Off-Grid Water System before the install

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Home Water Off-Grid Water System before the install
Published on July 2, 2016

A short video showing some of what goes into an off grid water system. A Submersible Pump, Hand Pump and Booster pump are being installed. This 3 pump system will provide you water storage, gravity fed to your property with a parallel Booster pump up to 55 psi and a backup hand pump the backfeeds the plumbing.

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  1. Bobo

    Where did you get that tank?

  2. Hi, can you send me some info about how to set up a sustainable farm? My email is. Johanynoesidesigns

  3. How do you check the water to make sure it is clean and can be drank?

  4. Is that a deep well pump or surface pump?

  5. this sounds like ELENIN all over again???

  6. rustyul

    I thought the "mooo" was just awesome! Cows are a LOT of work!

  7. I like that background sounds.

  8. Another nice project for you. Thanks for sharing!

  9. aslamtu

    engineer775, what is the purpose of the gravity feed from the cistern to the house?

  10. i am calling you sooner than later, but its not all ready for ya yet

  11. What I do is pump till the tank is full then overflow back to the source. Rarely will a Ram start and stop that easy. If you put an overflow line in you can just let it run.

  12. How is the car? Too bad each job is different and you can't pre make plug and play units. Or mounting jigs because there is always a new part or model that won't line up on the next one.

  13. Question, not necessarily about this video, but Ram Pumps. For anyone that knows for sure. I want to put one below the pond dam on my neighbors property and send water up to the barn to a 500 gal storage tank. My question is, once I have the pump operational can I stop the flow with a ball valve at the storage tank. Will the pump and feed line stay primed? In other words, once I turn the flow off for a week , then open the valve at the tank, will the pump resume? Thanks in advance.

  14. ha, well when you are on a farm, you just deal with that. Not much you can do about it…unless it is meat harvest time.

  15. No you can not. Ac breakers are typically rated 120-480v. Residential solar systems are 12-48v.

  16. looks like its going to be a nice system! do you get those batteries somewhere local to you or do you order them online?

  17. Great video, as always!

  18. Rickugg

    Hello: I noticed you said 2 grounds, that's good. I have see wires that would carry the voltage but when you put a load on it the voltage drops to maybe half. The people say I hooked up the wires myself. I say so. Not only do you half to find and fix it, you must prove to them where the problem was. And then they want to argue with you. It's about 50 degrees in Va. at 9:20 but it will be warmer in N.C. Have a Safe Trip

  19. A little more complicated than a pail and a rope.

  20. That was a little distracting wasn't it? The calves were taking their sweet time coming up form the Lower pasture and the mamas were not too happy about it.

  21. Thank you. I am hoping to move to the states from UK as land here is so rare and expensive it is too difficult to set yourself up and live off the grid. It is far more feesable in the US and you are more geared up for it over there. If I do make it over in the next couple of years I will surely be contacting you to help me live a gridless lifestyle. Thanks. I enjoy your channel very much

  22. One ? for you if I may.
    Can you use a AC breaker instead of DC breakers in a solar system?
    I have heard that you can and heard that you can't.
    Since you do so much solar electric you would know best as to the answer to this ?

  23. yankey4

    Thank you brother for all you do for us. Your a true blessing to all of us. God Bless Brother.

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