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Published on July 2, 2016

An unboxing of some sweet new fishing gear from P&S Fishing Tackle. For a detailed look at this awesome equipment please refer to my comprehensive in-the-field video review:

As an avid fisherman and backpacker, I’m asked quite frequently about my thoughts on good fishing tackle to bring along into the backcountry when backpacking. This new lightweight rod and reel combo is a shining example of what I consider to be a top of the line setup for backpacking… whether it’s an ultralight trek, or a “bring everything including the kitchen sink” trip. It’s high quality construction and incredibly light weight are unbeatable. So is the price. You simply can’t go wrong with this combo.

The rod is an Alegra Mini Spin 6′, six section telescoping rod by Balzer.
The reel is an Alegra Mini 515 spinning reel also by Balzer.

This rod & reel (as well as a huge array of other top quality gear & tackle can be found at the P&S Fishing Tackle Store via their website at:

Alegra Mini Spin Rod:
Alegra Mini 515 Spinning Reel:

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  1. Thanks for the vidio-is the mitshell 300 black rod a current item? I have been looking for one and can't find it –Any suggestions where I might find one . Thanks Tom

  2. Just did my first Unboxing so go check it out

  3. got some unboxing fishing videos and some give aways check my channel out subscribe

  4. Do you still order from P&S tackle?  I came across their site and searched for reviews and this video was all I could find.

  5. 7LIG

    Now…that's what I call NICE SET. I want one.

  6. hey man great video i subed u would you mind subing me? Thanks

  7. Hey nice rod and the reel looks fantastic 🙂 nice subbed mate

  8. why is your nail on your little finger longer than the rest

  9. My wife walked by when I was glued to the screen looking at that rod and reel combo and she said your gunna buy another rod and reel aren't you ?! To which I could only smile and chuckle to my self …drool…drool….lol……Awesome setup John!!

  10. @ewtoutdoors Wow buddy, that is wild! I'm glad that you came out of it on the good side! That must have been quite an experience to go through. I hope things are beginning to get back to "normal".. at least as much as can be expected so soon. Will continue to keep you all in our thoughts my friend….

  11. Very sweet, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Sorry it took so long to view and comment but we had no power from Sunday 5:30 AM till Thursday3:30 PM due to Hurricane Irene. We made out ok, but down the street they lost a couple of cottages. Highest I have ever seen LI Sound come up the street. The full moon, high tide and storm were at the same time. Take care and going to check out your other video I have waiting.

  12. @medicjimr Thanks Jim! I'm hoping to get out ASAP… the fish better be prepared! Haha

  13. Wow nice set up John , will look forward to it in action.

  14. @JustinSimpson87 Thanks Justin! Really looking forward to giving it a workout!
    Tight lines Brother!

  15. @ScoutsNOA Thanks Brother! Don't know about you, but I love it when a package full of gear that you've been waiting for arrives… always feels like it's your birthday or something lol.

  16. @woodscraftoutdoors You're very welcome! Thanks a bunch for watching! I was pretty excited about getting this package so quick… now I just have to add some fish to the equation 🙂

  17. @Sportz2TheXtreme Thanks man. I've got a trip planned this week up to a gorgeous mountain stream that is full of hungry trout (or so I hope). Really looking forward to getting a line wet with this awesome setup!

  18. @steintanz Who said such dangerous fish catching equipment was "legal"? hehe
    Thanks buddy! I'm really looking forward to getting up to the hills for some quality time with my fishy friends 😉

  19. @3cats2kids1love Haha! I think it will be quite the effective weapon against those pesky fish 😉
    Thanks my good friend!

  20. @meatmangary Thanks man! This definitely is a great little combo… I can't wait to put it into action!

  21. I'm so glad you got your great new items. I really liked both, so much in fact, that it made me curious about my old reliabe Quantum SS2R SnapShot & my little Daiwa backpacking pole. Together they weigh exactly 12 ounces without line. I looked yours up on P&S's and was amazed at their cost and weight. It's a neat site and the gear is priced right. But I'm gonna have to wear mine out before I buy anything. The poles been repaired once. I don't know if that reel will ever selfdestruct. Fun video

  22. It's always a good day when you get new gear, plus light weight sounds like a winner. Good unboxing brother.

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