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Published on July 2, 2016

It’s Jet Li the potty trained rooster. http://beckysfarm.tv


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  1. I'm so impressed I'm putting it on my website Chicken Heaven On Earth under my Roosters: Everything you never knew pages.

  2. Lol those sounds.. should've named it Liu Kang..

  3. Im skeptical, he could have just been sitting on it, they like that. Show us how you trained them

  4. That's nice but, it would be great if we learned how you did it so we can do it.

  5. Didn't see proof that he actually pooped in the toilet. 

  6. I really do need to train my ducks this because they will crap everywhere…how do you potty train it?

  7. my cat uses our potty too, but I didn't think a rooster could. that's a thing of beauty.

  8. Please tell me; How did you go about making him potty-trained like that? I am asking because I have three little chickens that I'd like to train to do the same.. :-)

  9. What Kind Of Chicken Is Jet Li A Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam?

  10. OK so then I wont have chicken poo for compost.  

  11. So cute when it jumps and lands

  12. adam g

    I think he was just roosting

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