Outfished By A Bird!

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Published on July 2, 2016

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon out at a local pond… was hoping to catch a fish or two, but ended up getting out fished by a surprise visitor.


  1. Well.., that proves it! There's always someone that can fish a little better.
    Thanks for sharing…

  2. @saradreaming Oh sure, look on the bright side why don't ya! lol. Thanks Sara 😉

  3. @TroutManOutdoors It sure is amazing seeing that isn't it? Take good care my friend….

  4. @ewtoutdoors Definitely! As I know you'd agree… any day outdoors is a good day! Thanks my friend!

  5. @CrazyTaileZ Couldn't agree more my friend… next time I think I'll go fishin' vs catchin' lol. Thanks!

  6. Fun video! Well, you did go to fish that day and your competitor went to catch. Seems like all is right and the way it should be : ) Sara

  7. I love seeing birds swoop down on fish/prey. I just seen one do the same thing this past week but pulled up last second missing its trout breakfast!

  8. Even with no fish, hope you had a good day outdoors, take care.

  9. How cool is that! And to be able to snap a pic of it too is even better. You know, an angler once told me: "Thats why they call it 'fishin'. If you were catchin all the time, they'd call it 'catchin'!" haha That quote always stuck with me when I go out fishing. Thumbs Up! Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Pretty cool! The food chain right in front of your eyes.

  11. @wawhiker I know huh! That's one of the things I love most about spending time outdoors… you get to see some of the most amazing things. And I've certainly been blessed to see my share! Still wish I could have got the flyaway on video though ;-( Thanks my Brother!

  12. @intenseangler Every genius is misunderstood by the world …

  13. @steintanz I've tried, but the other fisherman always get really mad when I make that big of a splash! They just don't understand I guess ;-(

  14. @kessler003 I'm not sure… it was on my video editing software as a sound clip. Sorry couldn't be more helpful….

  15. @medicjimr Know exactly what you mean man….

  16. @Woodenarrows That's for certain! We had watched him circling for about an hour or so before he did his little dive into the water… I was so bummed that I missed him flying off with that fish on video!

  17. @badvoodoodaddy1 LOL! I know huh… as if getting shown up wasn't bad enough!

  18. Now that's some intense angling indeed! Great last pic. Fortunate to be out to see it. Thanks John!

  19. Well . . . Them's the breaks, eh, pal? That's what they do twenty-four seven. We humans are mere part-timers. Better luck next time John.

  20. Hehe, right: now you know the better method .. so let's get to practice !
    :o) Tim

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