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Published on August 6, 2016

The pocket sized survival kit which I carry whenever I’m in the outdoors. There are numerous variations on this concept out there, but I find this version has it’s own unique merits based on it’s comprehensiveness to compactness ratio…..


  1. That's an incredible number of items you were able to get into that little case! Very well done! Thanks for posting as you've certainly given me some ideas.

    BTW… I'm a new subscriber and have loved your videos already. Found you through Crocket 20, as he's used many of your ideas as well. Keep it up… great stuff!

  2. This is definitely a 'cheapie' kit, good luck surviving on that!  Mind if I poke a few holes in it?  Have you ever tried to boil water in a piece of aluminum foil or even carry water in a condom, neither are exactly sturdy and once they have a hole, that's it!  A spam can works well as a cheap pocket-sized container, it is made of food-grade aluminum, the pull-top lid can be straightened, reinforced with 2-3 wraps of heavy aluminum foil which also increases the length and width enough to allow it to continue to be used as a lid if taped or tied in place and of course, you can slow boil water in it!  Once the spam can is stuffed with gear it will be fairly rigid/crush resistant.  Also, a cardboard tube fitted around the can, then multiple layers of duct tape wrapped onto the cardboard will stiffen the can further and/or as will several layers of 550 cord!  Instead of a little pocket knife and a razor knife blade (which can be hard to hold onto), a ten pack of window-scrapper blades works well with their reinforced spines making them much easier to hold and control!  I saw no means of sharpening your knife in the kit, with ten blades, you probably won't have to!  Wire saws are crap, instead break two hack saw blades in half (or less if too long for container), one for metal and one made for wood or jig saw blades will work too. A length of 550 cord thru the end hole (already provided) will increase your control when wrapped around your wrist!  Salt, pepper, bullion packs or cubes in small zip-lock bags will help your body (and your taste buds) adjust to a courser diet than you're probably used to; less digestive problems!  A better first aid kit is a must, any cut especially in dirty conditions can and probably will infect, and any infection can become serious; and with no other medical assistance likely to be available, a small cut or dental problem can be life threatening!  I would make a separate pocket-sized kit (most pants have several pockets, some like BDU's have a couple large ones, hint!) just for a first aid kit, include bandages, antibiotic cream packets (single-use size), alcohol pads, burn cream packets, an assortment of pills to help with whatever ails you like anti-diarrea, allergies, antibiotics, etc.  Medical supplies are also great trade items!  And perhaps one of the most important items: as much 550 cord as you can stuff into remaining container space, because natural fibers take considerable time and energy to make and are usually not nearly as good as 550 cord (or other manufactured cord/rope), and not always readily available.  Lastly, carry several lighters in different places (also good trade item), because friction fire, highly idolized by Hollywood, is difficult under good conditions and not possible at all in many conditions!  Go on, flick my Bic!  Good Luck!    

  3. add a signal mirror and water purify tabs and it will be perfect!

  4. wll1500

    Rocking a coke nail john?? Haha cheers mate

  5. That's the best pocket survival kit I've ever seen. 

  6. Hey John – love your videos!  I've been sharing your tricks with my Cub Scouts!  You mentioned you were looking to upgrade the "Commando Saw".  I've seen a number of reviews and tests of them and they all seem to fail pretty quickly – did you find any upgrades?  Is it possible that there is a way to reinforce the crimps?  Thanks again for sharing your experiences!

  7. One suggestion would be to change the birthday candle to a trick birthday candle, as it will stay lit even in moderate winds.

  8. lol long finger nail usually means you snort drugs

  9. Great tip. Thanks for passing it along 🙂

  10. you should use gorilla tape instead of duct tape because gorilla tape it is flammable and you can use it to make a candle

  11. Long time follower, first time commenter. I've learned a lot from your videos and would love to go fishing with you sometime. Sorry Joshua W I don't see the redundancy of this kit. Would you rather build a raised platform or Pull a shelter out of your pocket?

  12. The non-lubricated condom can also be used to waterproof a flashlight like a Maglite or such. Most won't interfere with the light itself. That's a caving tip I learned years ago.

  13. Timber

    I'm just wondering – how do you get your vacuum seal bags to seal so close to the items?

  14. whats the name of the pouch

  15. best kit for the size that i have ever seen. i wish i could get one but ohwell i probably would never get around to doing it anyway. Good job John!

  16. Why are your pinky nails really long,they could get caught on things!

  17. long nail can be used as an arrow head, or as a knife i guess…….nice vid by the way

  18. Too busy focusing on that pinkie nail. Trim it please! -.-

  19. where'd you get the container

  20. Nice kit! Idea: seal the case inside of a breast milk storage bag. It sounds weird, but it would make the whole thing waterproof, and the bag is a better water collection option than a condom because it's food grade, resists cold temps, and seals shut. Alternatively, make the kit out of a waterproof credit card case (or similar), so if it were to get wet the vulnerable items inside wouldn't be compromised. I like the Altoids tin kit idea, but I think it can be improved upon.

  21. Great vid! Some good ideas here 🙂

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