonderful person, Grounded in Reality, & what a great job working with a major knife manufacture to produce an affordable knife designed for bushcrafting.

  3. I clicked on the link you have provided and it only shows the stainless steel knife!

    Where can i find the high carbon knife?


  4. i hate People like this oooh yeah is so cool yeah ooh deffinetly cool i love it i mean wtf? look at this knife what the hell is this? i dont Need even have it in my Hands to know that the knife is horrible

  5. DL Wood

    Cool interview – thanks! I have the SS version of this knife and plan on getting this version as soon as it's available. I normally don't care for knifes that are endorsed by people, but Matt actually was behind the design and it's a great knife based on my experience with it.

  6. Love the sheath, reminds my of a gladiators blade

  7. I remember when Matt on dual survival didnt have how to transfer water into cup so he drank it and spit it into the cup and gave it to his partner lol!

  8. Would you suggest that over something like a Becker BK-7?

  9. the sheath carry style is very famous in the northern Philippines.

  10. Hey Dave I'm in a bit of a rut when it comes to picking the right survival knife. I'm debating between the esee 4, schf42, or tops Bob knife. could you help me out?

  11. OK so dumb question, why the hole in the blade, I am thinking for moving wire from a camp fire or pots with wire attached? Its small and should not adversely effect strength.

  12. Kaiser

    The new guys on dual survival are the best ones they put together.

  13. WHAT is the purpose of the hole in the blade?

  14. I've been waiting for years to get ultimate survival tip hear such as a shirt. On ur website is there no store or am I just an idiot

  15. This may be a stupid question but what is the point of the hole in the knife?

  16. stainless fanboys, don't bother commenting. i don't care one bit what you may think about my steel choice and what i have to say about this alloy.

    well, i WAS interested. that is until i found out that it's made from 420 hc. i'm tough on my knives and expect them to be tougher and take, as well as hold, close to a razor edge for longer than this crap will afford. i'll take 5160 or 1095 any day over this garbage. i'll say this much though, at least it has a nice design. although the price is a joke considering what it's made from.

  17. Hands down the most interesting interviewee I've seen in these convention vids.

  18. This guy named Matt is really cool, He's got a great personality!

  19. I stopped watching the show after they got rid of Dave and Cody😭

  20. There is something about this knife that grabs me. I'm gonna get it some day… short listed. Matt is awesome too. Thanks David!

  21. Any good knife for a teenager for outdoors

  22. Not a knife style I'm typically drawn to, but there's something about the overall shape of this one that just works…& Matt is the real freaking deal, best survival expert in the biz.  Ya know, I too ran down a goat once.  I mean, it was our family pet and it had gotten out of its pen, but still, I think Matt & I are about equally as cool….right??

  23. Hi David I'm looking for a good reasonable priced axe/hatchet preferably 19" handle and recommendations?

  24. Very awesome you got to meet Matt! He seems like a great guy. The knives he presented looked really nice. I like the sheath design I haven't thought about that. I usually just make a leg strap for it to not flap around. If I ever get the money I think I'm going to get one of these knives. Thanks for sharing this interview!

  25. Goes perfectly with the bushlore

  26. love matt graham he seems like a real cool headed guy with a great attitude

  27. The particular knife he calls a BEAST, with Linen Micarta handle, is it out on market yet?

  28. I've looked at this knife online and have debated picking it up. Your interview sold me on it. I enjoy your channel.
    🙂 👍

  29. That guy is the real deal

  30. PRESTO

    Didn't he talk to you for like an hour?

  31. I want this knife but to be honest I'm a hefty fella and afraid the sheath will poke me.

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