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Home Emergency Preparedness Retrogradation? Prepper’s Bread Box – Prepper Survival Preparedness HD
Published on July 2, 2016

WHY DOES BREAD GO STALE! In today’s episode we discuss Retrogradation, stale and moldy bread, and making your home baked goods last longer.

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  1. I can't thank you enough for all of the tips and tricks you share with us. :-)

  2. have you thought of bread made with 'old bread' yeast? (a piece of old bread or just flour mixed with a little water covered for 3 days used as yeast) it makes yeast not needed and it keeps for 20 days or so.

  3. i hardly use my microwave, so i started putting my bread in there. it works great.

  4. Amen brother, there is nothing like the smell of a fresh loaf of home made bread.

  5. Joffre, I will add the bread making video and a video response to this video. just refresh and you should see it.

  6. Bread recipes are always welcome. I am new in baking but I am getting better. Thx for your time.

  7. I would love some recipes and tips for baking good wholesome bread (preferable with a mild honey flavour) and while I am waiting I'm going out the back to make a bread box. A stainless steel base you say…

  8. This is explained in Habakkuk 2:9, WOE to him who gets an evil gain to his house, that he may set his nest on high, that he may be delivered from the hand of evil!

  9. Well done, thanks for posting this video. This was my first video to watch on your channel, and I find it to be useful no frills info… starting with the very basics of survival, bread. Looking forward to viewing your other videos. Subbing to your channel now. Brum

  10. I just threw out a frozen loaf of bread….it didn't look right.

  11. Great info! I remember having a bread box as a kid. I have no idea where it went, but I do know we reverted to using the freezer and fridge to store our bread. I'll have to make a change!

  12. just found this channel….great information guys, thanks

  13. I might always comment but I pretty much look at the stuff you put up.
    Wait those that make me a weird cyber stalker.

  14. N9QJA

    I make bread almost every day. It's a staple around our home for dinner time and nothing smells as good as fresh baked bread. I have found that adding honey and a bit of olive oil also helps to keep the bread moist longer and gives it a great taste too.

  15. luna, I would have to say that we've had the best experience with a wooden box that has a Stainless Steel bottom. I feel that it may be dependant on the make of each model (how much air escapes, was the wood sealed…) but wood seems to stay better.

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