NEW! Survival Bug Out Bag – BASIC – 22 lb / 10 kg +Experimental 3 Season Mini Sleep System – Best

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Home Preppers Bug Out NEW! Survival Bug Out Bag – BASIC – 22 lb / 10 kg +Experimental 3 Season Mini Sleep System – Best
Published on June 30, 2016

Here’s a NEW Bug Out Bag / Survival Essentials Kit – that David @ Tested at Winter Survival Training – INCLUDES a Mini – Experimental Bivy Sleep System – Half the Size and Weight of a Good Sleeping Bag alone… And LOTs of Other Essential / Core Gear and Cool Stuff! 19.8 pound dry weight – 22 lb wet weight – Check it out…


Here Are LINKS to ALL the Websites and GEAR Shown in this Video:

Nature Reliance School:


Dan’s Depot (Where Most of Craig’s Videos and Training Reside:

David Visits Nature Reliance Survival School:

Survival Water Kit Video:

Work Sharp Field Sharpener:


David’s Core Gear…

BACKPACK – Components:

Explorer Tactical Assault Pack:

Petzl Headlamp:

Bear Grylls Headlamp:

Condor Pouch – MOLLE:

Stainless Steel Canteen:

Sawyer Mini Water Filter:

Life Straw Water Filter:

LifeLine 26 Piece Survival Kit:

FireCord Paracord:

MagLight Solitaire LED 1-AAA:

Diamond Sharpening Rod:

Map Compass:

Folding Trowel:

Survival Blanket:

Duct Tape – Mini Rolls:

Camping Wipes – BioDegradable:

Knife Fork Spoon – Camping:

Kind Bars – High Energy Food:

WorkSharp Guided Field Sharpener:

Snare / Fishing Kit:

EDC / Hunting SlingShot:

Hunting Ammo .38 Caliber:

Titan Paracord:

Bank Line:

Military Poncho:

Merino Wool Socks:

Helly Hansen Rain Jacket:


Noah’s Tarp / Shelter:

SOL 2 Person Bivy:

Sea to Summit Reactor Mummy Liner +25 Degrees:

Snug Pack Jungle Blanket:

Exped DownMat 9 – RValue = 8:

Chinook Self Inflating Pillow:


MORE Cool UST Videos:

Bow Drill Fires Made Easy:

Folts Minimalist Neck Knife Review:

Sling Bow Wars #1:

Beretta Nano – Pistol:

Survival Food – Hunting – Cook Kit:

ApocaBox Survival Kit:

Field Sharpening Made Easy:

Ultimate Paracord Belt:

NEW! Survival Saw Showdown:

NEW! Survival Bug Out Water Kit:

NEW! UST Trailer – You’ll Like This!!! Trust Me…

Best Military / Tactical Survival Kit?

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack – Commando 60 Review:

SHOT Show Videos…

Gerber GhostStrike Knife:

B-Lit Flashlight Freedom (Mounting System):

Field Sharpening Tools:

Bear Grylls Rechargable Torch (Flashlight):

CRKT Paracord Bracelet Tool:

Zippo Emergency Firestarter:

Hedge Hog Leatherworks Survival Sheath:

OKC Blackbird SK5 Survival Knife:

Bear Grylls Survival Card Tool:


Our FTC Disclosure:

FTC Disclosure


Thanks for hangin’ out!


  1. are bivvy bags not popular in the US they weigh nothing take up no room at all no need for ground sheets if it's really wet you can set up a tarp or poncho above but I never bother

  2. You're a complete idiot if you waste so much space for your pillow when you could add some extra clothing instead.

  3. Once again, great video David! I am getting the bag and the condor pouches.

  4. Great video 🙂 You should click on my name and check out some of my videos and subscribe to me as well as I have just subscribed to you! Peace..

  5. If you are interested in survival the best results that i've ever had was by following the Survivor Crusher System
    (just google it) definately the most useful survival that I have ever tried.

