Our Daily bread- food storage, peak oil, economic collapse, Wheat

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Home Food Storage Our Daily bread- food storage, peak oil, economic collapse, Wheat
Published on June 30, 2016

Short video showing hand harvesting and primitive processing of home grown wheat. Wheat is the “staff of life” and essential to your food storage. One of the “Basic 4” of Esther Dickey’s “Passport to Survival” 1960’s era food storage and preparedness book along with honey, dry milk and salt. We advocate a much more rounded food storage program, but these 4 components are still essential parts.

Eventually in a long term disaster your storage food will run out. Having experience with growing grains will be essential to any survivalist or homesteader.

Raising your own grains now ensures your family a CLEAN, SAFE source of whole grains.


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anything else that might bring in folks 😉


  1. Thanks for watching! We just started a Survival and Preparedness message board

    Survival and Preparedness DOTCOM

    Stop by to learn, discuss and hang out with others of like mind!

  2. @chrishatespeople Thanks Chris! I didn't do all the PAW videos, our friend "Bob in Idaho" has done most of them. We continue to work with him on various projects, they are good folks, definitely subscribe to his also!

  3. @whiteydr The discussion was centering around the most efficient way to do it without a lot of specialized tools. If folks want the "natural experience" then I have to assume they will be grinding grain between two rocks?

  4. Mofila

    Small Scale Grain Raising had a second edition come out a few months ago. Its a great and book. I would reccomend any book written by Gene Logsdon.

  5. Food for the mind, body and spirit 🙂

    What's not to like?

    THANKS and please post more videos if you have more great information to share with us 🙂

  6. if thats all we have and people come to take my wheat you dang sure bet ya I will protect it.

    Most sheep wouldnt know what to do with wheat anyway so theres not much to worry about.

  7. I love your videos!! I can't wait to see the rest of your rabbit raising series. I love that ya'll quote scriptures in your videos, as it is only through His grace and mercy that we even exist. Keep up the great work. God bless.

  8. How easy is Wheat to grow ? Is wheat like beans,or like corn, how efficient is it ?

  9. You shouldn't need DE, check out the video "Long Term food storage" here on youtube. It's one we did in Paw productions.

  10. beans,corn,maters n such mostly what ive grownn this year

  11. I usually prefer to use a combine…

  12. mattandpatti222, i almost feel sorry for you if you have to ask a question like that, silly wabbits. lol

    SurvivalReport, you've inspired me to grow a grain crop I have to admit I never thought to plant it even after setting my tomatoes, radishes and a few other things in my garden. Have you ever used food grade diatomaceous earth to protect grains and other foods from infestation? Also, have you ever making a sour dough starter for making breads?

    Great videos keep 'em coming 🙂

  13. Your right, someone who has been preparing for over 2 decades probably has not made any defensive preparations. LOL

    Get back on the short bus there bud!

  14. like you are going to protect this wheat when hungry people raid you! wake up!

  15. Where can I get some of those GMO seeds? I love when it crosspolinates.

  16. Do you mean Mylar? If so check Shop Simpler living with a dot and a com after it. Youtube evidently doesn't like links in comments as I've replied to this twice and it's deleted it.

  17. I'm taking notes man, thanks for all of the info. However, where do I find or buy mydral for rice storage?

  18. If you want the best yeild in the smallest amount of space plant 100 X 100 feet square patch. Wheat is pollenated by the wind like corn so too small of a patch will loose too much pollen out side of the growing area. You look like you did farely well for a small patch however (not knowing how large your patch was) We planted wheat for feed from our local feed store and it didn't grow. We now have the correct seed and will be trying again next growing season. Great video.

  19. The whole wheat kernal is also called a "berry" and you usually see the term used interchangeably. The whole unprocessed wheat seed = "berry" or "kernal" Thanks for watching!

  20. This was a small patch of wheat- wasn't acres and acres of it. I planted it VERY thick yet used MOST of it for animal feed- straw and grain together- so it's impossible to say exactly how much we got back. Seems like IIRC the rule of thumb is 1:10 but I don't think we got anything near that!!! I answer all questions, I'm here to help 🙂

  21. Please Answer….For the Amount of wheat you got how much did you have to plant? Like 2 pounds of seeds or what?

  22. Meant to write "How will you handle those that refuse to work?" Sorry for the typo!

  23. Might just work if the community is really that small. Just don't count on all the "sharing." It's very easy for people you don't know like family to SAY they will "share" this or that when THINGS ARE PLENTIFUL. When they are NOT, "sharing" gets a LOT more difficult. I've seen it happen. Every family that is not prepared and fully sold out to your idea WILL be a DETRIMENT to your plan. How will you those that refuse to work?

  24. My pet rabbits have been listening intently to this video and I saw their eyes brighten when he mentioned that he would leave the residual grain included with the straw and hay.

  25. Consider this "Plan B" as opposed to concealed
    We live in a very small community (<200 pop.)
    I plan to bring community into the plan
    share seed
    difficult walk from other areas
    hard copy powerpoint presentation for others
    in my community
    shared assets.
    person x knows how to butcher
    person y can garden
    z can make a wood gas generator
    local barter economy
    institute patrolling "regulars" for security
    older community has "old hardware" in back of barn.
    knowledge base diverse.

  26. We were trying to beat the rain that day, we threshed a little less than what was laid out on the blanket. Perhaps a little more than a shock total. You can see the outside part ends abruptly, it started raining on us and we wanted to keep the wheat dry!

  27. Zarbod

    That looks like a lot of work but I'd like to try it. Thanks.

  28. doesn't look like a lot of wheat grains in the buckets. is that all you got from that much wheat?

  29. Thank you both!

    Yes! A LOT of work for a little bit of grain. There's got to be a better way… 🙂 Of course for six thousand or so years, this is how it was processed.

  30. 6782485

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience


    That is an awful lot of work though for such a small amount of grain! Very labor intensive.

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