Pack A Jacket In It’s Own Hood – “Tip Of The Week” (E28)

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Published on August 5, 2016

An easy technique for packing your jacket, poncho, or lightweight shell into it’s own hood. This simple method eliminates the need for a separate stuff sack, while still keeping your gear compact and organized. A great weight saving tip for the backpacker or hiker who seeks to eliminate ounces and grams wherever possible.
IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week” – Episode 28
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  1. Dude, that's tits. I'm going camping for 4th of July weekend and I'm definitely using this.
    You can wrap a few more things too.
    For boxers, fold them in half such that one leg is overlapping the other leg. Then roll them up from the bottom towards the elastic. Then just tuck it into the elastic ( I don't know if this warps the elastic or not, use at own risk )
    Also for socks I just overlap a pair on top of itself, then roll up from the bottom and again tuck it into the elastic when it reaches the top ( Again, may warp the elastic )
    Edit: Just used this on my rain poncho and it works like a charm.

  2. Great tip man. I've seen this before but forgot it. Thanks. As for a stuff sack being not needed for rain gear, they sure help when the gear is wet to protect the inside of your pack. That's why when I don't carry a stuff sack for it I carry it in the mesh pocket outside my pack. That way it's accessible, quick drying and won't get my stuff wet. Thanks! 

  3. Atkrdu

    What kind of jacket is that?  I'm looking for a good rain jacket that packs down small & preferably has some adjustment points (sleeves, hood, waist- maybe some armpit zippers).

  4. Nifty idea. This'll work well for several of my jackets. Thanks John.

  5. I swear I did this before (not in a video)

  6. NaudanX

    Love your tips.. Glad I found your channel. Great stuff. LOVE the uses of straws.. so cool

  7. Great video, watched it and said "duh" why didn't I ever think of that before. 🙂 Simple and easy. Keep it up man!

  8. Ahhh… very clever! I usually find ways to do little tricks like this to keep gear as compact, self contained, and/or tidy as possible, but Id never thought of using the hood like that. Awesome tip… thanks!

  9. Chai

    cool vid! ill be doing that when i go camping

  10. JD


  11. Jacket Packet !!! When I was a kid I had a Nylon Windbreaker that stored in it's own zippered pouch Great Tip Thanks

  12. tomla67

    Hi John, excellent tip !
    I wish to know which sort and size of Weights & Swivel from Eagle Claw you have used for your world record 21 lb carp with the Goliath pen rod.
    And thank you so much for all your other excellent videos, a big survival hello from Belgium !

  13. John that is a really great simple idea thanks for posting

  14. Excellent idea and great tip, John!
    That is the reason why …I ♡ TOTW! :o)
    Keep up the good work, my friend.
    All the best.
    Greetings & ☮ Tito

  15. Thanks for the cool tip. I will be doing that from now on.

  16. i do this all the time thanks for the video-BRO

  17. Great tip!! Gonna have to use that if it ever decides to get cold down here. Keep up the good work!


  18. Great tip! I've got a jacket or two that have built in stowage pockets. But they are not very easy to use. This is much simpler and user friendly. I can't believe that I have never seen this before. Thanks!

  19. Nice. That was a new way of doing it. Do you want me to do a VR on how to pack the pants as well, just tell me. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing! Ulrica

  20. kbbacon

    Pockets can work, too! Good vid!

  21. I use this tip to make a pillow out of my hoodies.

  22. Another fantastic tip! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  23. Hi John!
    Some jackets have a built-in stow away pocket, but I find it much easier and quicker to roll them up into the hood, just like you show here.

    Thanks & greetings, Tim

  24. That's exactly the right tip for this time of year. Waterproof outfits (like Frog Togs) stuff well into the hood. I use a small bungee cord to tie mine up.

  25. What an unbelievable coincidence brother… I have a hood that packs in its own jacket 🙂 Great vid as usual my friend!

  26. Thanks for using my intro John. That was a very useful tip to by the way. God bless you and thanks again!

  27. Nice tip, I've been doing that for years. Someone ask about rain pants. Mine stuffs in its rear pocket. Happy Trails!

  28. I had forgotten all about it until I saw your video, but I used to use a similar tenique for stowing my poncho in the Army. I sure miss that thing and my woobie too! Thanks John!

  29. Excellent tip there John. Thnx for sharing!

  30. Always a good tip or trick John

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