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Published on July 5, 2016

600 watts/hr continuous power from our micro hydro setup . A 200 watt improvement! Check out http://www.langstonsalternativepower.com/ for all you micro hydro needs!


  1. That's pretty neat, ever think about charging battery's and running a pump to run the water up back into the pond, that way you never run out of water (unless something goes shot).

  2. Tesla Turbine ??
    -could one be employed on the run off water for extra energy harvesting?
    Very interesting all the various projects that you do sir, thanks for showing us

  3. How gallons per minute = 600 watts?

  4. Is there a way you could reclaim that water being pumped out of the pond to go back into the pond after running through the generator? Sweet setup.

  5. u are awesome, I wish I knew how to do all this cool stuff. then again I don't own a home or farm and live in nyc so I guess I wouldn't be able to use it but its effen awesome!!!! hey what state r u in? your place looks so beautiful. my son would adore it there then again what 7 y/o wouldn't?           take care     lisa

  6. im2501

    the pure sign inverter..
    were did you get that at??
    doing a dual soar grid system, with an APC auto switch over problem is it doesn't;t like the broke flopper power from my inverter  and flops back and forth from true sign to the saw tooth sing..
    make sense???

  7. what if you put a ram pump system below the rubber made container you use to catch the water and pump some of it back in the pond ? I know it would take a huge ram to do any good , I think too much

  8. Hello scott

    I have ordered your book today on amazon and really see forward to read this. Thanks for taking the time to create this , its great to have a resource at hand when the lights go out…
    Sootch did a great review about it too..
    Take care and save travels…

  9. My father n law has a lake that's built on his property with a 15" overflow into the drainage gully. I wonder how much power could be generated during an overflow through that setup?

  10. I have one question what happen if you put the turbine more down on the pipe in order to have more potencial energy ??

    By the way very good stuff  :D

  11. 4mbrad

    Micro-hydro power plant! Very clever, love this project. Thanks for posting this video. 

  12. Out of interest how many hours of water do you have to sustain 600 watts/hr (assuming the pond is full when you start)?

  13. What would you need to do to string this to your barn or house for power? I am thinking about how far away could you get?

  14. I understand the need for the 7 lights, to burn off excess energy but i have to ask. How will that effect security with all of that? Seems to be an attention magnet. I can not get a good understanding of the noise it makes though.
    Also, what happens if/when a bulb burns out and it's still running? Will it burn up the stador(stator?)?

  15. that's been a sweet water set up

  16. mog5858

    keep up the good work love the hydro.

  17. Hi, have you given any thought to collecting the water in a second pond and using solar pumps to recycle the water into the first pond. During sunny days the upper would refill and it would basically allow you to store solar power and release it later through the turbine. I am working up a similar plan to supplement a solar system when there are long periods of cloudy days. Rapyle65@gmail.com 

  18. Lacider

    I had a thought the other day, how viable do you think this is… Create a biomass out of chipped limbs and general forest debris mixed with some cow dung to create an around 6 feet high heat pile with tubes throughout it for cabin radiant heating. Adding an old water heater tank to the middle of it with some liquidy version of the bio mass to produce methane for various purposes, cooking, generator etc.. Once the mass is done decomposing for the most part, do you think what's left over could be viable to use to make fuel bricks for a gasifier power plant?

  19. Safety glasses when using the grinder…tsk tsk.   Possibly a question that has been asked before but could you use a ram pump to move discharged water back into the pond for a continuous water supply? 

  20. The illustration before & after, 9.5 tail. Should that be 9.5 head? I'm doing my best not to forget what I have learned.

  21. What is the unit watts/hr a measure of?

  22. do you have cameras around the perimeter of your property?  Or dogs…or geese…something to warn you of someone coming to sabotage your survival setups….any metal tool makes quick work of a PVC water setup… 
    You know…there's a lot of assholes out there.

  23. NOpcBS

    Won't you be, please won't you be, won't you be, my neighbor? Hi neighbor…

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