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Published on August 23, 2016

Shop Bread Machines –
We have been adding to our preps and buying food in bulk for long term food storage, Wheat berries is one of our preps along with a hand grinder We decided to grind up some wheat and make some bread. All we need now is a solar power back up to operate our bread machine. We are beginning preppers and slowly but surely adding to our preps.


  1. Very interesting video. Have you ever tried Dutch oven cooking? If the electricity is out, you could still bake in a cast iron Dutch oven like the colonials did and how Lewis and Clark did. The Lodge is an American family owned cast iron cookware company that has been in business for over 100 years. They make a very fine Dutch oven. I encourage you to look up some features on you tube about this kind of cooking. You would do a great job showing everyone how to cook over charcoal, or using coals from a fire to bake bread. Very useful prepper stuff. You do a very nice job in all of your videos!

  2. Zina J

    Why don't you put the ingredients directly into the pan of the machine and avoid getting other bowls dirty?

  3. you can prep my body any fucking day you want!

  4. In my opinion I think it would be better to invest in a couple of wood stoves with wood heated ovens. One for inside the cabin and one in an outdoor cookhouse for use in the summer months. It is historically proven that low-tech tends to beat high-tech when disaster occurs.

  5. Not bad, I prefer an old fashioned cast iron meat grinder. You can get blades for it that you can use to grind wheat into flour. More robust and versatile that way and with care and spare parts your grand children will be using it as well.

  6. Hey sweetie when the mushroom cloud goes up you and your redneck let me know how this prep world out ok? 

  7. I'm planning on getting a mill myself, but in the meantime, I'm using stone ground whole wheat and a white flour bread mix. No milk or eggs though. Fewer ingredients except that I add a lil bit of cinnamon, and honey is the sugar source, and the loaves I get rise to the top of the machine's lid. No midget loaves like you had. Except for finally getting a mill and grinding my own flour, I'll just stick with the recipe I already use because the end result looks a LOT better, and like I said, a much larger loaf from a pan that looks the same size as yours. Cook time is 3 hours. That recipe may be good to you, but I'd look around for others because there are tons of 'em with better results. Enjoy the New Year!

  8. You know , native Americans ground flour with two rocks. Just a fun fact lol. 🙂

  9. Look like old friend of mine hun .Kim .great video

  10. That bread machine uses roughly 400 Watt*hours per cycle according to the MrMoneyMoustache blog, so a small solar setup would be adequate.

  11. I have a recipe that you don't use perishables (Egg & milk)

  12. after grinding 4 cups of wheat berries, i bet you won't wanna shoot your shotgun for a week! lol how many times did ya switch arms while grinding 😉

  13. Bread Machine? Solar Power? This seems like you guys are making something simple a lot harder and the K.I.S.S. rule comes to mind in regards to survival.

    Baking tin or glasswear, two cups flour, one cup water, sugar, and yeast ( I like to make my own: boil potatoes, take cup and a half of boiled potato water and add on spoon of sugar, stir in flour until stiff, cover with cheesecloth and wait 24 hours) add that to a bushstove and you're in business

  14. I make a loaf of bread about every 3 -4 days now…. Mike Loves this stuff

  15. I have one of these.It is so YUM YUM!

  16. Hi there,
    I'm looking to build a box out of HDstyrofoam or pink foam from Home Depot, i want to store buckets of long term food (25 – 30 years) in it, will it protect the food from humidity,heat? Will it keep a steady temperature?
    I live in New York and i will like it to keep the food under 70°F and an average of 10% moisture or less .
    If this works i will like to dress up my closet wall and the inside of the door with double sheet styrofoam and a temperature gauge

    Thank you in advance

  17. Thank you for watching. We eat really healthy around here 🙂

  18. Great video, I will be trying this recipe tonight! I love that you combine healthy eating with prepping ideas, thanks so much!

  19. I believe it. Anything processed is no good. We try and stay away from processed foods as much as possible. One of the reasons we started making our own bread. probably 80% of our diet now is raw food…whole or juiced and organic where possible.

  20. Thanks a bunch… glad to have you watching all the way from beautiful Sweden 🙂

  21. The queen of survival, and a superhottie too! Keep it up sweetie! Thumbs up from Sweden

  22. what #can would she fit in

  23. I bet your baking some sourdough as you speak.

  24. Thank you. I really appreciate you watching and your comment 🙂

  25. This woman is gorgeous and smart, a rare combination !! I even learned alot, thanks sweetie !!

  26. except in a grid down situation there will be no repare parts, you might be able to scaveng for a while but in a long term unles you can fabercate parts nothing electronic will last. fuels like gas do not last long they turn to jelly after a few weeks of sitting in tanks, oil and diesel could last a little longer, wood gas can work but it is extremly labor intensive for the return.

  27. I love this video. Thanks for uploading.

  28. yesssssssss, that's rightttttttttt, make the breadddddddddddd. make itttttt. ty

  29. I have many different ways to cook in case of power failure…and can use my bread maker using power from my solar panel. Thanks for watching 🙂

  30. The power grid WILL go down, so get freeze dried beans, instant rice, and a lot of canned goods. Take this seriously…PLEASE. Your kitchen will become a non-issue. Get a camp stove and a lot of fuel for it. Get food which cooks very quickly. Your videos are quite disturbing since you seem to think you'll be able to cook your food just as you always have. Your little bead maker will not work for you.

  31. That's awesome info…. would love to see a video form you on this 😉

  32. *Sorry, I don't NEED the dough, I KNEAD the dough.* 🙂 LOL

  33. Nice video! I used the bread recipe on the can of "Dough Enhancer" from Emergency Essentials. I keep it and the SAF instant yeast in the freezer in order to (hopefully) make it last longer. I need my dough by hand, and THEN, I put the pans of dough in my car and shut the doors and windows to let it "proof" or rise. It takes about 10 minutes or so in the summertime, here in the Southeast. Then I bake it in the oven. I need to learn how to do all this in a dutch oven over open flame.

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