REALITY! 2 WEEK FOOD STORAGE – Great way to get started!

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Home Food Storage REALITY! 2 WEEK FOOD STORAGE – Great way to get started!
Published on June 30, 2016

This is a great way to start food storage if you have no food storage!


  1. Tip: Double that food storage with one bag of rice, one bag of dried potatoes, and two packs of cubed bullion. Take two cans of that chunky soup, add I cup rice OR potatoes, and a bullion, add at least 3 cups water; make it into a large pot of stew. Feeds four, 2-3 meals per day. Stew is salvation.

  2. Trust me, if you ate Campbell's Chunky Soup three times a day for a week, you'll never eat it again.

  3. I love to make a soup with basics, ramen, onions, celery, carrots, tomatoes, and dump one can of Campbell's chunky soup in for flavor and variety. Great on potatoes, rice, beans, anything. Nothing beats Campbell's for flavor.

  4. I like the Chunky soups and we use a few cans a week anyway so I have about 70 cans now along with some rice its a good filling meal.  Im just starting but I do have another 50 cans of other items.  This does not include the 1 week supply we already have.  I feel like im far ahead of most people I know already and its growing everyday.  Thanks for the videos!

  5. Keepoh

    If that's 2 weeks, you're fat lol. That is at least 5 weeks.

  6. the money can be found. income tax time most people have no problem dropping 2k on a new TV that's gonna break in a few years. buy food instead.

  7. do people really live on canned products?

  8. Canned stews and soups are a very good investment. For one, if you are short of water and heat, you have something ready to eat right from the can.

  9. Store what you eat. Eat what you store. One is none and two is one. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Loose lips will cause your food to be taken. Be there and not detected. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Just because the eat by date is expired does not mean the food is bad. Make as much as you can before spending on it. Sugar is a poison but makes a great barter item. Learn how to say " NO". Purchasing a vacuum machine is worth it's weight in gold. The same for a dehydrator. Don't forget about your pets.

  10. I agree, begin with stocking your pantry with extra of what you already use anyways, and water. The drawback there is primarily going to be in organizing it.

    The target I tell new preppers to set, is six days. That's enough to get you by while you wait for assistance, or leave the area.

    Beyond that is where you start having to plan your food more carefully. You need not only calories, but vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in order to be able to do work and keep away nutritional deficiency diseases and keep your immune system online.

    When it comes to prepping food, it's a good idea to diversify. For "bugging in," which is what anyone is most likely to have to do for most emergencies, your pantry being stocked is the first and best option.

    MREs serve best when you're on the move, without time or resources to make camp, boil water, prepare food, etc.

    The only advantages to freeze-dried food is shelf life, and light weight. It's the least nutritious, but it only needs boiling water to prepare. For a "bug-in," your freeze-dried food should be your last resort, and when you're down to that and assistance still hasn't arrived, you need to re-evaluate whether continuing to stay is still the best option. If you're evacuating, the freeze-dried is good to use when you do have the opportunity to make camp, and save your MREs for when you can't. 

  11. could you take the canned soups and pressure can them in glass jars???? the reason I ask is that the shelf life for those cans is short but if you recasn them, get them out of the cans would they last longer?

  12. Steve D

    Nobody really drinks a gallon of water a day though. Most people don't even drink half that.

  13. OMG, PEOPLE!!!  She said a simple way to get started! She's trying to help. Why be nasty??? If you don't like this advice–move on. Make your own videos. Do your own thing. There is no reason for rude comments unless you're ignorant of common human decency. Live and let live!

  14. the parents might be able to do one meal a day but little kids and toddlers are gone to whine and cry when they are hungry. They being young might not understand rationing and a crying baby might cause unwanted attention during a shtf scenario. So plan ahead for stuff like this. Also while on the subject if shtf what's the chances it will happen while you and your spouse are at work and the kids are at school. Everybody is gone to be on the road to get to the grocery store and gas station before there out of fuel and food and to get their kids and either get out of the city and/ or to get home.

  15. I am just starting. I need this video. There are three of us here. I do have some dehydrated and caned items. I honestly never thought of how much we would need. Should I do a three week supply to start because there is three of us? If you have any other videos on this subject please let me know how I can watch them also to learn.

  16. great information but is the keeper material is healthy or not ???

  17. you people need to start couponing if you aren't using them already.

  18. In wa state chunky soup is $4 a can!!! What state you live in??

  19. What do you do when you have a ramen budget? Buy ramen and lots of it. Vegetables to add in and maybe a little canned chicken. Hope I'm on the right track. I guess if you had the money to do all that you would have money for chunky

  20. Yeah well, you better get fiber into that 2 week soup diet or you're not going to be having much fun

  21. Hi , I have some questions for anyone to answer. I am just starting out and one thing I have heard from the people on youtube is "buy the things that you will eat". The thing is, I do not use canned food in my cooking– except jarred salsas for my son's homemade guacamole. we eat lots of beef, chicken, pork, etc. and fresh (and sometimes frozen) vegetables. But I realize that when a crisis comes, we will likely not be able to eat this way. When you say buy the things you are eating now, does that mean if you eat fresh chicken, then buy canned chicken?? I eat chicken — right?? So does buying canned chicken mean I am buying "what I eat normally" since we eat chicken often. Is the packaging irrelevant??  Canned being the next best thing to a fresh chicken filet?? I have bought some canned veggies, beans, and chicken and a huge bag of rice for starting. But if I don't normally eat canned food and don't reallly want to unless it's an emergency then what do I do wiht all the canned food?? When people say rotate your cans, it seems that they are suggesting we eat it before it expires. (or give to hungry food banks like Manna) Do we really have to go by expiration date? Doesn't that date something they put on their for liability and self-coverage?? I knew a doctor who said not to pay attention to expiration date on medicines; now I realize canned food is not same as chemical drugs, but still……Maybe some nutrients would lose potency, but would it not still be edible?  I ask these questions, bc I only buy the cans as an insurance policy to feed my loved ones in the event of a crisis. Until that time comes. I still want to eat my often organic, made from scratch meals, Please advise Obsessed Prepper and any other experienced prepper. Thank you.

