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Home Water Ram Pump pt1
Published on July 2, 2016

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  1. Thank you so much for all your helpful info and taking time to answer everyone’s questions. If you have the time, I’d much appreciate some help too. Here’s my situation.

    I have 3 feet 7 inches of fall over 250 feet of stream running through a 2 inch pvc pipe. (shot with professional surveying equipment) Due to the shallow angle we found we had to have most of the delivery pipe at 2 inches to get a solid 1 inch supply at the bottom. That 250 feet of pipe feeds into a 2 inch stand pipe that is more than 3feet 7 inches high and then a 1 inch poly pipe line. three feet later, this comes into a 1 inch water ram I built. The delivery line out of the pump is 1/2 inch poly pipe and I need to lift water to 20 feet over about 100 feet of travel to get to my garden.

    My flow to the stand pipe is sufficient to maintain a standing head at 3 feet 7 inches even with the 1 inch pipe wide open. The water runs through the pump when connected with no problems. The swinging valves clack consistently, but faster than most other ram pumps I’ve seen videos of. Water will flow into the delivery line to a head of about 7-8 feet and then stop. When I fill the full 100 feet of delivery line with water and then lay it up the hill, it will stay full if the pump is off. As soon as you start opening the valve to the delivery line (very very slowly, and after letting the pump clack for a while to pressurize) all the water that is in the line back feeds down to the same 7-8 feet of head level. I can not get water to pump higher than that. I think I should be able to get a lift of at least 25 or so feet from a little over 3.5 feet of fall coming into the pump. Why is the water able to backfeed though the pump as is clacks?

    Things we’ve already tried. There are no air bubbles in the drive line. The volume is sufficient to maintain the head in the stand pipe. There are no air leaks in the pressure chamber. (3 feet by 3 inch pressure chamber) There is no dirt in the line, we have a very good screen over the intake. The pump is sitting level and solidly secured to a very heavy chunk of cedar.

    Do you have any suggestions on what is wrong? I and my friend who’s helping me have been working on this for a week now and are loosing serious sleep over it. Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Thanks for your time,


  2. Hello Sir, where could I find out the documents that related to this pump?

  3. Great class!!!!! Thank you :)

  4. I saw a ram pump working under 2 feet of water and wondered how deep will they continue to work?

  5. LOG1E

    What is the maximum head pressure of one of these pumps ?

  6. dear engineer 775 or anyone who can verify if this is possible. hopefully i can describe this well enough,  my questions are > what if the distance needed for the drive pipe length is not possible if done in a straight line down to the pump, but instead was achieved by coiling [like a spring] the drive pipe to gain the distance of feet but doing that in a smaller land space area? what I am asking is lets say I have a fall height of only 1 foot, into the drive pipe that's coiled 15 or 20 feet length and reaching the pump 3 feet lower and want to reach a 7 or 10 foot straight up delivery point, and have this happen in only a 5' x10' land space.   land space could be 50' x50' or 1 acre  my primary question is  > could coiling be used?  my thinking is water doesn't really know its heading a straight line any more than if its making a smooth curve. or does gravity and magnetism play into the spin?  I have no way to test this, but wondered if anyone had or would test it. please let me know. theory is great but practical reality is better.

  7. how much flow would i be needed to pump the water to 300 meters?

  8. hi! Engr, 775 if will use a #2 drive pipe and a #1 delivery pipe up to around 300 meters to my vegetable garden. can a #2 pipe can deliver the job? my water source is not much of the water so i build a 1,000 liters source tank but i have not yet measure the flow rate.

  9. M Jay

    Terminology question… Mare two separate pipes required for Drive Pipe & Supply Pipe? Or just different functions for the same pipe ? Thank You for information..

  10. It seems strange to me that longer fall distances for the water require longer drive pipes. I would have thought it would be the opposite given the velocity will be much less from 15' as it would from 50' etc.

  11. This is the best explanation of a ram pump I have seen – thank you Engineer775!  I wasn't getting the purpose/function of a standpipe in a longer drive pipe system until you explained it.

  12. Your video's are the most informative video out here!

  13. I was wondering I am going to make a 2" ram pump from your design..i was gonna make 10' fall/drop from Suply to pump..
    Do you think I can run a 1000-3000 watt hydro generator with a peloton wheel with just psi from pump?
    Or do you think I need to run water from pump to a 1100 gallon container that I can elevate up a hill and a additional 10 ft..total of 25ft.

  14. OOPS! Misspeak… 2.31 is feet / psi, not psi / foot. 
    That is about the 0.5 psi / ft [ 0.433] that commenter +kleinjahr refers to.
    Dimensional analysis shows this.
    PSI times ft / psi = ft    The psi's cancel leaving feet. 

    14. psi roughly for one atmosphere.
    We know one atmosphere lifts water around 33 ft.
    14 psi x 2.31 ft / psi  =  The psi's cancel leaving feet.  =  34 ft.

