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Published on January 27, 2017

briargoatkilla and Waldhandwerk gave me the nickname “The Bushcraft Ninja” so now I have made a movie about it, and trying to live up to nickname.


  1. You are a real bushcraft ninja keep up the good work

  2. Ninja? Maybe. At 3:08 That proves you have some…

  3. Ty M

    The people who dislike this are just jealous because they can't do this

  4. You are amainzing! Marry me? Hahahaha 😂

  5. Lol you are so funny! I love your cabin!

  6. I 'm a Japanese.
    It is 6th sense of ninja's spirits are the most important.
    You're already excellent Ninja!

  7. Holy shit that jump bro


  9. Funny video man, but you seriously had me cringing and wanting to pull my hair out while scaling a half way downed tree with an axe and using it while trying to balance… that was dangerous and to be blunt, not a wise decision.  Please stay safe.

  10. You should do more like a part 2 or something. That was awesome

  11. CrZy freakin parkour crazy ninja

  12. 1fanger

    Ninja, heck, man, watch those family jewels!

  13. Du måste ha haft bra betyg i idrott.

  14. with all those tall trees you should make a lookout nest or a watch tower. Just connect a few nearby trees together, make a platform and some walls. then bring up a chair lean back and watch the sun set.

  15. or alot of time on his hands

    haha jk cool stuff awesome environment its good to see you dont take it for granted i plan to try some bushcraft and have somewhat been preparing i need to find a place and gather a few tools befor i can leave my home in the city ive had plenty of outdoor experiences but never real bushcraft like i first saw with Ray Mears which was awesome but you do alot of cool stuff aswell im glad to have come across all of this!

  16. Det har jag redan gjort, älskar dina videor. Funderar på att börja göra själv, har du några tips?

  17. Japp, det har jag. Prenumerera gärna om du gillar mina videor.

    God jul.

  18. Jag tänkte väl det… Du har ju everestkängor..

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