  22. small cans of vienna sausage,chicken spam,beef and also beans and rice which last a long time plus flour for bread,oatmeal,grits,powdered eggs plus salt and pepper if a true food emergency happens then it wont matter what u get to eat as long as u get something also vitamin supplement and dont forget meats from deer,rabbit squirrel and fish espcially in rural areas can supplement alot..

  23. chunky! yuck! i tried four different types to see if it taste good enough for me to keep for the future… it taste like baby food!!! seriously… my family didn't like it either… it think it was beef and veg and the other was mushroom and beef or something… i forgot the rest… didn't like it

  24. The math: 4 people x 2 meals/day x 14 days = 112 cans
    You'll also need/want cereal and reconstituted evaporated or powdered milk for breakfast.
    Also, while a variety of soups is important, eating that much soup still gets tiring.  So, get small cans of tuna/chicken, mayonnaise (to minimize spoilage) and pickle relish.
    Note also that tortillas do not spoil nearly as fast as regular sliced bread.

  25. I buy thoes soups myself to eat normally! though I mix in about 4-5 cups of cooked rice to stretch it out plus I add a 2 spoons of sour cream and a bit of salsa too!  It's a great meal with a bit of hot sause and it's pure heaven! Best way to increase you income is to cut you expenses!  Plus if you stock up during sale's you only have to pay the sale price year round! :)

  26. Excellent tips and practical way of prepping.You are to be commended for planing for the future problems we all hope will never come. I have been working with people I know for year's teaching the very things you've outline in your video. It's so easy to increase your stock pile of food if you just use your head. For example look through the Sunday paper, most food ads are there,and the best deals to be found. Buy 1 get 1 is sometimes good but not always. Buy the foods you eat but maybe pick a can or two for your stash. Keep in mind that some of the discount caned foods that you might not eat in good times will be there in bad times and may save your family. Also if you find that some of your stash is reaching a point where you have to use it or lose it, there's nothing wrong with bagging it up and taking to a food bank or homeless shelter, it won't go to waste and you'll help people that are less fortunate. In closing there's really no reason to waste your time and money on a ton of 30 year storage crap when you can be stashing food and supplies you will eventually buy anyway. Good luck and good prepping Dave.

  27. yuk..canned fruit. sugar. why spend $ on  canned and sugar.

  28. I say the best buys are dry beans, whole grain cereals, canning vegetables yrself.

  29. Go to Dollar general and hit the Clearance Shelves, they get good deals on food items, personal items, and kids stuff. i have wet foods, canned foods, home canned items, pre-packaged, dehydrated, stuff that came from my garden, and long term storage items. it is good to keep a nice variety, and save the long term storage for emergency use only. :)

  30. I think it is good to have ANY amount of food storage!! I have  a great mixture!!  Canned goods are good for beginners/limited budget..I love Honeyville and I have Ranchers Pride products and my LDS goods, too! The best thing is skills!! Make your own ammo ( reloader), Pressure can to can meats when u find on sale, learn to grind wheat an dother grains to bake with, etc etcc

  31. Your food storage and every day food should be one and the same. Eat what you store; store what you eat.

  32. A good way to start. Just remember two or three good heavy duty can openers. Not those cheap ones for 3 or for 4 dollars.

  33. I ate a can of that the other day dated 2010 and it tasted just like a new can, could not tell the diferance in quality at all>> Would not hesitate to store a year or two longer even as long as can is not damaged.

  34. Something I haven't heard many people talk about is how you are going to cook this food? I have a 5th wheel that has propane stove but most people don't. I know they sell single burner propane stoves, you could also use you grill depending on the weather. One of the problems with useing a grill is it will attract people.

  35. Seeds everyone.  Seeds should be part of everyone prepping.  Not just seed packets but seeds that have been proofed.
    1. plant, harvest, collect seeds from plants that produce best results
    2. plant seeds from 1, harvest, collect seeds from plants that reproduced best results.
    3. plant seeds from 2, harvest, and collect.  these seeds and future should consistently produce desired results.

    you can always select best examples

  36. I would buy organic if possible.  That stuff is all GMO, and has MSG.  

  37. kelF19

    Do your food storage containers need to be a certain size to use the oxygen absorbers? Thanks!!

  38. I agree, if the shtf happens comfort food, a deck of cards,or your favorite drink, may help get you through.I would also get a nice boomstick.

  39. 1. Harmony House  (vegetables)
    2. Honeyville (meats)
    3. OvaEz Eggs 
    4. Canned sauces, fish and breakfast meats.
    5. Coco, coffee and tea
    6. Dried nuts anfruits
    7. Dried goods / noodles and rice


  40. There is a better method..

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