Outdoor First Aid Kit – Part 2

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Published on July 2, 2016

An outdoors specific first aid kit. I take a look at some of the options for different types of outdoor related first-aid kits and then do an in depth review of the lightweight level 1 kit that I carry when hiking, backpacking, or fishing in the backcountry or wilderness. This particular kit weighs in at about 10 ounces and covers a range of uses from minor wound treatment… to bites, burns, and allergic reactions… to more serious trauma, until proper medical attention can be administered.


  1. Supa glue works well for cuts requiring sutures. hold the wound closed post washout and apply

  2. I'm not sure why you'd think it affects the absorbency. it hasn't changed the material inside just compressed slightly until use. they also have a material on the adhesive side to continue to hold whatever liquid it ends up absorbing most are made to be as compressed as possible these days.
    sealing it will just keep it dry and clean

  3. one question I have is does the vacuum compression reduce the absorbancy of the feminine pads? I'd like to see you do a test on that.

  4. 99dave

    Simply love the way u speak and explain things, and also ur nice demeanor. Great vid and lot of things to learn, even for a paramedic like me. Learning never ends. Greetings from India.

  5. I love your video 1 and 2, but one thing i would carry is a mouth to mouth barrier incase of one resucer CPR, (That is if your trained), but what do you use to vacume seal all of those things,,,,,,, please respond

  6. Great vid! Thanks for sharing. My only advice, if you haven't done it already, is to make your different kits modular. It looks as if your kits build up to greater and greater preparedness. And if you often find yourself in different situations, then I would suggest making your kits modular so that the longer you will be away the more kits you combine together as as a single kit. Only going for a walk, take the little one out. Week long car trip, take the whole bag. But its great as is too!

  7. Thanks my friend. Glad you found it useful.
    All the best!

  8. Thanks for the terrific advice on first aid kits. Most videos either have guys using just a pocket knife and strips of their shirt, or a corpsman kit out of Iraq. This looks like a more reasonable alternative. Keep up the great videos.

  9. @slodeth5 Thanks John. Nope, I'm definitely not an EMT… what little formal training I have is due to being in the social work field, and thus needing some knowledge & training due to working with people. I also have four kids lol, so I've kinda had to pick some stuff up along the way. I'm glad that you haven't had any incidents in the outdoors… keep it that way my friend 🙂

  10. I haven't had the experience of bad wounds out in the open & I usually just carry duct tape and neosporin. I used to carry a more comprehensive 1st aid kit, years ago, but got away from it. Watching these two videos makes me want to be a lot better prepared so I'm guess I'm going to refer to them in putting a nice compact/light kit together. Thanks for all the useful information. Are you, by chance, an EMT?

  11. @Woodenarrows The one I use is a Foodsaver Ultra, it's just a standard counter-top type. I just seal the pouches on three side (kinda meticulous work), fill the pouches, then seal the last edge. I think it just takes practice with whatever model you're using to find the right positioning for the seal. I practiced on sealing little baggies of meds for my first aid kits before trying the ointments. That's about all I know my friend… hope that helped somewhat.

  12. @intenseangler Been shopping for vac sealers. What type do you have that lets you make those little packs sealed all around? Also saw a little battery "Foodsaver" sealer that uses zip lock bags. Any thoughts?

  13. Very good series, and I learned a few things. Great tip on vacuum seal – I do it for meals, why not first aid. Excellent my friend!

  14. @Woodenarrows Thanks my friend! Yeah, I've seen alot of outdoor kits where people include things like suture materials, and it just seems to be way beyond the abilities and scope of practice of the vast majority of people ( it would be easy to make a bad situation a whole lot worse). We all have our own way of doing things though, and that's great (first aid is pretty much about peace of mind & insurance anyway right). Myself, I carry a few butterflies in with my band-aids. Take care!

  15. @DAYWALKERTWO Thanks Todd! It's kinda funny… I vacuum seal things and re-wrap my duct tape, yet I always just toss those rolls of medical tape in! Thanks for the tips Brother!

  16. @Cragdwella No way man! I really like your approach to this subject… very practical. You cover some excellent points: keep it simple, tailor it to your own needs, and put it together yourself. That's one of the things I love about YouTube… we all share our unique perspectives, knowledge, and experience, and by doing so we pick up some really great ideas that enhance our own experiences. It's awesome! Thanks Craig!

  17. Well done. I like the self made vacuum pack idea. Also, my ACE bandage is still rolled and takes a LOT more space than your flat sealed bandage. The heavy bleeding pad is a great idea too. Suture kit? I agree, plus you have tape and bandages already so you could make some butterflies if needed. I will look for a sealer; they do have a lot of uses. Thanks for the video(s)

  18. Great video John,I like the way you made your own single use vac.pacs.one thing I do is rewrap my first -aid tape on a small square of plastic, like you did with your duct tape.It takes up alot less room an you can get quite a bit on there. Another thing I like to do is put small items in "ezy dose" pill pouchs,these are 2×3 inches and zip lock….very handy. Great video keep en commin

  19. Very well done ! You obviously have put a lot of time into first aid. You make my video on first aid ,and what I carry look like a joke ! Ha Ha. I guess from experience everybody can draw there own conclusions. Thanks for opening my eyes to some ideas. Be safe , take care.

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