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Published on July 2, 2016

Are You (and Your Family) Properly Prepared to Survive: A Natural or Man-Made Disaster, Home Invasion, Terrorist Attack, Civil Disturbance, Power Grid Attack, Urban or Wilderness Crisis? If your answer to any of these is, “No” I want to encourage you to seriously consider attending the Ultimate Survival Essentials – Level 1 Training…


Ultimate Survival Essentials – Level 1 Training is the logical first step if you want to learn a wide range of skills in a short period of time and be better prepared to defend, preserve and protect yourself (and your family) during any urban or wilderness crisis.
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This revolutionary new course, packs over 40 hours of intensive hands-on and outdoor classroom instruction into 3 days, equipping you with a wide range of vital knowledge and skills essential to survive an urban or wilderness disaster.


Our method of instruction contains a unique mix of the topics (you won’t find in one place, anywhere else), that are designed to give you the core knowledge and skills you need to survive the widest range of potential Worst-Case-Scenarios (WCS).


You’ll Learn:
– Primitive, Modern and Hybrid (Mix of Primitive and Modern) Gear, Techniques and Skills
– Basic Bushcraft, Campcraft and Survivalcraft
– Bug Out and Emergency Preparedness Basics
– 9 Characteristics of Survivors
Core Survival Skills Including: Safety, Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First Aid
Personal Self Defense Basics
How to Get Rescued
– Survival Weapons
– And a LOT more…

Most Importantly You Will Discover:
6 Keys Increase Your Chances of Surviving ANY Crisis
7 “Real” Priorities of Survival
5 Keys to Instantly Rank Your Survival Needs and Stay Alive
9 Ways to Keep Your “Head in the Game” and Overcome a Crisis

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Get Premium, Hands-On (Primitive, Hybrid and Modern) Survival Training to Keep You and Your Family Alive in a Wilderness or Urban Crisis! September 24th – 27th, 2015 – Wellsboro, PA – USA

The Ultimate Survival Tips Level 1 – Essentials Survival Course is a practical, hands-on training designed for anyone who wants a fast track to learning vital survival basics… or for more experienced folks who want to expand their current knowledge and sharpen up the skills they already have.

David (founder of Ultimate Survival Tips) will be joined by Craig Caudill, founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School, and Clint Jivoin, Primitive Survival Skills Trainer and Writer for the American Survival Guide.

We’ve boiled down decades of experience to bring to you only the most practical and effective – survival methods, strategies and gear.

Space is Limited… and I Don’t Want You to Miss Out. So Reserve Your Spot Now!
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MORE on the Training:

Where Is It?

This training is hosted in the Beautiful Endless Mountains of Wellsboro Pennsylvania – from August 27th through August 30th 2015. NOTE: You will be provided with the location of the training following registration.
When Is It?

Training Starts August 27th 2015 at 1PM Eastern Time and ENDS on Sunday August 30th 2015 at 2PM.

Cost / Food and Lodging:

All meals are provided… And the cost is $495 for Tent campers. If you have any special needs that require other lodging – please contact us / we can likely accommodate you.

Note: There are restroom and shower facilities available to all at the training.

Who Should Attend?

This training is open to men, women, and responsible, supervised youth (with accompanying parent or guardian) ages 14 and up who want to learn a wide range of essential survival skills in short period of time.

What Should I Bring?

After you register, you’ll be provided with with directions to the training location and everything else you need to know to have a fun, safe and fulfilling experience – including what gear you should bring.
Don’t Wait…

We are limiting class size to ensure that everyone gets adequate hands-on experience and one-on-one time with our instructors. I don’t want you to miss out – so don’t wait – register today!

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I can’t wait to meet you there!



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Thanks for hangin’ out!

~ David


  1. David, are you going to offer the school in spring 2016? I would be very interested in attending. I think the cost is fair. Knowledge doesn't weigh anything, but sometimes you have to pay for it.

  2. priell3

    Will you be doing this again in the spring of 2016?  I live in Tioga county but couldn't attend this time.

  3. Is there anything like this near Washington that you would recommend?

  4. DaBomb

    I would do that but I'm to young XD

  5. David, I'd love to join you for this but my job as a truck driver it's difficult. I travel through that area on my routes but I'm unable to stop and enjoy the splendor of that area. I miss that part of my life. Thanks for all you do and hopefully I'll get to join you soon. Take care and God bless.

  6. Can you pls do the Wenger scouts swiss army knife

  7. can I find a class like that in or near SC

  8. Um that's a bit over priced wow. I won't be going . will never pay that much for 3 days 2 night and only get a free $30 knife .. Not worth it. Maybe if it was $200-$275 per person then yeah 

  9. You've lost all credibility due to the fact Ur working with fat ass Clint from naked and afraid.

  10. Ah damn, I'd really like to get there and learn that stuff, but I won't get holidays in this week. And flying to you from germany isn't that cheep, too.
    Maybe next time ;)

  11. that would be fun but Montana is a bit far away and I don't have the money :(

  12. i live in england too far away, but looks good for other people

  13. Is there any way you could record some of the class just for the entertainment purposes?

  14. I lost my job a month ago.Still haven't found a new one. Other ways I would have registered instead of commenting. If I get something soon and can take that time off as a pre-hire agreement I will try to register then.

  15. hey your near by lol… to expensive for me though and I already have a bachelors degree in that stuff plus several years of military training but if others who don't can afford it then you are the right guy to teach them…

  16. Awesome value!  Thats a great price for the level of instruction you get!

  17. Damn I wish I could afford the time to road trip out there for this class. I'll just have to sneak in an extra BWCA weekend trip and pretend. 

  18. man i live in bakersfield california 🙁 i would love to do this

  19. Also do you live in Pa or how did wellsboro Pa end up being the area????

  20. Wish I could come you r right near my cabin I go to wellsboro all the time. It cost so much though. Hope you have fun it is so beautiful up there probably the best in Pa.

  21. Are you going to have more classes threw out the year or are they only in the summer? Thanks

  22. sorry I can't go for that price. if the price was lower I would go

  23. Well my birthday is september 30…and im currently 13 years old.Do you make exceptions in these age requirements or will i have to wait for another time

  24. Want to sharpen your outdoor and survival skills? Check out the awesome opportunity provided by this course! 

  25. I live in Ohio and I will consider.

  26. Hi David, great work!!! i'm one of the founder of the Bushcraft Akademie in Europe and we have our second Bushcraft Festival this year in the black forest in south Germany at the same weekend, in May we had about 50 people there, is good to see that your courses work that well and that also so many people on both sides at the ocean are interest on the survival therm, wish you much success my friend and a nice week, Taro

  27. I live in switzerland so i dont come 😓😓😓 i want 

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