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Published on July 2, 2016

Becky picks some peppers from her garden.


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  1. Hello I'm starting my own little vegetables garden. I need to now how should I start. this it's what I have the buckets were I'm planting my vegetables and I think I'm buying miracle+grow+vegetable+soil… but I'm confused about when people talks about organic. I really don't want to be paying for the name ORGANIC when I really don't need it. I need seed and I don't now we're to buy it. I now I don't want Walmart… please guide me what tipe of soil and seed I need. ;-)

  2. Looks like you found the secret to your garden woes. Glad to see that you have had success.

  3. Real quick, I have a question.

    I live in an apartment, currently, but I started growing plants indoors, and they seem to be sprouting already. Regarding peppers, how big a pot do you recommend they will need at full maturity?

  4. Hi Becky I love watching your videos thank so much you are an inspiration!
    I have a great recipe with peppers that I have posted on my channel, i'm sure you would love it! 

  5. With the jalapeño in the meat do you cut them up or whole? 

  6. We had a wonderful harvest this year of peppers as well. We cut up and freeze the bell peppers for all winter long to use in recipes like rice and casseroles, and I used a lot of the peppers in my salas as and pickled relish :)

  7. Im so jealous. We are entering winter. My gardens are all nighty nighty…Missing the sun as well. Keep those sunny, happy vids coming Becky!!!! Im feeling a gardners tan just watching : )

  8. I just pulled out my dead pepper plants this week but was getting peppers very late into the season for NC. Are you in northern Florida? just wondered.

  9. Absolutely love the video and I must say, you're the only homesteader I've watched who wears very nice jewelry to reap the harvest! I live part time in southern Florida but it's one of those communities – you know – rules, rules, rules. I want to move to an area that allows chickens and maybe goats.  Gotta work on the husband though.  Thanks again for giving your time and sharing your lifestyle.

  10. My gosh you have some pretty healthy peppers there. Congrats.

  11. They look so good! Quick question…what is your soil mix that makes them so healthy? Thanks for all your videos! God bless!

  12. They look so good! Quick question…what is your soil mix that makes them so healthy? Thanks for all your videos! God bless!

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