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Published on July 25, 2016

Sensible Prepper Presents: Pencil Sharpeners for Survival. Taking household items and finding multiple uses gives you a lot of options. The pencil sharpener can be used in a number of survival and everyday applications to make life a little easier. Perfect for the Bug Out Bag or Survival Kit.

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  1. you could use the sharpener as a blade also

  2. Tactical pencil sharpener. This is a new one. Get an electrical model. They work faster. lol

    BTW, I use a knife to sharpen pencils .

  3. OH yeah Fuck U Old Fucking Man are u Sopossed to be 10100000000000 years old to know that Stupid Stuff U Fucking Idot

  4. say you use up your pencil you could take your ashes from your fire and crush them up and mix them with water and you can make ink and use the sharpened sticks to dip in the ink and then you have a pen

  5. Home Depot makes a sharpener for carpenter's pencils. Larger than the regular, it makes for an even better shaver. It's orange, as an added bonus. You're welcome class. LOL

  6. I'm guessing that these things are TSA compliant and can be part of a traveling EDC. It's always good to be prepared and having the ability to adapt in the age of over the top regulations is important.

  7. Glad to see someone did put something on about this. Thanks for sharing the info. I've kept one (used to be plastics till I came across the 2 hole metal on Amazon) sharpener in my bob & another in my main fire kit for quite a spell now. One of the few time old school (wooden pencils b4 plastic mechanicals) tricks been around a while cause the pencils were made from cedar (great tinder 🙂 .
    stay safe keep warm have fun and whittle to keep your sanity ;-)>

  8. excellent tip thank you. will look for a metal one to put in bug out bag.

  9. Was trying to find a use for some of the twigs/branches from a few of the invasive species like rhododendron, a few of the thinner vines and one or two others. They all seem to have material that is almost waxy or foamy and I said to myself ''if they were sharpened with a pencil sharpener then left to dry they would be great tinder'' but didn't take it any further (partly because every pencil sharpener I saw in the stores was shaped like a cartoon character or the like) but you took the idea to it's conclusion, great stuff!!

  10. This was uploaded on my birthday :D

  11. the greatest results that ive ever had was by following the Survivor Crusher System
     (just google it) definately the most useful survival that I've followed.

  12. keep one in my fire starter kit great for making a birds nest

  13. El mico

    As far as using the graphite for a lube, no need to use a sharpener, just "write" with the pencil straight on the area you need it.

  14. Nice video I have the same exact Gerber as you

  15. Another channel sells the metal pencil sharpener on his channel of a one or two hole version from Germany.  And Home Depot sell a BIG yellow pencil sharpener for there big pencils.  And you can connect the sharpener to the Swedish Fire Steel !  Thank you for a hot video !  tjl

  16. There is a bigger pencil sharpener available at Home Depot and hardware stores. It is designed for carpenter pencils.

  17. tip ! there is a metal one that comes with an extra blade attached at the side.

  18. you can use it as firestarter 😉 the most metal pencil sharpener are made of magnesium !

  19. good idea! I'm liking the fire making benefits of this.

  20. okay never thought to put one in my edc, i see now that its a permanent tinder, pointy stick and pointy pencil supply. first free time i have will be used to find a good pencil sharpener

  21. Oh I forgot to mention some uses and yeah some have been mentioned already; Stake traps (pitfall traps) / Making a makeshift Q-tip /Making eating utensils/ Arrows/ Sharpening a multi point spear/ Making engraving Tools/The blade could be used as a scraper for a feral rod-A non-sterile razor blade/ A fishing bobber

  22. Damn, and I thought I was the only one who used this. All my friends said there was no point in having one in a pack at all. Ironically I have a habit of using a pocket knife to sharpen my pencil.

  23. May have to put together a carry on bag for a trip in 2016 to the Grand country of Texas to get past airport security !  A Pencil Sharpener and a Fresnel  Lens should make it past security in a Maxpedition 15" Laptop Computer bag with some Backpack Level IIIA armor !  Also great for carrying electronics-AM/FMWB radio (for airport delays), UV and tablet water pureifier, old cell phone (non burner-bought in my name) but has GPS (!), GPS and Li batteries and computer cables…  Thank you for this great video for this much needed small part !  tjl

  24. thanks for the video's you make. I really enjoyed them and the bloopers are great. thumbs up!

  25. Good points.

    P.S. Sorry the Republic is gone. The final nail in that coffin was the National Defence Authorization Act, NDAA of 2012-2013 with indefinate detention.

  26. Small magnesium sharpeners can be shaved down for magnesium to start a fire.

  27. or you could just leave a note saying get me some therapy

  28. Also to mention that those metal sharpeners are actually made out of a magnesium alloy so should you need to create a really really hot flame you can shave off some of the magnesium and light it.

  29. Somewhere about a year ago I saw someone setting up a survival pack and showed a few uses with the 'ol pencil sharpener. Heck, it might have been you sootch00. Thanks for the video, always enjoy them, way before I subscribed.

  30. Where did you find the metal sharpener?

  31. I've seen a lot of the video from YouTube for survival bug out bag kits. And how to build a shelter with ropes and 550. One thing that strikes me is that how come they don't try bring some nails? Wouldn't it be a lot quicker and stronger?

  32. concerning aluminium type there are models that have two different diameters :)

  33. mike

    The sharpened sticks also work nice in cleaning an attackers ears.

  34. I've been carrying a good metal pencil sharpener in my pocket for years.   I think I paid ten bucks for three of them, but they've been far more than worth the price.  I've needed one so many times that I long ago lost count.

  35. Graphite is a lubricant! What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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