Portable Power for your Bug out Camper or Remote Cabin

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Home Solar Portable Power for your Bug out Camper or Remote Cabin
Published on June 30, 2016


There are so many Portable Solar generators on the Market. It has taken me a year to settle on the one with the best options. in this video I tested the SunRnR on an RV.

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  1. Hello Engineer775, Thanks for this post, now 2.5 years old. We are building on wooded land we cleared in rural Maine. Do you have any thoughts on the Tesla Power Wall?

  2. at 260 lbs it would be a pain to use on short camping trips, great for a long term backup power option though

  3. If you bug-out in a camper, you had better have enough campers to form a ring to do battle with the have-nots :-/

  4. Wrong. Your Air-Conditioner does NOT draw 15KW.

  5. 15,000 watts…. !??!!
    …you meant BTU surely as that air might pull 3500 watts surge max and less than 2000 running!?!?!

  6. to expensive..much better deals out there

  7. Un Real

    Not practical at all. Did you disable the built in shore power charger? Also that sound from the microwave is the sound you get from a square or stepper wave inverter. That is just a glorified battery box with a cheap inverter. That was painful to watch and hear that Microwave groaning like that. This video was from 2 years ago…have you improved the setup since?

  8. can you kindly tell the total cost?

  9. Oh, pardon me for sounding dumb…but, once the batteries are charged, what happens to the surplus of solar power coming in through the panels with this unit? Does the trailer use it direct, or only what is available through the batteries stored? I believe they refer to it as dumping load.

  10. How do you get it to the camp site? Its a little on the heavy side for one person to lift it in and out of a pickup truck.

  11. 15000 watt ac!!!!maybe btu??? That would blow the panel off the wall!!?

  12. killing me at 4,300 bucks
    all the same components in that box can be bought on ebay for half that ,gotta come down on the price….

  13. Cool!  I've finally got one on order as well and can't wait to use it!

  14. so with this generater you could use a fan since you could not use a/c

  15. Is this UK compatible?

  16. can i convert a regular gas generator to natural gas?

  17. Is the inverter in that unit a pure sine wave inverter or regular inverter? If not a sine wave I would be cautious about using it often or regularly with appliances. They don't like "dirty" electricity.  Don't wanna burn anything out in your rig. 

  18. 8D batteries are not meant for deep cycle use. They are cranking batteries by definition. I would look into getting some golf cart batteries or even some floor scrubbers if they will fit.

  19. Could you add a few more panels at different angles in order to have longer exposure to the Sun on any given day? You could also add a few more Deep Cycle batteries for greater storage capacity. This Sun Runner is a GREAT unit to support extra power sources!

  20. Can I use an induction cooktop on this thing?

  21. No air conditioning; no problem… just use a fan.

  22. I thought microwaves were huge drains on the electrical system. I don't use them anyway for health reasons… just curious. I wouldn't run a microwave or an air conditioner on this unit. Also, I don't have any use for a fridge so I wouldn't be running a fridge on it either. So I guess this unit would suit my needs perfectly! Thanks!

  23. Thanks for the video Brother.  Will be looking into this in the future.  Take care.  Anthony.

  24. nice but expensive between $4000-$5000

  25. An 8D auto battery isn't good for long term, as they are made for starting, not long-term draws.  They are even worse than normal car batteries.
    Fine for short term, if you need it in an emergency, but long-term, they are too expensive.

  26. Awesome review, but too heavy, too big, too expensive and too impractical for the everyday person bugging out with an RV. Don't need anything but fire, water, shelter. Aka: "cave-man" bugging out. Lol…. Again, not knocking the video because it was fantastic. 

  27. are there ac units built for solar, hyper efficient, not as frigid, etc you could run? i want one for my bug out sailboat on the gulf

  28. a great way to get power anywhere you can always add storage in the body of the camper . you can build a solar awning and maximize your goal solar input A company in germany builds them but if you get flexible solar cels there is no reason you can not build one your self no I have not built one myself but it looked easy .

  29. Ok the thing that makes me want to rant is the fact you mentioned the gas afire but why not put one into your system. You have trees all around you that equals free gass to 

  30. really cool! should be all you need with all the add on capability .great vid

  31. audio: 15,000 watts ??? try 1350 watts per roof a/c unit…

  32. Your family is so lucky to have you and your skills! 

  33. Just a tip from my experience:  heating water in microwave can be dangerous. I put a thermometer into a Pyrex measuring cup of microwaved boiling water and all the water jumped out of the vessel violently.  I was calibrating the wattage from an old microwave.

  34. I'm trying to sort out some solar panels and charge controller for a system I'm going to put together for my cabin have you any particular makes you could suggest that are also available here in the UK. many thanks and keep up the good work

  35. Greetings Engineer775, If one is considering full time- RV living what ac unit or heating fan would work well in conjunction with this Solar Generator.  I purchased a Solutions from Science Generator a while back but will need another.  I have not seen any sustainable setup that includes a minimal amount of heating during winter times.  One could use basic fans to move air in the summer months however how does one generate the heat in the winter months?

  36. yep ya got me yer right, Mr Gump.

  37. You're the one who is "confused" about preparing for a SHTF scenario, can't comprehend a simple question when posited, calls himself MrAgnostic and you think I'm the one on drugs? Maybe you could lose the intestinal blindfold and get your head out of your ass? Have you anything of value to offer? Or do you just sit around all day trolling YouTube with illiterate and inane comments while waiting for the mailman to deliver your welfare check?

  38. spoken like a true drugged out dickhead.

  39. Anything manufactured would need some maintenance. Don't get me wrong , its cool to say the least.

  40. where did that come from? Dude toke up a bit less.

  41. If you think about it , solar really is from nuclear. The Sun is a huge reactor.

  42. a 5000 watt untit should start that AC. My 3500 watt generator starts my 13500 BTU AC without a struggle.

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