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Published on August 8, 2016

A Review of the Propper lightweight tactical pant.

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  1. Teflon is really what Gortex is. its just that Gortex is specially made to be water proof.

  2. Ok…. so here is my qualification I will give you prior to my statement.
    I'm a Master Firearms Instructor for Law Enforcement Utah/Idaho.
    I've spent years in the mid summer heat for HOURS on end in temps well over 100 degrees. I'm not sure why… but wind seems to know where ranges are much like tornadoes know where trailer parks are…
    Unfortunately we never see cooling breezes at firing ranges… I think they all go to the trailer parks to rip them to hell.
    God hates trailer parks..
    As I was. I digress…
    Teflon coated pants in my experience are crap. You will roast in them and swamp ass will be a reality. Teflon coated materials will NOT breathe. I've tried to remove the teflon… to no avail.
    My solution … was and still is after ten years VertX pants. They stretch breathe and make my ass look great… well… again I digress lol.

  3. I get mine on Ebay for $30 w/shipping

  4. Always wondered what the little D ring was for.

  5. These look and are just like the 5.11's

  6. nice video, however CP you lost me at 35% cotton.  LOL.  When in the back country I don't use cotton on anything any more,  all synthetic , quick wicking and wool materials.  Price point is nice for your pant at $25.    Head to toe,  I am 100% wool and quick wicking synthetic materials.  If cotton gets wet in the cold , it looses all of its warmth value and  it will have an longer dry time than synthetic materials.  I use OR fully water resistant stretch pants with zipper legs to convert into shorts.  In warm sunny days if it gets wet the dry time while wearing it is 10 to 20 min, depending on the temp and sun intensity . Like you I live in my OR'S also . They run 120$ in stores ,90$ on line and $55 on black Friday deals.   After trying them I threw all my blue jeans  in the storage box.  When possible I invest in Merino wool socks and hat and long johns top and bottom.   Second layer is synthetic . Final out side layer is mostly pertex quantum or synthetics.  Over all nice video . Thumb up,  Good info.

  7. Hey bro check out 5.11 ridgeline pants they are more gray man in their line of tactical pants

  8. Thanks, I've been looking and asking around and will give these a try.

  9. I blew the knees out out mine in about 2 months, poor quality fabric i found

  10. Any Canadian outlet/stores still selling these pants? Cabela's doesnt sell them anymore.

  11. Wallyworld is selling this kind on stuff ! ya got to think about that ?

  12. im rocking the LA POLICE gear tactical pants.. your accent sounds your from western canada? could be wrong

  13. I ended up having to get a couple pairs. Super deal, bought two. I've been wearing guide gear cargos a lot from the sportsman guide. Not bad, but they are starting to wear out. Same darned price as these no less. 

  14. Why are you saying PANT?
    Pant: to breathe hard and quickly, as after exertion
    Pants: trousers

    Or is it a Canadian thing?

  15. they look noisy… do they make lots of noise when walking

  16. I own a pair of these, for you recommended them. Great Tactical Pants for the price. 
    Keep up the good work, I'm happy to see your channel is doing so well.

  17. do they come in a 60 x 24 no, no  that not it I mean  a 24 x 60 oh,oh. never mind! thanks for the video.         bubbalove

  18. Great review video. I got interested, but the link to Cabela's, while showing a nice low sale price, offered the item in green and black only. Agree that khaki is more versatile. Also, oddly, Cabela's sizing shows only one number selector — presumably waistline — with no accommodation for inseam. Guess I could call, or else google for other options. Though I'm not sure they're tougher than jeans and I do prefer my cotton — even though most of it nowadays is GMO! In any case thanks for the testimonial!

  19. I like how that belt turned out. Thats a keeper.

  20. Aloha CP.
    I need my eye-glass prescription checked, I thought it read Pooper Pants, which would be really handy grey man gear in SHTF.  I dig the Prepper Belt you built.  Good looking pants, very versatile, but the weak point is like the 5.11 clothes that try to be grey, but plaster the 5.11 logo all over.  I tend to go truly non-tactical and recognizable as non-tactical, like Dickies, Carrhart, Bilt Motorcycle Clothes etc., but that is a good sale price on the Propper Pants at Cabelas.

    Peace & Prepare
    Pax et Paro

  21. Propper is a mil spec brand, nice. I'm getting propper UCP ACU's to match my UCP flc vest and rucksack.

  22. Good review. I have a boat load of Dickies Pants from when I worked in the grocery store. I wore two different styles the ones with the cargo pockets on the side and one of the young guys gave me a pair of the ones with the double knees and cell phone pocket. Best thing is they're about $30. They were treated to be stain resistant after breaking them in they were comfortable. The first pairs I bought at Mark's Work Warehouse the next ones came from Wal Mart. Funny thing is the ones from Marks had a SEARS Tag inside of them. I not only carried my case cutter in them but a smaller Buck folding lock blade my flash light and cell phone. I still use the old school Buck 110 Knife on my belt.

  23. 30 bucks is certainly a good price for pants that hold up that well. I just spent about as much on some fancy designer looking jeans (that I spilled paint all over this morning…) and watched people at the store spend 3 or more times as much for their favorite flavor of clothing brand. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this brand…. If prepping were to go mainstream I could see a "Propper prepper" character in this brand's commercials, has a nice ring to it. 

  24. Good review.  I think you've convinced me to give them a try.  I usually wear earth tone colored (Brown, Green, Tan) Dickie's but they are stiff, and heavy and lack the pockets that those Propper pants have.

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