  6. U have a six ft by six ft piece of tin foil

  7. AJ Usog

    cut down on 6 lbs of gear by going with powertac flashlight with rechargeable 26650 lithium battery that can charge ALL of your stuff in 20 mins and go a month charging your phone daily. And its waterproof with 960 lumens.

  8. Sir I'm on a limited budget and would like to know which would be best the S OL two-person bivey or snugg pack jungle blanket or the sea to summit mummy liner I already use wool blankets could you list them in the order that you think best to buy I can not do all at one time. I really like your videos and the info that you are providing for us thank you for time.

  9. No knife, no extra clothes other than socks?

  10. Im sure you know this but the tin foil and batteries(from your flashlights) can be used together as a pretty reliable fire starting source…

  11. Get a micro blanket and military has it

  12. You're freezing cold and shaking lol. I'd say you're missing some core temperature regulation items.

  13. Whats a good sleeping system for a bug out bag? I will be using the 5.11 rush 72!

  14. A super cool bug out bag and a cool sleep system I just LOVE IT IT IS THE BEST SLEEP SYSTEM……
    please do a video with me in thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Cj Bell

    I just wanted to add that I just recently switched to your exact sleeping system and camped out for two nights in 30-20 degree Fahrenheit weather… and I was toasty warm! I was pretty surprised how warm I was able to get in just those three layers. Thanks to you my sleeping system is half as big and heavy. Thanks! :)

  16. Ole B.B

    well, the problem with these SUPER FANCY MILITARY BAGS is the center of gravity on them.
    the bag is really small, but yet it sticks out more then my 65L backpack. as the weight is placed
    much further out from the body, it instantly becomes heavier.

  17. David – now that you've had this bag for a while, what are your thoughts about it? I've read some bad reviews and don't want to make the purchase just to need to find another one later – thanks,


  18. as nice as all that stuff is im really just gonna bring a few changes of clothes small flash light knives crossbow brush to skrub clothes cantine sleeping bag fish hooks and string maps axe pot pan lighter(s) and binoculars. i feel its defeating the purpose if you get to much expensive hitech gear….

  19. Cj Bell

    hey! great video. what is the temp range for the 3 piece sleep system? I'm looking for something compact to serve as a northern winter camping system. thanks!

  20. I see below that you were wearing them but while watching the video I thought it was funny that you had two ways to sharpen blades but hadn't included a knife.  Great video!

  21. Honestly mate your senses are your best weapons. I spent the money on laser and ditched my glasses and contacts.
    You wake up at night you can't put your lenses in in the dark and glasses reflect light.
    By getting your eyesight back your truly prepared. Without your senses it's a big risk.

  22. Dave, I watched your video on this, great info, but was wondering with your homemade sleep system, how you fared? You had the 2 person bivy, jungle blanket, mummy liner, Kelty Noah tarp, Could you do a quick video on your sleep system from the items used? Thanks!

  23. Were do you get your gear and by the way great video

  24. Why do you never choose to wear multicam color on your gear ?

  25. I have a lot lss in my pack but weighs 10 pounds more

  26. No spare clothes? I was surprised how much just two sets of spare clothes add to the bag. Also I've busted two of those tiny shovels fairly easily but I can see not going to the more robust larger shovel under an enforced constraint. Nice video tho. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  27. nice work, boss, as usual. Thanks!

  28. I was actually disappointed in your bag. It looked like a bag filled with items that you advertise for.  It wasn't low budget or "common man". I'm sure the items are well rated but who's going to spend all that money.  The bag didn't seem to fit the experience level I expected from you.  It was more like, spend some money and get a bag with stuff. Almost Bear Grilzish!

  29. I think you should invest in a go pro for recording 

  30. Koppen back packs for surrvival are great too. They can hold up to 150, and only weigh in at a pound and a half. It has back support and is really comftorble. It also includes a waterproof pouch for food and other tools.

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