    Cheers, ScienceAdvisorSteve
    pokin' around looking at ram pumps…

  15. Ok so i want to pump water from a small pool through black hose to heat it and back into the pool now i belive i can gravity feed it down to the pump and it will work from what i have seen but i cant be wasting all that water how can i get my over flow waste water whatever you want to call it back up into the pool? Could i hook a hose to the one thing that is wasting water on the ground? And make a closed circuit pump no waste

  16. Could you use a tank to feed the pump? And then from the pump both output and supposed waste water is ran up to another tank that feeds the original tank?

  17. i was wondering  .. can you connect multiple ram pumps…. ?? i mean one pumping into a reservoir  then a new one pumping from that one to another reservoir.. and so on and so forth….

  18. if you connected up two ram pump about 50 ft or so apart would that create more pressure or would it just stay the same any info would be appreciated 

  19. Engineer 775  I am trying to achieve more lift. Question is there any way to induce air into the lift line off the function of the 1 1/4 pump. Would the trapped air create more lift? Thanks for all of your videos. I have learned so much over the years from watching them.

  20. gritting my teeth at the variable 'D' having two different meanings in this explination. otherwise, this is a worthwhile watch. 

  21. would it still work if you put a hose or a a pipe on the exit valve to collect the water ?

  22. Nicely detailed. Question, where did you get the 2.31 when working out the height? I usually use 0.5 psi for a cubic foot of water,so head of 20 ft is 10 psi.

  23. hi there!..could you tell more on how to make a stand pipe?tnx

  24. Engineer, did I miss something?  You said at the delivery pipe one can use lastic.  Are you intimating that the suply pipe needs to be metal and therefore rigid?  Or did you say that and I keep missing it?  Sorry, and thank you in advance for  your help. I use a ram, have for years, but this last two years, I've have had less water flow in the winter, which is when I am able to pump.  So, I need to modify, and want to make sure I understand all the implications first.  

  25. LE LDE

    I have listened,  watched and taken notes numerous times on this video so forgive me if the answer to my question is here and I'm not seeing it. I am wanting to build a ram pump for a particular spring that I have. I have determined the flow rate of this spring,  however what I fail to be able to glean from your excellent material is how to physically size the pump inlet or outlet or both(1/2"or 3/4"or 1"or 1 1/4",etc) for my spring such that it does not run out of water and at the same time utilizes a very large majority of the available water flowing out of the spring. I know that you have said that the ratio of the inlet line (drive pipe ) to the delivery line is 2:1 ratio.  Is there a formula or table that you can share with me and others that may have my same question. Thanks in advance for this answer as well as all your other good work.

  26. I have a long!!! 2in black poly drive and it runs fine. mine also has a 2in check and a 1 / 1/2 check valves then 3/4 poly going up to my garden.  

  27. I need to pump water from underground drainage tiles . I have more than adequate velocity and water flow at the source but in order to get fall I need to have the ram under the ground level. I only need about 12 feet of vertical lift and my output flow could be less than .5 gpm to be adequate for my needs. Any suggestions?

  28. Has any one ever seen a 1/2 inch pump work.    How about using a check valve about half up the delivery pipe?  It appears it will help with holding the pressure and allow the pump to deliver more water up the hill.   

  29. I like it, It's free energy thank so much 

  30. Engineer 775,  Would a 1/2 inch ram work?  At times my spring will support a 1 inch ram but when it dries up to 1 to 1.5 GPM my 1 inch ram runs out of water.  I am curious about building a 1/2 inch ram so it will run non-stop druing all seasons.  I can easily get 40 foot of drop with 100 foot of pipe.  I need to lift it about 200 to 250 feet.  I have never seen a 1/2 inch Ram.  Will it work?  Please help.  :)

  31. Please it would make life alot easier if you worked in SI units. As you have an international audience. Thx

  32. Love this guy great video, thank you so much

  33. Curious to know if there is an advantage to using the flapper valves as opposed to ball checks.

  34. pogledajte moje resenje za ram pumpu ,,RAM PUMPA  SVRVKPHU,,

  35. Will a Ram Pump work if it is built with a !/2 inch drive pipe and 1/2 inch fittings and 1/2 inch check valves? I don't have enough water to run my 1 inch Ram. I am getting about 1 gallon every 1.5 minutes.

  36. Bernoulli's Equation: P1/specific weight + Z1 + (V1^2)/2g + hA – hL – hR = P2/specific weight + Z2 + (V2^2)/2g

    Solve for hA.

  37. Hallo Engineer775 , I need to know if my ram pump will work if the delivery pipe is already installed as a 50mm black pipe ( currently being driven by a submersible pump ) .I will T into it from the delivery of the ram . What is the minimum drive pipe and valve sizes that can be used ? Regards Fred

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